BBA in Human Resource Management Course: 2024 Guide



10 July, 2024

BBA in Human Resource Management Course: 2024 Guide

Earning a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Human Resource Management (HRM) can lead to a rewarding job in which you manage an organisation’s most precious asset, People! This degree can sharpen your abilities in personnel management, employee relations, recruitment, and strategic planning. In addition, this programme will provide you with a solid foundation in business fundamentals and human resources management. A BBA in HRM equips you with a variety of job roles in a range of industries.

Whether your career goals are to manage HR departments, hire staff, or work in talent development, a BBA in HRM is the right choice. Read this detailed blog to learn about BBA Human Resource Management eligibility, course duration, admission process, top college list and future prospects .

Overview of BBA Human Resource Management

BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. BBA is an undergraduate degree course with 3 years of duration. The BBA programme is perfect for you if you wish to grow your career in business and management after completing 12th grade. There are various specialisations in BBA, and human resource management is one of the specialisations offered in BBA. Let’s read more about BBA.

Course Name BBA Human Resource Management
BBA Course Duration 3 years
Eligibility Pass 10+2 from a recognised board
Admission Process Merit-based and entrance-based
Entrance Exams CUET
Top Colleges SRM
UPES Online
Chandigarh University
Uttaranchal University
Average Fees INR 1,00,000 – 3,00,000*
Career Options HR Manager
HR Coordinator
Talent Acquisition Specialist
IT Recruiter
Average Salary INR 7 LPA – 16 LPA

Scope of BBA Human Resource Management

In this course, specialised and experienced instruction in human resource and personnel management is combined with the study of management strategies. You will get basic training in handling and managing human resources. A wide range of topics like workforce planning, pay, performance, job analysis, training and development, and legal concerns are taught. With conceptual ideas, methodologies, and tools, you will be able to handle business-related challenges.

Vision Of BBA Human Resource Management

BBA in HRM enhances your abilities in strategic and human resource planning, remuneration, hiring, training and development, career planning, organisational effectiveness, and employee relations. After this programme, the path to an MBA degree or M.Phil is always open.

Why Study BBA Human Resource Management?

Human resources is an interesting field if you are comfortable dealing with people. Check out some reasons why you should pursue BBM Human Resource Management.

1. Market Demand

  • Qualified HR managers are required to supervise HR duties in many organisation.

  • You can apply for managerial jobs as an HR Executive or Manager if you have a BBA in HR.

  • If you want to learn about past and present market activity and demands.

  • A master’s degree in human resource management is another way to advance your education and career.

2. Skill Development

  • You’ll take part in industrial visits and field trips to acquire useful practical skills.

  • HR professionals need to be skilled at working in a globalised society. Therefore, they must be fluent in languages and adaptable to diverse workplaces.

3. Employee Management

  • You will be focusing on labour laws, employee well-being, and preserving the company’s reputation among staff members.

  • Healthy employee-employer relationships are essential to the success of any business.

  • Your capacity to resolve conflicts and stand up for your company and its employees will improve the quality of life at work.

4. Social Intelligence

  • Humans are still superior to computers in terms of social interaction and emotional understanding; hence, HR can increase social intelligence.

  • As an HR specialist, you will know the desires and motivations of various target customers.

  • You’ll learn to evaluate interview behaviours, employee conduct, and corporate culture.

5. Management Skills

  • You will get knowledge about how to keep an eye on corporate operations, handle employee disputes, and plan corporate events.

  • Extensive exposure with a BBA in HR can improve your skills and equip you for management and leadership roles.

  • This degree makes numerous employment prospects across multiple industries possible.

Admission Process 2024

  • Universities and colleges may have different admissions procedures for their BBA programmes in human resources management.

  • Merit-based or national, state, or university entrance exams-based admission are two standard options for BBA admission.

  • You can submit your application online or offline for admission based on merit.

  • Your 10+2 scores will determine your selection. To verify your admission, you must pay the necessary costs and wait to be summoned for document verification if you are chosen.

  • Admission to prestigious BBA programmes in India, such as those in Human Resources Management, requires passing entrance exams.

  • Candidates who made the shortlist may also have to go through a round of personal interviews (PI) and group discussions (GD).

Eligibility & Duration

You need to have the following eligibility criteria to pursue a BBA in Human Resource Management.

  • Sr. Secondary(10+2) with minimum 50% marks (marks criteria may be different for different college/university)

  • If you belong to a special category (SC/ST/PWD), some relaxation can be obtained in passing marks.

  • The duration of the BBA programme is 3 years.

Types of BBA in Human Resource Management

BBA human resource management is offered in two modes: online and regular. Let’s discuss each type in detail.

  • Regular BBA: This is also known as full-time BBA. Various colleges in India offer full-time or regular BBA. You can get admission directly from the college through merit-based or entrance exam scores. Colleges like Sharda University, UPES and Parul University offer regular BBA in human resources.

  • Online BBA: If you cannot commute to college daily due to personal or professional obligations, then online BBA is the right programme. Many colleges in India, such as SRM, UPES Online, and Chandigarh University, offer online BBA in human resource management. The admission procedure depends on the college. It can be merit or entrance exam-based.

List of Top 6 Colleges: BBA Human Resource Management

Check out the list of colleges that offer regular BBA in human resource management.

College Fee Structure*
Sharda University INR 21,0000 1st Year
INR  21,6300 2nd Year
INR 22,2789 3rd Year
UPES INR 1,060,500
Parul University INR 80,000 Annually
D Y Patil University INR 1,11,000(Full Fee)
Uttaranchal University INR 35,490 – 50,700 per semester (depends on category)
KR Mangalam University INR 1,70,000 (Programme Fee Per Year)

List of Top 5 Colleges: Online BBA Human Resource Management

Check out the list of colleges that offer online BBA in human resource management.

College Fee Structure*
UPES Online INR 1,50,000
Chandigarh University INR 1,56,000/- (INR 1,17,000/- after early bird discount)
DY Patil Online INR 1,10,000 excluding admission processing fees
Jain Online INR 1,65,000

BBA Human Resource Management Subjects List

There are 6 semesters in BBA. The BBA Human Resource Management syllabus is listed below.

Semester 1 Semester 2
English Business Regulatory Framework
HRM and Organisational Behaviour Financial Markets and Instruments
Financial Accounting Business Management
Modern Business Environment Business Economics
Digital Fluency and Financial Modelling Communicative English
Financial Literacy and Planning Applied Learning I – Project


Semester 3 Semester 4
Managerial Finance Entrepreneurship
Marketing Management Operations Management
Business Ethics and Negotiation Skills Workforce Planning
Personality Development and Leadership Skills Training and Development
Research Methodology Quantitative Techniques for Business
Environmental Science Applied Learning II – Project


Semester 5 Semester 6
Direct Tax Strategic Management
Cost and Management Accounting Business Tax
Compensation and Compliance Management HR Analytics
Strategic HR International HR
Digital Marketing and E-Commerce* Introduction to Business Analytics
Artificial Intelligence Applied Learning III – Project

Career Opportunities in BBA HRM

Some of the significant career opportunities that you will get after completing BBA in human resources are listed below.

  • HR Manager: You will be in charge of every aspect of human resources procedures and practices as an HR manager. You will oversee hiring, create regulations, and guarantee that labour laws are followed. To improve staff productivity and skills, you will be responsible for managing employee interactions, keeping track of personnel records, and putting training programmes into place.

  • HR Coordinator: As an HR Coordinator, you will assist the HR division by managing HR initiatives and carrying out administrative duties. Helping with payroll processing, onboarding, keeping track of employees, planning business events and training sessions are all part of your job description.

  • Talent Acquisition Specialist: Your primary responsibility as a talent acquisition specialist will be to find, draw in, and hire exceptional candidates for the company. To understand hiring managers’ staffing needs and facilitate a seamless hiring process, you will create recruitment strategies, conduct interviews, and collaborate closely with them.

  • IT Recruiter: Your area of expertise as an IT recruiter will be finding and choosing applicants for technical roles. Assisting hiring managers and conducting interviews, you will go through resumes to find the most qualified applicants for software development and IT positions.

  • Quality Assurance Specialist: As a quality assurance specialist, it will be your responsibility to guarantee that goods and services live up to established standards. During manufacturing, you will create and execute quality control procedures, carry out audits, and address any problems that crop up.

  • Admin Executive: You will manage a range of administrative responsibilities as an admin executive to help the office run smoothly. Keeping track of office supplies, scheduling meetings, processing letters, and managing schedules are all part of your duties. You’ll be crucial in making sure that administrative processes run smoothly.

  • Personnel Manager: As a personnel manager, your responsibility will be to supervise employee management. Your responsibilities will also include recruiting, onboarding, employee development, managing employee relations, benefits, and remuneration. Assuring a motivated and productive workforce that supports the objectives of the business is your responsibility.

BBA Human Resource Management Salary

Check out the salary range offered in job roles related to BBA human resource management.

Job Role Salary Range in INR*
HR Manager 7 LPA – 11 LPA
HR Coordinator 8 LPA – 13 LPA
Talent Acquisition Specialist 7 LPA – 11 LPA
IT Recruiter 8 LPA – 13 LPA
Quality Assurance Specialist 9 LPA – 14 LPA
Admin Executive 8 LPA – 11 LPA
Personnel Manager 8 LPA – 12 LPA

Note: The salary range may vary according to years of experience and level of expertise.

Summing Up

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree provides you with a solid managerial foundation to develop your skills for an MBA. Key topics you’ll cover include Business Law, Industrial Law, and Business Mathematics, helping you build both theoretical and practical skills. In the Human Resource Management (HRM) course, you’ll learn how to manage people within a firm, track performance, understand employment law, and more. So take the course now with prominent colleges and secure your future with a BBA degree in HRM.


Q1. What is BBA Human Resource Management?

The concepts and procedures of managing people inside an organisation are the main subjects of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Human Resource Management (BBA HRM). You will gain knowledge in hiring, employee relations, performance management, training and development, pay, and legal considerations in human resources. This programme equips you with positions where you can use HR best practices to impact and propel an organisation’s performance.

Q2. What is the BBA HR salary?

A BBA in human resource management can fetch you different salaries depending on experience, industry, and location. Salary for entry-level jobs typically ranges from INR 7 LPA – 16 LPA.

Q4. Is there maths in BBA in HR?

Yes, the BBA in HR requires some mathematics. You will study topics including statistics, accounting, and business mathematics. These courses assist in the development of analytical abilities that will help in data analysis and compensation management.

Q5. Is BBA a high salary?

High-paying job positions can be obtained with a BBA degree, particularly if you go on to earn an MBA and other advanced degrees. Although entry-level jobs may not pay much at first, you can make a significant income with the correct opportunity and career growth.

Q6. Which BBA is best?

The most suitable BBA programme for you will depend on your interests and career ambitions. The ideal option if you’re interested in human resource management is to get a BBA degree from a recognised university. Information systems, marketing, finance, and international business are among the other well-liked BBA specialisations. Select a programme that provides excellent placement prospects and is in line with your career goals.

Q7. Which is best, BBA or BCom?

Depending on your employment goals, you may choose between a BCom and a BBA. They have different scope and vision. A comprehensive understanding of business, accounting, administration, finance, and economics is provided with a BCom. A BBA, on the other hand, places greater emphasis on developing managerial, operational, and marketing abilities. When selecting, think about what best fits your interests and goals for your career.

Q8. Is BBA hard for weak students?

Don’t worry if you don’t think you’re weak at maths; you can still simply study for the BBA entrance tests. Good colleges have experienced faculties to train students in mathematics. You can always consult experts to clear your doubts regarding BBA admission.

Q9. Which BBA specialisation is best?

p style=”font-size:16px; font-weight: 400;”>There are various BBA specialisations, such as human resource management, digital marketing, information technology, and healthcare management. You can choose any specialisation according to your interests and future career goals.

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