DY Patil Online BBA Programme Details 2024: Get To Know Eligibility, Placements & More



23 April, 2024

DY Patil Online BBA Programme Details 2024: Get To Know Eligibility, Placements & More

DY Patil is one of the best universities in India that offers online BBA programmes. A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an undergraduate course that provides significant knowledge in management. DY Patil’s online learning aims to give students an effective, well-rounded business education to prepare them for success in the global business world.

DY Patil Online BBA is a three-year course. DY Patil University offers an updated curriculum and a variety of learning resources, including online video libraries, video lectures, e-learning, personal contact programmes, virtual classrooms, and more. Read the blog further to learn about DY Patil Online BBA specialisations, eligibility criteria, fee structure, and career opportunities.

Overview of DY Patil Online BBA 2024

Dr D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth‘s Centre of Online Learning (COL) acknowledges modern learners’ needs and provides industry-demanded skills. Unlike other institutes, DY Patil focuses solely on high-quality online education blending traditional and modern methods. It is recognised by UGC and accredited by NAAC, AICTE, ASSOCHAM, AIU, and WES, ensuring academic credibility and endorsing graduates’ credentials to employers.

Highlights of DY Patil Online BBA 2024
Course Name Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Accreditation NAAC: A++ Grade,
Recognition UGC-recognised, AICTE-approved
Eligibility Criteria The University welcomes applications from all the aspirants who have completed the following criteria :
– 40 %+ in 10th from Recognized Board / SSC is Mandatory (As per the existing policy of the University)
– Either 40 %+ in 12th /  HSC / Recognized Board OR Overall 50 %+ in 3 Years of Polytechnic Diploma from recognized Board
Course Duration 3 Years
Fee Structure INR 1,11,000/-
Specialisation – BBA in Retail Operations
– BBA in Human Resources
– BBA in Event Management
– BBA in Marketing Management
– BBA in Hospital Management
– BBA in Investment Banking
– BBA in Logistics & Supply Chain
– BBA General

Who Should Opt for Online BBA?

  • Applicants desiring to acquire advanced and adaptable managerial abilities

  • Applicants seeking unlimited access to a vast professional network

  • Applicants who want to improve their professional prospects and obtain higher wages and job promotions

  • Candidates seeking prosperous business possibilities and a change in career

  • DY Patil Online BBA helps students learn about many functional areas and industries with the DY Patil online BBA.

  • It allows students to showcase their abilities and engage with like-minded individuals from all walks of life.

Specialisations of DY Patil Online BBA

DY Patil Online offers 8 BBA specialisations:

1. BBA in Retail Operations

  • Students will develop skills in leadership, communication, and decision-making.

  • Graduates from this programme can pursue careers as managers in various sectors, such as hotels, catering, food and beverage companies, travel agencies, and franchise chains.

  • Professional roles may include positions like purchasing manager, logistics and distribution manager, personnel manager, merchandise planner, store director, or division merchandising manager.

2. BBA in Human Resources

  • Students will demonstrate effective communication skills across various organisational contexts.

  • DY Patil Online BBA helps Students analyse intricate qualitative and quantitative data to aid strategic and operational decision-making.

  • Students will craft thorough strategic and tactical plans for organisations.

  • Students will operate both independently and collaboratively within diverse interdisciplinary environments.

3. BBA in Event Management

  • Students will develop management, marketing, economics, and organisational behaviour proficiencies.

  • Additionally, students may opt to pursue a Master’s Degree and engage in research studies while simultaneously contributing to and supporting family businesses.

4. BBA in Marketing Management

  • BBA in Marketing Management falls under the management umbrella, focusing on business management concepts.

  • It introduces students to marketing theories and principles essential for industry readiness.

  • The programme spans six semesters, with the initial four semesters covering core subjects shared across all BBA courses.

  • The final two semesters concentrate exclusively on marketing specialisation.

5. BBA in Hospital Management

  • Learn an understanding of the Indian healthcare system.

  • Exhibit proficiency in health information literacy.

  • Demonstrate effective professional communication skills.

  • Cultivate skills for collaboration and consultation within healthcare teams.

  • Evaluate scientific literature and synthesise information effectively in both oral and written forms.

  • Analyse and interpret financial information relevant to healthcare.

  • Develop professional behaviours and leadership skills suited for healthcare careers.

6. BBA in Investment Banking

  • Exhibit understanding of the banking sector.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in banking literacy and documentation.

  • Display effective professional communication abilities.

  • Cultivate skills for collaboration and consultation as a financial analyst managing money and associated risks.

  • Showcase the ability to simplify complex financial transactions for the general public.

  • Analyse and interpret financial fluctuations.

  • Develop professional behaviours and leadership qualities relevant to banking careers.

7. BBA in Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Upon completing their studies, students have opportunities in the warehousing, retailing, and transportation industries.

  • In the warehousing sector, responsibilities include inventory management and the preparation of Goods Receipt Notes (GRN).

8. BBA General

  • Students will acquire a comprehensive grasp of management skills and their diverse facets.

  • DY Patil Online BBA offers students a mindset aligned with industry standards, enhancing their understanding of managerial responsibilities and anticipations.

  • Students will acquire the necessary skills to excel as entrepreneurs, managers, or employees.

Syllabus of DY Patil Online BBA

The duration of DY Patil online BBA is 3 years spread across 6 semesters. The detailed structure of the syllabus is listed below:

Semester 1 Semester 2
Principles of Management – I Organisational Behaviour
Principles of Microeconomics Principles of Macroeconomics
Basic Accounts – I Basic Accounts – II
Business Communication Management Information System
Computer Fundamentals International Business


Semester 3 Semester 4
Human Resource Management Entrepreneurship Development
Marketing Management Leader Skills and Managerial Effectiveness
Legal Aspects of Business Project Management
Cost and Management Accounting Small Business Management
Conflict Management & Negotiation Skills Digital Marketing & E-Commerce


Semester 5 Semester 6
Advertising & Public Relations Production & Operation Management
Financial Institutions and Markets Industrial Relations & Labour laws
Banking Law & Practice Office Management
Indian Economy Corporate Tax Planning
Manpower Management Strategic Management

Eligibility Criteria of DY Patil Online BBA

 DY Patil Online BBA is offered to candidates having the following eligibility criteria:

  • 40 %+ in 10th from Recognized Board / SSC is Mandatory (As per the existing policy of the University)

  • Either 40 %+ in 12th /  HSC / Recognized Board OR 50 %+ in 3 Years of Polytechnic Diploma from recognised Board.

DY Patil Online BBA: Fee Structure 2024

Check out the fee structure of the DY Patil online BBA programme.

Payment Option Particulars Fee Structure
Full Fee Payment Admission Processing Fee INR 1,100/-
Full Fee to be paid INR 1,11,000/-
Payment yearly
(3 instalments)
Admission Processing Fee INR 1,100/-
Programme duration 3 Years
Programme fee per year INR 37,000/-
Payment on a semester basis
(6 instalments)
Admission Processing Fee INR 1,100/-
Programme semesters 6
Programme fee per semester INR 18,500/-

DY Patil Online BBA: Salary & Career Opportunities

Various career opportunities exist after completing a BBA from DY Patil online learning. Check out the career opportunities below.

  • BBA graduates can seek employment in sales and marketing departments as sales team members or management trainees.

  • Entry-level positions in corporations and factories involve backend work and supporting senior staff.

  • BBA offers job opportunities in Advertising, Academic Institutes, Banking, Consultancies, Foreign Exchange, Hotel Management, Manufacturing Industry, IT and ITES, Urban infrastructure & real estate management, and various Government services.

The table below lists the job roles and salary packages after completing BBA from DY Patil’s online institute.

Job Roles Salary Package
Sales Executive 4LPA – 5 LPA
Banking Investment 3 LPA – 4 LPA
Banking Relationship Manager 6 LPA – 7 LPA
Human Resource Executive 3 LPA -5 LPA
Business Risk Analyst 4.5 LPA – 6 LPA
Market Research Analysts 5 LPA – 7 LPA
Sales Manager 6 LPA – 7 LPA
HR Coordinator 6 LPA – 7 LPA


Through this blog, DY Patil Online BBS offers valuable insights into business management. Students completing a BBA from DY Patil’s online institute will prepare for future prospects in business administration. An online BBA is always valuable for students who cannot go to a college campus and are stuck with job and family responsibilities. Therefore, DY Patil’s online BBA offers those students a platform to be job-ready in the future.

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