Chief Financial Officer Programme

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Chief Financial Officer Programme

The Chief Financial Officer Programme is specifically designed for seasoned finance professionals aspiring to become next-gen CFOs. This specialised courses covers the foundations and complexities of the field that CFOs required. Using capital markets navigation, digital finance, new business models, other value adding initiatives are taken up in this programme.


If you are aspiring to take the next big step in your career and move towards career progression, pursuing the Chief Financial Officer Programme will be the right choice for you. To better understand whether this programme aligns with your goals, let's go through some benefits of this course:

Expand your NetworkIn the business world, building professional networks leads to more opportunities and an improved capacity to innovate. Executive programmes are known to facilitate networking opportunities through executive peer groups, industry collaborations, and guest lectures.

Acquire Enhanced SkillsThe programme equips you with competitive and necessary skills required to assume this leadership position. In the fierce market, candidates need to upgrade their skills and expand their knowledge base. The course helps develop the ability to identify potential problems before anything goes out of control.

Learn Financial ModellingYou will learn to create an expense summary for the company, covering all aspects of company operations. Honing your skills in these areas will automatically lead you to a lucrative salary package.

The general eligibility criteria for this executive programme followed most of the institutions is highlighted below:

Educational Qualification:Diploma holder (10+2+3)/graduates/post graduates with minimum 50% marks in any discipline.

Work Experience:Should have a minimum 5 or 10 years of industry experience after completing previous education.

Additional Requirements: In some institutions, admission is done on invitation basis so, candidates may have to submit SOP or recommendation letters as well.


Application Form

Complete the online application form with information.

Upload Documents

Submit the necessary documents as part of the application process.

Selection Process

Applications are reviewed and shortlist candidates based on eligibility.

Pay the Fee

After selection, candidates are required to pay the specified fee.


Upon successful completion, the seat in the program is confirmed.

The admission is done on rolling basis with a fixed deadline for the submission of the application. The admission calender and strcuture is different for each university. Nonetheless, below mentioned is a general overview of the admissions process followed largely:


Academic Documents


Government ID proof


Work Experience


Passport size photographs

The average cost of pursuing this executive programme lies between ₹ 4,00,000 to ₹ 7,00,000 depending on the institution. Apart from this, certain additional charges such as the application fee, and the taxes may also apply.
Chief Financial Officer Programme
The financial sector encompasses a vast group of associated industries including banking, insurance, wealth management, investement and other such businesses. Since financial service sector is a huge building block of a country's economy and to rise upto this executive position, one must build a strong expertise in this field.

Choosing what's best for you is a tough decision and may take time to reach a conclusive decision. Below mentioned are few reasons which will help you in the process:

Boost your Career:

Once you reach a senior position, the growth becomes stagnant. At such point earning a badge of specialisation to your already existing skills will accelerate your career growth.

Global Opportunities:

A candidate with a significant industry experience, strong expertise in the field and a credential of such high-level programme opens the door to a multitude of career opportunities on an international scale.

The syllabus and course structure is distinct in every institution but typically encompases the following topics:

Core TopicsCore Topics
Capital StructureFinancial Leadership
Financial growthGlobal Economics for a CFO
Business ValuationCorporate Risk Management
Mergers and AcquisitionsFinancial Modelling and Analysis

This programme is specifically designed for candidates who are looking forward to climb to the position of Chief Financial Officer and therefore, has all the relative components. In this position, the average salary a candidate receives is ₹ 46.6 LPA.

Job RolesJob Description
Job RolesAverage Annual Salary


Course Name:Chief Financial Officer Programme
Type:Executive Programme
Duration:6 to 12 months (depending on the institution)
Mode of Learning:Blended mode
Fee Structure:The average fees for this programme range from ₹4,00,000 to ₹7,00,000.
Average Salary:The average salary offered is ₹46.6 LPA, which may vary based on the industry, market trends, and your experience.
Employment Roles:Chief Financial Officer
Examination Method:Varies as per institution

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is designed for financial leaders, aspiring CFOs, and new CFOs to upgrade their knowledge and skills.
The tuition fee ranges between ₹4 to ₹7 Lakhs. The scholarship options vary and depend on the university and the profile of the candidate.
The lectures are usually held in the evening or on weekends. The duration varies from 6 months to 12 months.
The areas of focus include Bond and equity market, Currencies and commodity markets, CFO’s role in Board and Audit Committees, CFO and the investors, Importance of ESG parameters, Strategies for leading multi-business enterprises, Measuring shareholder value in different models, Value-creating strategies in diversification, Corporate parenting, and controls. However, these may vary depending on the curriculum of every college or university.
The average salary of the CFO is approximately ₹46.6 LPA.