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About Distance BA Course

Distance Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a three-year undergraduate degree programme. Without having to attend typical on-campus sessions, students can pursue an enriching education from the comfort of their homes with a distance learning Bachelor of Arts programme. A broad range of liberal arts topics are usually covered in this programme, including literature, history, philosophy, sociology, and others depending upon the major you choose. For people wanting a customised approach to higher education, working professionals, and those with family responsibilities, distant learning offers flexibility. A distance BA programme prepares its graduates for a variety of job pathways or advanced academic endeavours by equipping them with a well-rounded education, critical thinking abilities, and the capacity to analyse and evaluate information across numerous areas.


The Distance Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree is one of these programmes that stands out as a flexible and affordable choice for people who want to continue their education while juggling other obligations.

Convenience and FlexibilityThe flexibility that a distance Bachelor of Arts degree gives is one of its main benefits. With remote learning, as opposed to typical on-campus programmes, students can access recorded video lessons, assignments, and course materials whenever it's convenient for them. People who have obligations to their families or jobs will especially benefit from this flexibility, which allows them to design a study programme that works with their schedule.

Cost-Effective EducationCompared to traditional on-campus education, distance learning is a more affordable choice. Students can cut their overall education-related expenditures greatly if they do not have to pay for transportation or relocation. Furthermore, a lot of distance learning programmes have reasonable tuition costs, which increases access to higher education for a wide spectrum of students.

Diverse Learning EnvironmentStudents from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and vocations frequently enrol in distance learning bachelor's degrees in arts programmes. Through promoting a global perspective and exposing pupils to a variety of ideas and perspectives, diversity enhances the educational process.

Personalized LearningAdvanced technologies are frequently employed by distance learning platforms to facilitate customised learning environments. Students may study at their own speed and in a way that best fits their preferences thanks to online forums, interactive multimedia, and adaptive learning tools. In addition to meeting a variety of learning demands, this individualised approach improves student engagement with the subject matter.

Develops Multitasking AbilityThose who are employed can continue to fulfil their professional obligations while obtaining a degree by enrolling in a distance learning bachelor of arts programme. Maintaining a work-study balance can improve a candidate's professional chances by showcasing to potential employers their capacity for multitasking and time management.

The eligibility criteria of every institution is different for different courses in different courses. The general criteria followed to enroll in distance BA programme is listed below:

A student should have passed 10+2 from a recognised board in any stream with minimum 50% marks. For reserved category candidates minimum marks of 45% are required to apply.



Submit your registration form with accurate information.

Document Submission

Previous marksheet, identity proof, etc.

Document Verification

College will verify your documents to shortlist.

Fee Payment

Once the documents are verified, pay the course fee.


You will receive an official confirmation.

The admission is done on rolling basis with a fixed deadline for the submission of the application. The admission calender and strcuture is different for each university. Nonetheless, below mentioned is a general overview of the admissions process followed largely:


Academic Documents


Government ID proof


Work Experience


Passport size photographs

You can complete your distance BA degree within the budget of ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 1,00,000 depending upon the specialisation and college you choose.
Distance Bachelor of Arts in English
Distance Bachelor of Arts in Hindi
Distance Bachelor of Arts in History
Distance Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
Distance Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
Distance Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Distance Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Distance Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration
Distance Bachelor of Arts in Geography
Distance Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
Distance Bachelor of Arts in Education
Distance Bachelor of Arts in Social Work
Distance Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics
Distance Bachelor of Arts in Statistics
Distance Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts
Distance Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication
Distance Bachelor of Arts in Library Science
Distance Bachelor of Arts in Home Science
Distance Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology
Distance Bachelor of Arts in Rural Development

Here are few reasons why choosing a specialisation for your BA degree is a must:

Focused Curriculum

Pursuing distance BA degree with a specialisation gives you access to a career aligned course work. You will only study the modules relevant to the industry you wish to serve.

Better Career Opportunities

Candidates with sound knowledge and skills of the field are preferred by the recruiters. It helps in standing out from the crowd.

Gain In-demand Skills

There is a huge pool of students pursuing BA degree. Choosing a specialisation will aid in developing the most in-demand skills making you job ready right after graduation.

Personal Satisfaction

When we learn something of our interest, we enjoy every process involved in it and are ready to explore its depth. Moreover, with this satisfaction comes the motivation to beat all the distractions of remote learning and keep moving forward.

The syllabus and course structure of distance BA programme is different for every specialisation however, the general topics covered in this degree include understandign prose, understanding poetry, from language to literature, and communication skills among others.

Your chosen job route will be determined by your areas of interest, aptitude, and BA programme specialisation. The following are some typical job roles opted by BA degree holders:

Job RolesJob Description
Content Writer and EditorYou may use your writing and analytical abilities you acquired in your BA programme to write and edit content for a variety of platforms and media, including online publications and media.
Public Relations ProfessionalPR specialists strive to preserve a favourable public perception of people, brands, or goods. In this sector, your ability to communicate can be quite useful.
Event PlannerPlanning conferences, events, and other get-togethers calls for a lot of interpersonal and organisational abilities. Opportunities exist for a BA degree in event management and planning.
TeacherIf you have a BA degree, you can be qualified to work as a primary school teacher at a school. To teach higher standard, you require to obtain further training or certifications.
Counsellors and Social WorkersA distance education BA in sociology or psychology serves as a springboard to careers in these fields.
Administrative AssistantWith the help of primary administrative skills such as task management, time management, and leadership, you can seek employment as an Administrative Assistant. In this job role, you will have to manage multiple tasks, support diverse teams, complete paperwork and assure the smooth functioning of an organisation.
Job RolesAverage Annual Salary
Content Writer and Editor₹ 2.4 LPA
Public Relations Professional₹ 5.2 LPA
Event Planner₹ 2.3 LPA
Teacher₹ 2.8 LPA
Counsellors and Social Workers₹ 3.3 LPA
Administrative Assistant₹ 3.7 LPA


Course Name:Distance Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Course Type:Graduate Programme
Duration:3 Years(minimum)
Mode of Learning:Distance/self-paced learning
Fee Structure:Average fees for distance B.A. is ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 1,00,000 PA but, it may vary depending on the university of your choice.
Average Salary Offered: Average salary after B.A. is ₹ 3.7 LPA but it keeps changing with job roles and industries as per your specialisation.
Employment Roles:Content writer and editor, PR professional, Event planner, Teacher, Social worker, Counsellor, Administrative Assistant etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

A distance BA programme is an undergraduate degree intended to be completed remotely. Students enrolled in distance education programmes are not required to attend typical on-campus sessions; instead, they can study from the comfort of their own homes.
Yes, you can study BA in correspondence.
Yes, distance BA degree done from a UGC approved college/university is valid in India.
No, BA programme is of minimum 3 years duration.
There are several specialisation in offered in BA degree such as Geology, History, English, Fine Arts, Journalism, Psychology and much more. You can choose your specialisation as per your convenience.