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According to the September 2022 UGC notification, distance degrees are at par with regular degrees. There is no difference in the curriculum and teaching pedagogy of regular and distance MBA. The only difference between the two is the mode of delivery. Thus, we can say that a distance MBA is as good as a regular MBA.

Many companies prefer those candidates who have pursued MBA through distance mode as they are found to be better at time management and ability to handle multiple projects at once. Therefore, pursuing a distance MBA can help you secure a good placement.

Career guidance helps you to evaluate your interests and ambitions. Based upon this evaluation, it helps you in identifying the best career path for you.

The five things that need to be taken into consideration for career guidance are psychometric tests, one-on-one counselling, in-depth research, alumni guidance and university interaction. 

Career planning is the process wherein you evaluate your skills, talents, values, goals, etc. and create a career plan for yourself. This plan consists of several short-term, medium-term and long-term career goals and the steps that are required to accomplish those goals. 

Distance learning offers many advantages such as cost-effectiveness, flexibility and convenience. It helps students learn without any geographical or physical constraints. Furthermore, it also offers the option to continue earning while earning. 

The ideal distance course depends upon your interests and ambitions. BBA and MBA are the most popular distance courses in India. However, the best course for you depends upon your career goals.

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