HR Recruiter Guide: Meaning, Roles, Skills, Salary & More



07 July, 2023

HR Recruiter Guide: Meaning, Roles, Skills, Salary & More

In order to succeed, a business organisation requires many things. It requires a smooth flow of income, strong management and most importantly- an efficient workforce. It is, therefore, very important to find the right people who can carry out all the business functions in a productive manner, thus contributing to the growth of the organisation.

Looking at the above-mentioned facts, it won’t be wrong to say that HR Recruiters form the very backbone of an organisation. Not only do they find and hire the most-suited candidates but they also work tirelessly to retain those individuals. They are constantly working towards developing and improving the recruitment strategies of a company to make the recruitment process well-ordered.

Looking at the vital role that HR Recruiters play in a company, you must be curious about what an HR Recruiter means, what are their roles & responsibilities, what are the skills required by an HR Recruiter and how can you become one! There’s no need to rush. In this blog, we will answer each of these questions one by one.

Meaning of HR Recruiter

HR Recruiters are those professionals who are responsible for carrying out the important tasks of finding, recruiting, screening and training suitable candidates for a job in a business organisation. They are in charge of actively advancing and improving the workforce by recruiting, hiring and onboarding new employees.

HR Recruiters work in close coordination with HR Managers and other department heads to get to know their requirements and fulfil them in the shortest amount of time possible. They have to ensure that the maximum productivity of the workforce is being met to promote efficiency in operations and thus, in turn, maximise profits.


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HR Recruiter Role & Responsibilities

Right from announcing job openings to making sure that the right candidate gets hired for the job, an HR Recruiter takes care of many things on a daily basis. For instance, an HR Recruiter discusses the requirements with various department heads, based upon these discussions he/she drafts a relevant job description, then he/she identifies the right platform to announce the vacancies, after receiving applications the HR Recruiter churns these applications and conducts interviews with suitable candidates.

After the interview, the HR Recruiter makes sure that the ideal candidate gets recruited and hired for the position. In addition to hiring, the HR Recruiter is also responsible for training the employees and ensuring that all the employees are able to carry out their job functions effectively.

The various responsibilities of HR Recruiters can be described as:

  • Develop Recruitment Strategies

One of the primary roles of HR Professionals is to determine various ways of recruitment and accordingly come up with a plan to fill vacant positions in a company. While devising recruitment strategies, HR Recruiters define various things such as identifying the right medium to advertise, the underlying cost of hiring, the estimated time required to fill the position, the interview process, the training process, etc. The HR Recruiters may have to adapt their strategies in accordance with the specific requirements of each department head and improvise tactfully.

  • Draft Job Descriptions

HR Recruiters are tasked with the crucial task of finding and hiring the best candidates for a job. Thus, they work in close coordination with various department heads and higher management to understand their unique requirements and come up with suitable job descriptions that detail out all the requirements of the job role.

  • Choose Appropriate Mediums to Advertise Job Openings

The next important task that falls under the responsibilities of an HR Recruiter is to identify the appropriate platforms to advertise various job openings. They have to identify the channels where the job advertisement will get the maximum attention, whether it is TV, Radio, Newspaper, LinkedIn, Indeed, or any other platform. Furthermore, they may also ask other employees to refer suitable candidates for the job.

  • Churn Applications

After receiving the applications, the HR Recruiters analyse them and short-list the candidates who best match the requirements of the role. On shortlisting, they connect with the candidates to gather more information via phone calls, emails or any other channel of communication. Based upon the collected data they further evaluate the applicants.

  • Interview Candidates

The next and final phase of the recruitment process is the interview. The interview process varies from company-to-company and consists of many rounds. The first round generally takes place with the HR. The HR Recruiters seek insights on how much the candidate knows about the company, evaluates their skills & experience and negotiates on the salary. As an HR Recruiter, it is important to note here that just because a candidate failed once does not mean that it closes all his/her future prospects with the company.

  • Recruitment and Training

When a candidate qualifies all the rounds of an interview, the HR Recruiters talk to the candidate to negotiate on the salary and explain the benefits offered by the company. They then release the offer letter and stay in touch with the candidates till their joining. They make sure that the candidate fulfils all the formalities prior to joining. Upon joining, the HR Recruiters make sure that the candidates get the requisite training to carry out their role with ease.

Skills Required to be an HR Recruiter

Being an HR Recruiter is a tedious task that requires an individual to be on their toes all the time. An HR recruiter is responsible to ensure that all the departments are functioning with full efficiency and make sure that all their requirements are fulfilled. Thus, in order to effectively carry out all their responsibilities, HR Recruiters must possess certain skills. These include:

  • Communication Skills
  • Analytical Abilities
  • Time Management
  • Recruitment Analytics
  • Candidate Screening
  • Organisational Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Data Literacy
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Resilience
  • Networking
  • Technological Aptitude


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How to Become an HR Recruiter

In order to become an HR Recruiter, there are certain eligibility criteria that you must fulfil. These are:


  • Qualifications

In order to become an HR Recruiter, there are no specific educational qualifications required. However, earning a BBA degree with HR specialisation can lay a strong foundation for entering the field. Furthermore, pursuing an MBA in Human Resources will further strengthen your stronghold over the field and provide you more comprehensive knowledge of the HR domain.

  • Certifications

In addition to the degree, you can opt for certain certifications which will help you in developing particular skills which will come handy during your job as an HR Recruiter. These certifications will keep you up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Furthermore, they will help you focus on more specialised areas in the HR domain. Thus, you must choose a certification that is aligned with your career goals.

  • Relevant Work Experience

In order to land a good job as an HR Recruiter, you must possess some prior work experience in the arena of human resources. Thus, if you are a fresher, it would be wise to apply for an internship first and develop necessary skills required to work in the recruitment industry.

Salary & Future Scope of an HR Recruiter

The salary of an HR Recruiter in India ranges between INR 1 LPA to INR 4.2 LPA with an average of INR 2.1 LPA. It is important to note here that this is the average estimate of salaries. Your salary depends on a lot of factors such as your designation, location, experience, the company you are working in, etc.

Source: Ambitionbox

Some of the popular profiles in the recruitment industry consist of:

  • Talent Acquisition Executive
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Recruitment Manager

The above-mentioned profiles are not the only roles that you can assume in the recruitment industry. You can also move to other roles in the HR department such as:

  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Training & Development Executive
  • Benefits Coordinator
  • Human Resource Business Partner
  • Human Resource Manager


HR Recruiter is an important profile which caters to the recruitment needs of an organisation. HR Recruiters find, hire and retain the best talents in the market. Right from announcing job openings to hiring & training the most suitable candidates, they manage every step of the recruitment process. In order to become an HR Recruiter, an individual must have obtained a BBA/ MBA in HR, must have pursued relevant certifications and must possess some prior work experience. In addition to this, he/she must possess certain skills such as communication skills, recruitment analytics, data literacy, negotiation skills, etc.

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