What is a CA’s Salary in India in 2024? Revealed with Insights



12 June, 2024

What is a CA’s Salary in India in 2024? Revealed with Insights

“In the ledger of life, every entry represents a choice and accountants ensure those choices are accounted for.” – by Jessica Turner

In school, there are science students who dream of becoming doctors or engineers, and there are commerce students who aspire to become chartered accountants.  We cannot deny that there is a craze among youngsters to become Chartered Accountants in India. While these are some of the highest-earning professions, it is not an easy nut to crack.  It takes years of rigorous preparation and training to become a CA. Once you cross the preparation phase, the results are simply awesome, be it in the income of a chartered accountant or professional growth.

As the nature of this profession is vast, every turn of a CA demands precision. After all, the company’s financial stability is in his hands. Apart from this position’s prestige, a Chartered Accountant’s income is also high.  So, how much do they exactly earn that almost every other student is ready to dedicate himself to this field? Last year in December, NDTV shared a report which showed that most of the CAs at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) secured a domestic package of INR 23.70 LPA. Based on this report, the average salary package was around INR 11.17 LPA.

Wait! Is it that simple? Just like its qualifying process, the income of a Chartered Accountant relies on various factors. So many candidates question what will they get after investing years of effort in this. Through this blog, we have explained the salaries of a Chartered Accountant based on their city, experience and other factors.

But first, let’s see who is a Chartered Accountant and what are the job responsibilities.

Who is a Chartered Accountant?

In simple terms, a Chartered Accountant is a finance professional who has to execute accounting procedures. CAs mainly deal with accounting tasks but their responsibility also involves auditing, taxation, and general management work. A Chartered Accountant is an internationally acclaimed professional, so every country has its separate professional body that awards the certification after clearing a designated exam and a certain number of years of practice.

In India, we have the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) which regulates the income of CA and whether or not a candidate is eligible for this post. The job role of a CA is vast or narrow depending upon his/her focus area. Chartered Accountants are employed in four major sectors including corporate finance, public practice, forensic accounting or with major businesses. Accordingly, the income of a CA will vary.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Chartered Accountant?

Before moving into this profession, let’s know the roles and responsibilities of a Chartered Accountant.

1. Accountancy

  • Preparation of financial statements, bookkeeping, and financial analysis

  • Keeping track of an organisation’s income and expenses

2. Auditing

  •  Critical thinking and ability to make critical decisions

  • To ensure that financial statements are prepared as per the accepted accounting practices

  • Analysing complex situations to generate a high revenue

4. Taxation

  • Prepare tax returns, present them before tax authorities and offer tax-related advice to his clients

5. Cost Accountancy

  • Has to figure what will be the cost of production and what will be the expense at each stage

  • Use cost control measures and fair selling price

6. Investigation

  • He/she has to conduct frequent inquiries of a company’s financial status

  • Analyse the financial statements during the acquisition, sale, reconstruction or merger of businesses

  • To improve the management in order to identify the reason behind the rise or fall in earnings

7. Secretarial Work

  • Play an essential role in the management of small businesses

  • Provide secretarial services

Some other responsibilities of a Chartered Accountant are: 

  • Preparing profit/loss accounts and balance sheets

  • Ensuring that the financial aspects of the company are in line with laws

  • Assisting clients with financial advisory

  • Evaluating accounting systems and laying improvement plans

  • Analysis of financial reports to enhance profitability and growth

  • Preparing and maintaining business performance reports for management review

  • Managing payroll, reviewing budgets, and investments

Understanding Factors Impacting Chartered Accountant Salary

Chartered Accountants are skilled professionals who play a major role in the Indian economy. They are like gatekeepers who keep the country’s financial health in check by offering invaluable services such as Auditing, Financial Planning, etc.

If you are working as a Chartered Accountant, your role will be pivotal in ensuring a prosperous economy. You will be responsible for auditing, taxation, and offering financial advice. All these services are crucial to ensuring success in any business organisation. Thus, you can get handsome salaries.

The average salary for a CA in India is around ₹10 lakhs per annum. However, the actual income depends upon a multitude of factors, such as:

  • Experience: One of the most important factors that affects the salary is experience. The more experience you have, the more valuable you are to your employer. Therefore, you can command a higher salary. Entry-level Chartered Accountants can expect a salary of around INR 6.6 lakh and those with experience can expect a salary of around INR 10 lakh per annum.

  • Location: The location where you work can also affect your salary. Chartered Accountants who work in metro cities earn more than those who work in smaller towns and rural areas. This usually happens due to the higher cost of living and more opportunities in these areas.

  • Industry: The industry you work in also affects your salary. Chartered Accountants who work in particular industries, such as Finance, Banking, and professional services, can expect to earn more than those who work in other industries.

  • Employer: The company where you work also impacts your salary. Chartered Accountants employed by MNCs generally earn more than those working for start-ups & small businesses.

  • Qualifications: The qualifications you have can also impact your salary. Chartered Accountants who have additional qualifications such as MBA, can expect higher salaries.

What is the Income of a Chartered Accountant?

Chartered Accountancy is the most celebrated profession in the commerce field. Apart from the immense career opportunities that await on a global level, the income of a CA is much higher than any other job profile. The high salary potential and growth in this field are what attract candidates. So, knowing the salary potential of a career helps decide whether you want to pursue this professional journey besides the job responsibility.

The question is how much a Chartered Accountant makes. Well, it depends on various factors such as the company they work at, industry, city and experience. Here we have provided a detailed review of salary for Chartered Accountants:

Income of CA Based on Experience:

Years of Experience  Average Salary 
0 – 1 years INR 7 LPA
3 years INR 7.6 LPA
5 years INR 9 LPA
7 years INR 9.8 LPA

Income of CA Based on City:

City  Average Salary 
Delhi INR 11.7 LPA
Mumbai INR 12 LPA
Bangalore INR 12.6 LPA
Pune INR 11.4 LPA
Kolkata INR 15.8 LPA
Chandigarh INR 16.9

Salary for Chartered Accountants in Top Companies:

Company Name  Average Salary 
Deloitte INR 21.5 LPA
PwC INR 12.6 LPA

Salary of Chartered Accountants in the Public Sector:

According to Ambition Box, the income of a Government of India-employed Chartered Accountant with 2 to 9 years of experience is around INR 21.6 LPA.

What are the Top Skills of Chartered Accountants?

To become a proficient Chartered Accountant, here are some of the skills you must have:

  • In-depth knowledge of accounting and auditing standards

  • Understanding of tax laws

  • Skills to analyse financial records

  • Proficiency in various accounting tools such as Tally

  • Must have knowledge of regulatory standards and compliance

  • Analytical skills

  • Critical thinking ability

  • A keen eye for detail and organisational skills

  • Sound presentation and communication skills

  • Problem-solving attitude

  • Strong leadership and management skills

  • Ability to handle pressure

  • Risk management skills

How to Become a Chartered Accountant in India?

  1. You can register for the CA Foundation course after 12th. You can apply through the official ICAI website.

  2. The CA Foundation course is divided into four subjects and two groups. You have to study diligently for the exams.

  3. After clearing CA Foundation, the exams will be conducted twice a year, usually in May and November.

  4. You can enrol in the CA Intermediate course to clear your understanding of accounting, auditing, taxation, and related subjects.

  5. Before CA Intermediate exams, finish Articleship training at a CA firm or under a practising CA.

  6. You have to attempt the CA Intermediate exams, which occur twice a year.

  7. You have to sign up for the CA Final course after completing CA Intermediate and finishing Articleship.

  8. Be ready for the CA Final exams. The course will cover advanced topics, so make sure to prepare thoroughly.

  9. Now, you have to go for CA Final exams, which are conducted twice a year, usually in May & November.

  10. You have to go for General Management & Communication Skills training to improve your communication and managerial abilities.

  11. Now, you have to apply for ICAI membership. After approval, you can become a qualified Chartered Accountant.

Summing Up

You must have understood by now that the income of Chartered Accountant depends on various parameters. To find which category and salary slab you fit in, you need to verify all the factors. Usually in metro cities and government organisations, the income of CA is high compared to other regions. Moreover, the salary range changes every year as the market moves. The path to this lucrative career opportunity may look hard, but those with sheer determination and the right skills can build a successful career and earn pretty well.


Q1. What is the income of CA per month?

As said above in the blog, the income of CA will depend on various factors. However, a CA can earn between INR 67,000 to 90,000 monthly, having 0-3 years of experience.

Q2. Can CA earn 1 crore per month?

Earning 1 crore per month isn’t easy, on an average a highly experienced CA can earn upto INR 40 LPA per year.

Q3. What is a CA fresher salary?

A CA fresher can earn salary ranging between INR 7 TO 8 LPA depending upon his/her skills and job location.

Q4. Can CA be done after 12th?

To get the CA certification you should have completed bachelor’s degree. You can start your preparation after 12th but unddergration is the basic eligibility criteria.

Q5. Can I complete CA in 2 years?

Generally, completing CA takes 3 years but the duration may vary from person to person and how long it takes you to qualify one exam.

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