Top 5 Career & Job Opportunities after International Business Management Degree



01 December, 2023

Top 5 Career & Job Opportunities after International Business Management Degree

What is International Business Management?

International Business is one of the many fields offered in management education as a specialisation. Students usually get to choose from a pool of MBA specialisations they wish to venture into in the second year of the course.

International Business Management teaches students about facts, technology, knowledge, capital, the exchange of services and goods, and everything related to business conducted across borders and on a global scale.

It also includes all lessons related to different permits, agreements, strategies, etc. applied when different forms and companies make use of different products, services, materials, processes, etc. While being interconnected on a global scale.

In simple ways, it is about learning how a country makes the exchange of its technology, products or services, knowledge of processes, inventory, etcetera; with different countries with which the business is a prosperous act. This all is possible thanks to globalisation.

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Scope of International Business Management

If you think international business is all about import and export, no! It’s way beyond that, from international trade, foreign direct investment, licensing and franchising, joint ventures, and contract manufacturing and outsourcing.

Every organisation entering the international market has a diverse and competitive workforce. With multinational companies looking forward to investing in India, this industry is in dire need of skilled and knowledgeable professionals. The candidates who are well-acquainted with the concepts and theories of international business, laws and trade practices.

In India specifically, the demand for international business experts is increasing at a higher speed. Therefore, pursuing an online MBA in International Business Management will give you access to wider career opportunities. Moreover, earning a degree in International Business Management will lead you to towards global career.

Skills Required for International Business Management Job Roles

Effective Communication Strategic Planning
Cultural Sensitivity Negotiation Skills
Financial Analysis Relationship Building
Operations Management Adaptability and Resilience

List of Top Jobs after International Business Management Degree with Salaries

Online MBA in International Business is a well-versed degree that has ensured long-term career growth. With this postgraduate degree, you can go for roles that are based globally and have high-earning earning scales.

Sl# Professional Scope Average Salary Highest Salary
1 International Business Consultant ₹ 13.2 LPA ₹ 19 LPA
2 International Finance Manager ₹ 25 LPA ₹ 36 LPA
3 Investment Banker ₹ 7.1 LPA ₹ 40 LPA
4 Project Manager ₹ 19 LPA ₹ 28 LPA
5 Global Business Manager ₹ 16 LPA ₹ 59 LPA

Salary Source: AmbitionBox & GlassDoor

Let’s discuss these jobs in detail:

1. International Business Consultant

Being an International Business Consultant would mean that you will take on the role of handling the business affairs of the company with multiple international clients. As a Business Consultant, you will be making decisions in favour of the profitability of the business, keeping a check on the previous reports and records, and changing decisions and steps to be taken to favour the business’s growth.

Your role will also encompass being in touch with your international clients, making sure that all the processes related to the business are updated and all demands of the international business with clients are being catered to.

  • Average Salary: ₹ 13.2 LPA
  • Highest Salary: ₹ 19 LPA

2. International Finance Manager

As an International Finance Manager, your professional role will be to handle the finances of the business and constantly work towards increasing the profits of the company. As an International Finance Manager, your role will be to make sure that all the investments made are returning with higher amounts of profits. You will be analysing different financial budgets, reports, business statements, etc., and keep an eye on ever-changing trends in the finance market.

You will also be making decisions related to finances, investment, per capita income, assets and liabilities, mode of financial flow, depreciating capitals, etc. The flow of the finances, the mode of that flow, the management of those finances, and ultimately the return on the finances when invested will all be your duty.

  • Average Salary: ₹ 25 LPA
  • Highest Salary: ₹ 36 LPA

3. Investment Banker

The primary duty of an Investment Banker is to raise capital for the company either through equity or debt. You will not only be handling the capital for the company but also for the clients of the company. You will help those clients raise the capital to help expand their business and finance their various activities.

Investment Bankers work as intermediators that offer the best financial advice for the companies and their clients to raise the value of the money for different purposes and put their expertise into use to seek out the best investment opportunities as when to issue a debt or sell an equity.

As an Investment Banker, you are also supposed to conduct research regarding the finances, previous companies, financial records and help prepare different documents, and help with other legal issues related to monetary resources.

  • Average Salary: ₹ 7.1 LPA
  • Highest Salary: ₹ 40 LPA

4. Project Manager

Project Manager is in charge of handling different projects at different levels assigning the related tasks to the concerned teams and at the same time resolving any challenges that come during the fulfilment of the projects.

The Project Manager is supposed to prepare a framework relating to the project. The game plan for completing the project on time, the approach that will be taken to complete the project, what steps and processes will be used, what tasks will the members of the concerned team carry out, and what challenges they may face.

The Project Manager will be the head of the teams that will be engaged for the project completion and will help them in sorting out any issues or discrepancies they may face. They are also supposed to work closely with the finance, legal, and other teams so that the project completion is done on time while also checking all the right spots.

  • Average Salary: ₹ 19 LPA
  • Highest Salary: ₹ 28 LPA

5. Global Business Manager

A Business Manager at the global level handles all the affairs related to the business flow within a company and with all its related clients. His/her main task is to oversee the affairs of the business and handle all tasks, goals, processes, challenges, etc. related to it.

A Global Business Manager ensures that all the operations in the company are working smoothly and different projects are operating efficiently and effectively. He/she can make the desired changes to make sure that the business of the firm can survive through the changing global business environment.

The Global Business Manager keeps a check on different departments of the company to make sure that all the decisions taken by the departments do not hinder the growth of the business and ultimately favour the bloom of the business.

  • Average Salary: ₹ 16 LPA
  • Highest Salary: ₹ 59 LPA

Best Online Universities for MBA in International Business

Following are some of the top online MBA universities for International Business:

University Course Fee
Online Manipal University ₹ 1.7 lakhs
Amity University ₹ 1.79 lakhs
Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth ₹ 1.7 Lakhs for Indian students
₹ 3.5 lakhs for International students
IIFT, Dehradun ₹ 4 lakhs


International Business is a very rewarding career field. After an MBA in International Business, students can have a very prosperous career. International Business gives opportunity for the management students to work at a global level and earn the professional expertise and skills required in the field. Working in International Business will mean that you will have the opportunity to develop international connections, and learn the global business language which would lead to more benefits and growth for your career.

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