6 Reasons Why Free Career Counselling After 12th Will Change Your Life



20 June, 2024

6 Reasons Why Free Career Counselling After 12th Will Change Your Life

Have you ever been confused about choosing the right career for you or your child? Definitely, at some point, you might have. We all go through that phase in our lives. However, have you ever considered choosing personalised guidance or career counselling to pick the right career option for you or your loved one? Free career counselling might be one of the best options for undergraduates to set the proper foundation for their careers.

Let’s dive deep and learn more about Free Career Counselling—what exactly it is, how does one know he needs career counselling, and how does free career counselling help candidates after the 12th to choose their best-suited career in India?

What is Exactly Career Counselling?

Career Counselling is a service offered to people who are either newbies, starting their career journey, or going through a career change. It is like personalised career guidance offered to you based on your academic skills and definitely your interests.

Just think of it …Experts have one-on-one sessions with you and share the best possible career options, which is ultimately free.

Nowadays, professionals mostly prefer free online career counselling as it gives the flexibility to register from any part of the world, join without charges and instantly connect to a career guide who can understand you & suggest the best career options in no time.

10 Signs When You Know You Need a Career Counselling

Choosing a new career is a tough call, but expert guidance makes it much easier and clearer to choose the best career option. So, don’t just pick one; pick the right one.

But the question is, how would you know that you need career counselling? We will discuss 10 apparent signs when you know it’s time to have a session with a career counsellor.

  • When you don’t feel satisfied with your current job

  • Planning for a career transition

  • Undergraduate with unclear career goals

  • Feeling difficulty in job search

  • Having a noticeable career gap

  • Desiring a career advancement

  • Needing to upskill yourself

  • Wanting to explore new and exciting career options

  • Suffering from job loss or unemployment

Is Career Counselling Worth It?

One-on-one career counselling is worth the time and money when you are on the brink of making major career or study decisions. An experienced coach guides professionals from various fields, experience levels, and backgrounds, helps them understand their career options, and evaluates workplace decisions.

Usually, a career counsellor identifies a person’s strengths and working abilities and helps him choose a career that best suits his interests, academic qualifications, and professional credibility.

So, while you sign up for career counselling, you might have to sit a few one-on-one counselling sessions for the counsellors to know more about you, understand your problem and offer personalised guidance. Expect the following from a career counsellor:

  • Evaluating your skills, strengths and education qualification

  • Re-surfacing your career dreams and desires

  • Identifying your untapped potential

  • Bringing more career options into the picture

  • Exploring and discussing new industry trends

  • Researching the job listings and suitable employers for you

  • Preparing yourself for interviews

  • Building a good resume that stands out among peers

  • Drafting a cover letter

  • Career roadmap planning and advanced insights on your respective field.

Benefits of Free Career Counselling

Free career counselling really benefits everyone, from experienced professionals and undergraduates to individuals seeking a career change. The benefits of free career counselling are countless, so let’s discuss the notable benefits:

  • No Charge Dedicated Counselling: When you receive professional career guidance exclusively tailored for you, and that too for free, it is obviously something to sign up for without a second thought.

  • Ease of Connectivity with Online Mode: The mode of connectivity for free career counselling is online. So, no matter which part of the world you belong to, you can easily connect with your counsellor at a time scheduled to your convenience.

  • Suggests the Appropriate Career Path: Career counselling sessions help you make the right career move, irrespective of your location of work, industry, experience or the position that you are in.
  • Provides Tips For Salary Negotiation: Are you not experiencing career growth in your current job position? A dedicated career counsellor can provide you with insights and tips on salary negotiation and a well-deserved hike.

  • Assists with Interview Coaching: Interviews are essential to the hiring process, and a career counsellor helps you craft an interesting professional story. This would help the hiring managers identify you as a fit employee for their job role.

  • Evaluate Your Strengths and Weakness: A career counsellor takes the time to get to know you better, understand your career aspirations, goals, passions, strengths, and weaknesses, and then suggest the best career role for you.

  • Helps in Job Search and Shortlists the Best Employers: Career counsellors often provide great support for professionals who are struggling with job search. Experienced professionals not only help you craft an impressive resume and cover letter but also help you shortlist the best employers aligning with your field.

  • Select the Right College Application for Undergraduates: Free career counselling can be the best help for undergraduates confused about selecting a career path for themselves. If you have no prior knowledge about the college, market, and potential job streams, it is better not to fill out any college application without personalised guidance.

  • Offers Job Change Counselling Session: If you are already looking for a job change, free career counselling would probably be the best option for learning about your options in your respective field or for getting a fresh perspective on an entirely new industry.

  • Deals with Career Gap & Career Restart: Are you worried about restarting your career after a career gap? Free career counselling can give you insights into how to justify a career gap in your resume, interview, etc. It would help you become a potential candidate despite a career gap.

How To Find a Career Counsellor?

Sometimes, you need good career guidance but don’t know how to find one. Here are some simple steps to find a career counsellor who could give you insights and some of the best advice to boost your career.

  • Know The Industry or Type of Job You Want To Pursue: Before you look for the right career counsellor, you must have an overview of the industry or type of job you are looking for. Different counsellors excel in different industries. Not necessarily a counsellor experienced in hospitality management can always give you good tips about the financial industry. Make sure you know a little about the job profile you intend to choose so that you may ask the counsellor the relevant questions about your career and alternate career paths.

  • Search online for The Right Career Counsellor: Once you know the job type you want to pursue or stick to, it’s time to find the right career counsellor. Do an extensive online research to find counsellors relevant to your industry. For example, if you want to pursue your career in Digital Marketing, search “digital marketing career counsellor” to get a list of relevant and experienced counsellors.

  • Ask For Referrals : You might find an appropriate career counsellor by asking your friends and family. You can even use references from the industry you are currently working in. It is often advised to contact a career counsellor through referral to help you in your career changes.

Know The Best Career Options After 12th In India

Are you an undergraduate? 12th passed, but don’t know the best career options after 12th. Looking for the best career options after 12th in India. Well, there are many different career options after 12th in India; some of the popular ones are listed below:

How Does Free Career Counselling Help You Select the Right College Application?

Free career counselling programs can be invaluable for many reasons. The primary reason is that they have no prior knowledge about any industry or the job market. They are clueless about which program would match their strengths and align with their career goals. Apart from this, they are also totally new to the college selection and the admission processes of different colleges.

This is clearly a struggle…

Expert guidance is highly recommended at this point in time to have a clear understanding of their academic and career goals.

Well, when an undergraduate struggles through so much after 12th

A free career counselling feels like a bonus

Let us understand how free career counselling helps undergraduates select the correct college application.

  • Understanding Academic and Career Goals

  • Identifying Suitable College Options

  • Researching on College Requirements and Admission Process

  • Assisting with the Application Process

  • Suitable Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • Preparing For College Interviews

Types of Free Online Career Counselling after 12th in India

The different types of free online career counselling that one can avail after passing 12th in India are as follows:

  • Individual Counselling: Individual career counselling is often one-on-one sessions with career counsellors, during which you can discuss your career problems and academic concerns to find a better way out.

  • Group Counselling: Group counselling involves group sessions with peer-to-peer interaction and sharing of experiences. This provides discussions about diverse perspectives and insights to choose different career options after the 12th.

  • Online Counselling: Today, primarily free online career counselling sessions are conducted on digital platforms to facilitate professionals and students worldwide. Students can seek free personalised guidance remotely through calls, videos, chat, mail, etc.

  • Workshops and Seminars: Experts or organisations often conduct workshops and seminars to provide students with professional and academic insights, information, resources, and career tips.

Here Are The Reasons To Choose Career Counselling After 12th

The top reasons to choose career counselling after 12th in India are as follows:

  • Exploring Career and Academic Choices: Career counselling sessions after the 12th offer undergraduates a clear understanding of their academic and career goals. They are informed about the different academic streams and in-demand career choices.
  • Understanding Industry Trends: Career counsellors are experts who are well acquainted with the latest industry trends that can boost a candidate’s career, especially when he is laying the foundation for it.

  • Personalised Career RoadMap: Career counselling after the 12th grade helps students create their own career roadmap. It helps undergrads choose a path that is well-thought-out and aligns with their career goals, education qualifications, professional skills, and interests.

  • Identifying a Candidate’s Strengths and Weakness: Free Career counselling after the 12th helps students identify their areas of strength and weakness and choose their academic programs and career streams accordingly. It also helps students find the right graduation college in terms of campus, curriculum, facilities, faculty, and fees.

  • Preparation of Entrance Exams and Interviews: Career counselors help in the college admission process and assist candidates in preparing for the entrance exams and interviews. They provide study tips, resources, and strategies.

  • Guidance on Scholarships and Financial Aid: Career counsellors help students easily access available scholarships, university grants, and financial aid. This helps undergraduates finance their studies effectively.


If you want informed decision-making about your career, choose free career counselling to reach your academic and career goals faster. Find a relevant free career counselling course and register now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is the Online Career Counselling session free?

No, every online career counselling session is not free. It depends on the counsellor or organisation. However, there are many free career counselling sessions available online.

Q2. What is the right age for career counselling?

The right age for career counselling for undergraduates and students is between 15 and 19. However, professionals can seek online counselling whenever they feel a crisis in their profession.

Q3. How long is career counselling?

There is no fixed duration for career counselling. It varies depending on your goals and needs. It may be as short as a one-day program or as long as a month.

Q4. What is the first step of career counselling?

The first step of career counselling is sharing your accurate details with the counsellor so that he can draw the correct conclusions for your career and academic journey.

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