Your Complete Guide to Online BBA Degrees: Everything You Need to Know



02 March, 2024

Your Complete Guide to Online BBA Degrees: Everything You Need to Know

In today’s evolving world of education, we all need to step up the game of knowledge and skills. This is where online learning education has a transformative force, breaking down barriers and providing access to top-notch education for students worldwide. From anywhere! One of the famous domains which is currently reflecting significant growth is the pursuit of a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree through online platforms. In this comprehensive guide, we discover everything you need to know about online BBA degrees – from eligibility criteria and specialisation options to top colleges in India to career opportunities.

Understanding Online BBA

The realm of online BBA is not about attending online scheduled classes. It is a new world of learning with the advantage of flexibility. You can easily access lectures, workshops, study material and create your project, all that while you balance your work life or personal life together. Online BBA has a lifetime learning experience. It is beyond the walls of offline classes. And it has reached millions of people in the 21st century.

Eligibility and Admission Process

Admission to Online BBA programmes is mostly merit-based. To apply for an Online BBA, you are required to check the minimum eligibility first. Generally, you are required to have completed your 10+2 education from a recognised board with a minimum aggregate score, of around 50%, though this may vary depending on the institution. Some colleges also offer relaxation in eligibility criteria for reserved categories.

The admission process usually involves filling out an online application form on the college’s website and submitting the necessary documents. Once you submit your applications you might have to undergo a counselling session or an online personal interview.

Specialisations and Curriculum

The online BBA programme has layers of specialisations to offer. When you pick up your online BBA programme, it is important to note which specialisation programme you would want to pursue according to your career goals, skills, budget, accessibility and projects. Some of the common specialisations include Strategy and Leadership, Advertising and Branding, Data Science and Analytics, Finance, International Finance, and Digital Marketing. These specialisations will train you with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in your chosen field, preparing you for the future job market.

The curriculum of online BBA programmes is designed to provide an overall comprehensive understanding of business fundamentals, including accounting, marketing, human resources, finance, and operations management. The online BBA programme has a series of core courses, elective courses, and practical projects, which allows you to learn both practical and theoretical skills.

Coursework and Syllabus

Here is a table to represent some of the common subjects you will study in your Online BBA programme. Note that it is not necessary that you will study these subjects only, these subjects might differ according to the university that you have applied for an Online BBA.

Semester Subject
Semester I Communication Skills and Personality Development
Organisational Behaviour
Business Environment
Marketing Management
Computer Fundamentals
Semester II Business Communication
Financial Accounting
Human Resource Management
Quality Management
Retail Management
Semester III Legal and Regulatory Framework
Quantitative Techniques for Management
Research Methodology
Financial Management
Advertising and Sales
Semester IV Business Strategy
Management Information System
Environmental Science
International Marketing
Management Accounting
Rural Marketing
Semester V Consumer Behaviour
Business Analytics
Elective – General Management
Elective – Retail Management
Customer Relationship Management
Digital Marketing
Semester VI Elective – General Management
Elective – Retail Management

Top Online BBA Colleges in India

India has multiple options when it comes to online BBA colleges. You can apply for an online BBA program through a different college/institute’s admission portal. Here is a list of colleges and their semester fees. This will give you an idea about the overall fee and whether it supports your financial budget for an online BBA or not.

College Name Total Fee
Online Manipal INR 1,35,000
Amity University Online INR 1,54,000
Bharati Vidyapeeth Online INR 1,36,000
Jain University Online INR 1,20,000 – 2,70,000
Directorate of Online Education, SRM Institute of Science and Technology INR 1,29,000
Chandigarh University Online INR 1,56,000

Fee and Placement Opportunities

The average course fees for online BBA programmes in India range between INR 75,000 to INR 3,00,000, making them a more pocket-friendly option compared to traditional on-campus degrees. Additionally, top colleges like Amity University Online and Online Manipal offer placement assistance facilities to students, with impeccable placement records exceeding 90% and average salaries ranging from INR 4.50 LPA to 6 LPA. This guarantees that the future of Online BBA has a higher scope.

Career Prospects

Online BBA graduates are trained to conquer the job market and become the best. They are trained to become leaders, managers and seek careers across various industries.

Online BBA programme opens the golden gate for many job roles such as Marketing Executive, Sales Executive, Advertising Executive, Market Research Analyst, Business Development Executive, Account Manager, and Brand Manager. The top companies including TCS, Genpact, IBM, Capgemini, Infosys, and Deloitte actively recruit BBA graduates, offering competitive salaries and growth opportunities.

Job Roles

Online BBA graduates can explore a range of dynamic job roles tailored to their interests and skills. Here are some popular job roles they can pursue:

  1. Business Development Executive:

    As a Business Development Executive, you will be responsible for identifying new business opportunities, building client relationships, and driving business growth.

  2. Marketing Executive:

    Marketing Executives are involved in developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote products or services and drive sales.

  3. Account Manager:

    An Account Manager is someone who manages a client’s account which means they serve as the main point of contact, and ensure client satisfaction and retention.

  4. Brand Manager:

    As a Brand Manager, you will be supervising everything about the brand/organisation that you are assigned to. You will be responsible for the development and execution of brand strategies to enhance brand awareness and loyalty.

  5. Market Research Analyst:

    Market Research Analysts hold an important role for an organisation. As a researcher, it will be your responsibility to gather and analyse market data, providing insights to support business decision-making.

  6. Sales Executive:

    A Sales Executive focuses on generating leads, negotiating sales deals, and achieving revenue targets for the organisation.

  7. Advertising Executive:

    An Advertising Executive is responsible for creating and implementing advertising campaigns across various channels to actively promote brands and products effectively.

Salary Outlook

Here’s the average salary outlook for popular job roles among BBA graduates:

Job Role Average Salary (Per Annum)
Business Development Executive ₹3,80,000
Marketing Executive ₹3,30,000
Account Manager ₹8,60,000
Brand Manager ₹17,80,000
Market Research Analyst ₹4,30,000
Sales Executive ₹3,00,000
Advertising Executive ₹3,50,000

Placement Support

Online BBA programmes could be the next life-changing event for you. Most of the online BBA programmes provide placements, career guidance and skill enhancement. The coursework consists of a perfect bridge between theoretical and practical education, this will train you for the best. The coursework plus the guidance would be your leading mentor for preparing you for the latest job market and higher placement package. After you complete your BBA, you are eligible to apply for various industries, where you can take leadership roles and explore more.

Wrapping Up: Benefits of Pursuing a BBA

Let’s take a look at why BBA is the perfect fit for you. Here are all the benefits of pursuing a BBA in India.

  • Comprehensive Knowledge
  • Multiple Specialisation Options
  • Adds Practical Skills
  • Brings Networking Opportunities
  • Career Advancement Opportunities
  • Global Perspective
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Enhancement
  • Higher Earning Potential


The world of Online BBA is fruitful. It holds the future of success and good placement. Online BBA is affordable, easily accessible, offers flexibility and has a great quality of education. It offers a wide range of specialisations so you can pick what works the best for your personal goals and your career aspirations. Whether you are someone who is still figuring out their career or someone who is working full-time, an Online BBA has a seat for all. So what are you waiting for? You are as we say “One click away” from writing your success story.

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