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Is the University of Madras Distance Education Worth It?

University of Madras Distance Education

If you are thinking of enrolling for distance education in either undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma or MBA courses, then the University of Madras has got your back. The University of Madras has multiple amazing options for students all around the world. They have some of the top-notch faculty, courses and projects. Let us explore more about the University of Madras.

About the University of Madras Distance Education

In 1981, the University of Madras established a first-rate Institute of Distance Education to assist students in fulfilling their academic, professional, and personal objectives. It has served the field of distance education for more than 25 years. Currently, the IDE offers 16 diploma courses, 12 certificate courses, 5 professional courses, 9 postgraduate science courses, 14 postgraduate courses, and 22 undergraduate courses.

Accreditations & Approvals

  • NAAC A++

A Closer Look at the University of Madras Distance Education Courses

The University of Madras distance education has a wide range of courses. The university provides multiple disciplines all in undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, certification and MBA courses. The university has created distance courses concerning students’ needs and today’s world’s requirements for a job.

Let us look at the courses the University of Madras provides:

UG Courses Duration Total Fee (INR)
B.A. Tamil 3-5 Years 17,110
B.A. Tamil Literature 3-5 Years 17,110
B.A. French 3 -5Years 25,810
B.A. English 3-5 Years 17,110
B.A. Economics 3-5 Years 17,110
B.A. Historical Studies 3-5 Years 17,110
B.A. Sociology 3-5 Years 25,810
B.A. Public Administration 3 -5 Years 25,810
B.A. Criminology and Police Administration 3-5 Years 25,810
B.Com. [General] 3 -5 Years 20,050
B.Com. Bank Management 3-5 Years 20,050
B.Com. Computer Applications 3-5 Years 20,110
B.Com. Corporate Secretaryship 3-5 Years 20,110
B.B.A. – [Bachelor of Business Administration] 3-5 Years 20,110
B.Sc. Mathematics 3-5 Years 20,410
B.Sc. Psychology 3-5 Years 25,810
B.Sc. Geography 3-5 Years 27,910
B.C.A. – [Bachelor of Computer Applications] 3 -5 Years 27,910
B.F.A. [Music] 3 -5 Years 25,810


UG Courses Duration Total Fee (INR)
M.A. Tamil 2- 4 Years 13,750
M.A. English 2 – 4 Years 13,750
M.A. Economics 2 – 4 Years 13,750
M.A. Christian Studies 2 – 4 Years 15,750
M.A. Human Rights and Duties Education 2 – 4 Years
M.A. Historical Studies 2 – 4 Years 13,750
M.A. Sociology 2 – 4 Years 22,150
M.A. Political Science 2 – 4 Years 13,750
M.A. Sanskrit 2 – 4 Years 15,750
M.A. Applied Saiva Siddhanta 2 – 4 Years 15,750
M.A. Public Administration 2 – 4 Years 13,750
M.A. Journalism 2 – 4 Years 31,250
M.Com. 2 – 4 Years 13,750
M.F.A. Music 2 – 4 Years 31,250
M.Sc. Mathematics 2 – 4 Years 15,750
M.Sc. Psychology 2 – 4 Years 22,150
M.Sc. Counselling Psychology 2 – 4 Years 23,850
M.Sc. Cyber Forensics and Information Security 2 – 4 Years 24,050
M.Sc. Geography 2 – 4 Years 31,250
M.Sc. Information Technology 2 – 4 Years 31,250
M.C.A. 2 – 4 Years 35,350
M.B.A. Financial Management 2 – 4 Years 38,150
M.B.A. Hospital Management 2 – 4 Years 38,150
M.B.A. Human Resource Management 2 – 4 Years 38,150
M.B.A. Logistics & Supply Chain Management 2 – 4 Years 38,150
M.B.A. Marketing Management 2 – 4 Years 38,150
M.B.A. Systems Management 2 – 4 Years 38,150


Diploma Courses Duration Total Fee (INR)
Diploma in Accounting and Finance 1 Year 12,800
Diploma in Financial Management 1 Year 12,800
Diploma in Functional Arabic 1 Year 6,800
Diploma in Hospital Management 1 Year 10,800
Diploma in Human Resource Management 1 Year 12,800
Diploma in Information Security and Cyber Law 1 Year 6,800
Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights 1 Year 11,800
Diploma in Labour Law 1 Year 6,800
Diploma in Hotel Management 1 Year
Diploma in Taxation 1 Year
Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management 1 Year 12,800
Diploma in Management 1 Year 12,800
Diploma in Marketing Management 1 Year 12,800
Diploma in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences 1 Year 6,800
Diploma in Police Administration 1 Year 6,800
Diploma in School Management 1 Year 6,900
Diploma in Systems Management 1 Year 11,800
Diploma in Taxation, Finance and Investment 1 Year 12,800
Diploma in Teaching Methodology in Music 1 Year 11,800
Diploma in Yoga 1 Year 7,450
Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management 1 Year 6,800


Certification Courses Duration Total Fee (INR)
Certificate in Accounting and Auditing 6 Months 8,850
Certificate in Computer Applications 1 Year 8,750
Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility 6 Months 8,850
Certificate in E-Commerce 1 Year 8,850
Certificate in Indian Christianity 6 Months 9,150
Certificate in Karnatic Music 6 Months 9,150
Certificate in Library and Information Sciences 3 Months 5,950
Certificate in Management 6 Months 10,150
Certificate in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences 1 Year 6,250
Certificate in Police Administration 6 Months 6,250
Certificate in Research Methods of Social Sciences 6 Months 8,850
Certificate in Scriptures and Interpretation 6 Months 9,150
Certificate in Voice Training 6 Months 9,150
Certificate in Spoken Tamil 6 Months 6,150
Certificate in Taxation 6 Months 8,850
Certificate in Written Tamil 6 Months 8,850
Certificate in Online Teaching 6 Months 9,150

Are Madras Distance Education Courses Affordable?

Madras University has curated pocket-friendly coursework for everyone around the world. The University has great options for working professionals as well. These courses are flexible and affordable. You can have a good look at the course fees which we’ve already shared above.

Expert Faculty Behind Madras University Distance Education

The University of Madras Distance Education (IDE) has qualified faculty with the academic expertise and dedication to student success. These educators bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to their teaching, creating a stimulating and enriching learning environment for students across diverse backgrounds and pursuits.

The IDE faculty is committed to delivering high-quality education through innovative teaching methods, interactive course materials, and accessible support systems. They are actively engaged in research and scholarship, ensuring their curriculum remains current and relevant to the industry’s and society’s evolving needs.

The IDE faculty comprises highly qualified professionals from various academic disciplines, each with a proven track record of excellence in their fields. This diversity of expertise ensures that students receive a well-rounded and enriching educational experience, catering to their specific interests and career aspirations.

Cutting-Edge Learning Management System

The University of Madras Distance Education, understands the demands of a busy life. That’s why they offer a seamless learning experience through the state-of-the-art Learning Web Based e-Learning Platform.

Imagine this: You’re accessing course materials, participating in interactive discussions with classmates, and connecting with renowned faculty – all from the comfort of your home or on the go. No more fixed schedules or long commutes. The LMS grants you the power to learn at your own pace, juggling your education with work, family, and other commitments effortlessly.

But that’s not all. The e-Portal goes beyond convenience, offering unique features to make your learning journey transformative:

  • Interactive Learning Materials: Step away from monotonous text! Immerse yourself in dynamic modules enriched with multimedia elements like videos, animations, simulations, and even interactive quizzes. These elements bring concepts to life, sparking curiosity, boosting understanding, and making learning truly enjoyable.

  • Personalised Learning: The platform adapts to your individual needs and learning style. Track your progress through quizzes and assignments, receive instant feedback to identify areas for improvement, and tailor your learning journey accordingly. Explore optional modules that delve deeper into specific topics based on your interests.

  • Vibrant Virtual Community: Distance doesn’t mean isolation. Connect with your fellow students and esteemed faculty through discussion forums, live chat sessions, and even group projects facilitated by the LMS. Share ideas, ask questions, and foster a collaborative learning environment that enriches your academic experience.

  • Unleash Mobile Learning: Take your education everywhere! The mobile-friendly LMS lets you access course materials, submit assignments, interact with classmates, and participate in discussions – all from your smartphone or tablet. Learn anytime, anywhere, at your convenience.

Student Support Facilities at Madras University

The University of Madras goes beyond academics, offering a comprehensive support system for its students. Access extensive libraries, internet centres, and scholarships. Find comfortable housing in hostels, seek expert counselling and leverage career services. Participate in sports, community service, and international programmes. Dedicated teams like the USAB and SC/ST Cell cater to your specific needs. Explore, engage, and thrive at the University of Madras!

Quality of Course Material & Learning Resources

Madras Distance University is dedicated to furnishing top-tier education through meticulously crafted course materials and learning resources. These materials, curated by subject matter experts, are designed to facilitate effective learning and foster knowledge retention among distance learners. The university embraces a diverse range of learning materials, comprising:

  • E-books and online resources
  • Video lectures
  • Web Based E-Learning Platform
  • PCP

Advantages of Studying at Madras University Distance Education

The University of Madras Distance Education is a diverse multi-functional study facility. Some of the advantages of studying at Madras University Distance Education include:

  • Diverse Coursework: Madras University Distance Education provides a comprehensive range of undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, certification, and MBA courses, catering to various academic and professional preferences.

  • Qualified Faculty and Accreditations: Renowned faculty members contribute to a stimulating learning environment, and the university consistently maintains high accreditation grades, receiving an A++ grade from NAAC for its commitment to excellence.

  • Innovative Learning Experience: The institution employs a cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS) and focuses on quality course materials, including e-books, online resources, video lectures, and an LMS, ensuring an engaging and effective learning experience.

  • Personal Contact Programme: In order to facilitate interaction between students and faculty, the University organises PCP wherein students get a chance to learn in a classroom setting.


The university has a smooth admission procedure for students. University of Madras Distance Education is not just a place for people who want to start their educational journey, it’s the right ticket for people who want to resume their education. The university has diverse courses taught by qualified faculty members. The programmes are not only flexible, they are highly affordable. However, what truly sets Madras University apart is its commitment to maintaining stringent accreditation standards. At University of Madras Distance Education, you will be assured of getting a qualified education. Picking the University of Madras Distance Education is all about the quality of the coursework. Get your success gear ready for an incredible journey at the University of Madras Distance Education.



Q1. Is a distance education degree from Madras University valid?

Yes, Indeed, the University of Madras, one of Tamil Nadu’s oldest public state universities, has its distance learning programmes authorised by the UGC-DEB. The university also has A++ grade from NAAC for its fourth cycle of accreditation.

Q2. What are the fees in Madras University distance education?

The fees for Madras University Distance Education depend on the program. Most of the programs are pocket-friendly and flexible. The fees start from Rs.17,000 for a B.A. programme and can go up to Rs.38,000 for an MBA programme.

Q3. How to apply for distance education at Madras University?

Regarding the online application: It is mandatory for applicants to go to the university’s official website. By using the official admission portal site, you need to register yourself. Choose the preferred course and provide the necessary information on the application form.

Fill out the application, attach the necessary paperwork, and pay the application fees using a debit or credit card or online net banking.

Regarding the offline application:  Students must pay INR 200 for an application form that they can receive by visiting the college campus.  Choose the appropriate course and complete the application form with all necessary academic and personal information.

Send in the application form together with the necessary paperwork.

Q4. Will companies accept this distance education degree?

Yes, the university has an A++ from NAAC. It provides splendid courses with extensive coursework and placement. Companies look forward to recruiting people from good universities like Madras University Distance Education.

Q5. Is attendance compulsory in Madras University distance education?

The university has given the required information on its official website. However, it is . to attend classes. Attendance is compulsory for Theory and Practical classes. You can check out more details from the brochure of the university.

Q6. Is MUDE distance learning right for me?

If you are someone who is looking to upgrade your skills, education and placement, then the University of Madras Distance Education is a good pick. They have multiple distance courses from which you can pick whichever works best for your future successful career.

They have flexible courses, pocket-friendly fee and online learning resources for all courses.

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