Is Chandigarh University Distance Education Good? The Verdict is Out!



08 February, 2024

Is Chandigarh University Distance Education Good? The Verdict is Out!

Constant evolution is the law of nature? It’s true! Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, gave the law of the survival of the fittest during evolution which is still applicable, even in the business world. Only those who can evolve and adapt will survive through the change. Now, think about it, the 20th century was dominated by the Industrial Revolution and globalisation. And you know what? The present century has the age of digitalisation going on! How exciting is that? This change has revamped the sector of education too, and the process of learning has also metamorphosed tenfold.

Today, distance education, online education, part-time degrees, etc. are as common as regular degrees. Rather, given the facilities of accessibility, flexibility, and ease of perusal of degrees, distance degrees are today preferred more than regular degrees since students can access learning at their own pace and time. Globally and in India, several institutions offer different modes of education, along with regular degrees that are not only fully recognised, but also highly valued.

Chandigarh University is one such institution that offers a distance mode of education for various Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. Chandigarh University is one of the most acclaimed institutions in India and globally and has been ranked as number one amongst the top private universities in India according to QS World Rankings, 2024. This alone shows how credible the learning management structure of the institution is.

About the Distance Education Programmes at Chandigarh University

To make learning more inclusive, holistic and evolved; Chandigarh University offers open and distance learning (ODL) which fosters a global approach to real-world and lifelong learning. The programmes offered at the institution provide not only quality learning but also an affordable and high-quality of education, thus making the process of learning convenient and accessible for everyone. Chandigarh University believes that all students should pursue, embrace and excel in all academic areas that they are passionate about and so, they continuously inspire them to explore new professional paradigms and navigate into a never-ending journey of learning and discovery.

Chandigarh University offers several online affordable courses, both for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to specialise in. The courses are delivered fully online with highly-trained faculty, study material made available online for the students, set required hours for each subject of the course, and a curriculum set by industry experts to provide students with industrial knowledge and exposure.

  • Programme Mode: Distance
  • Level of Degree: Graduation & Post-Graduation
  • Duration: 3 years for graduate programmes (4 courses); 2 years for post-graduate programmes (9 courses)

National, International Accreditations and Recognition

  • UGC (University Grants Commission)
  • NAAC A+ (National Assessment and Accreditation Council)
  • NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework)
  • AIU (Association of Indian Universities)
  • QS World University Ranking

Courses Offered at Chandigarh University Distance Education (CU-ODL)

Undergraduate Programmes
Course Programme Fee (Per Semester)
BA INR 10,950 without SLM (self-learning material)
INR 12,450 with SLM
BBA INR 13,350 without SLM
INR 14,850 with SLM
BCA INR 13,350 without SLM
INR 14,850 with SLM
BCom INR 11,350 without SLM
INR 12,850 with SLM


Post-Graduate Programmes
Course Programme Fee (Per Semester)
Master of Commerce INR 11,350 without SLM
INR 12,850 with SLM
MBA INR 16,340 without SLM
INR 17,840 with SLM
MA English INR 12,350 without SLM
INR 13,850 with SLM
MA Psychology INR 12,350 without SLM
INR 13,850 with SLM

The Star of the Show: Affordable Programmes Because High Costs Should Never Come in the Way of Education

What does a learner expect of his/her education or degree? One that is not only beneficial but also affordable. Right? And Chandigarh University does exactly that through its distance education wing.

What sets Chandigarh University distance education apart is their commitment to keeping education accessible. That’s right! The most striking feature of distance programmes at Chandigarh University is the fact that not only do these programmes unlock doors of professional opportunities and new beginnings for the students but also they are very economical and light on the pockets of the students.

Advantages of CU ODL? Endless, Globally-Benchmarked & Superlative

The learning management system at Chandigarh University is highly modified, developed and relevant to the changing Scenarios of the present industries. Here are a few of the advantages of pursuing distance degrees through CU ODL.

  • 24/7 learning Access- Everything Everywhere All the Time:

    One of the most peculiar features of ODL courses offered by Chandigarh University is that the students have 24×7 learning access to education collaborating with top-class technology. This amplifies the experience of learning multiple times. One can study at any time and from any place in the world depending on their own pace, thus giving them the freedom to plan their studies according to their own needs and will. The motto of flexible learning is always implemented through CU distance learning.

  • The Expert Faculty- The Foundation of Future:

    Have you ever heard the saying “A good teacher can make the best out of a student”? The faculty at Chandigarh University’s distance education programmes take this statement to heart! These subject matter experts are passionate about imparting the best of their knowledge to their students. They don’t just teach from a boring textbook, they curate world-class curricula that are both theoretical and practical and bring exciting, cutting-edge concepts to the table. With the help of these amazing teachers, the students build a strong foundation of knowledge that will stay with them for a lifetime.

  • Global Standard Top Notch Quality of Course Material & Learning Resources:

    Distance online distance education served at Chandigarh University offers the best in class learning facility for students. Not only professors are the industry experts with years of experience in their domains but the curriculum is always updated and curated according to the latest changes in the industry thus keeping it relevant, practical and more insightful. There are about 200+ hours of online videos available for the students to watch and learn from and around 200+ e-books are available for the students related to the curriculum and for more information to increase their knowledge and acumen.

  • Cutting-Edge Learning Management System:

    Who would like to miss an opportunity to enrol in a learning management system, which is highly developed, holistic in its nature of teaching and learning, and provides both theoretical as well as practical knowledge.

  • Always in Line for Dignitaries:

    Chandigarh University offers an online platform of education for students which is global in its approach and offers a world of endless opportunities. Presently,  the institution has:

478 international collaborations 10K research publications
2400+ Patents Around 146 start-ups

It is because of the amplified learning environment that the university provides to students that such brilliant minds come forward in their respective fields and span out a path of success and bright future for not only themselves but for many other learners as well.

Student Support Facilities: Fostering Communion in One Space

  • Chandigarh University boasts a faculty that is simply top-notch! The teaching and non-teaching staff are all seasoned experts in their fields.
  • Worried about getting stuck with a tricky question or facing an issue? Fear not! The university offers round-the-clock support to help you out.
  • Want to explore your curriculum in-depth or learn more about a particular topic? Look no further than the online videos and e-books that are available to students at all times.
  • That’s not all – the university also organises exciting seminars, special lectures, and industrial visits to keep you updated with the latest trends and happenings in the industry.

Placement Support

Chandigarh University offers extensive placement support to students. From helping them develop relevant skills, staying up-to-date with the latest curriculum to bring top companies for recruitment drives, the University guides students at each step of their placement journey.

Conclusion – Is Chandigarh University Distance Education Good?

Chandigarh University is one of the most premier institutions that offers distance education for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. With world-class education, expert faculty, and excellent student support facilities, this premier institution has got everything you need to succeed. What’s more is that their online platform keeps you connected 24/7, ensuring you never miss out on any opportunity to learn and grow. Anyone who wishes to pursue education through online mode, without a doubt, can go with Chandigarh University. So when there is so much to take, why not enrol in such an esteemed institution?


Q1. Is Chandigarh University distance degree valid?

Yes, Chandigarh University distance degree is absolutely valid and has been recognised by several regulatory bodies like UGC, NAAC, etc.

Q2. Does CU offer distance education?

Chandigarh University does provide distance education. The programmes have been recognised by several statutory educational bodies and have also earned prestigious rankings in terms of the quality of distance education they offer.

Q3. Is Chandigarh University distance approved by UGC?

Yes, Chandigarh University distance education has been recognised by UGC (University Grants Commission) along with many other national international regulatory bodies that have authenticated the credibility of the institution, therefore, increasing the value of the distance degrees.

Q4. How to take admission in Chandigarh University distance education?

To take admission in one’s desired programme, a student needs to go to the official website of CU. The next steps to be followed are:

  • Registration
  • Filling the application form
  • Fee payment
  • Confirmation

Q5. How are Exams Conducted for Distance Education Students at Chandigarh University?

Examination for a particular semester consists of an internal assessment that holds 30% weightage and examination that holds 70% weightage. One of the biggest advantages of taking admission in Chandigarh University distance education programmes is that one can take the examination from anywhere through online proctored mode of examination.

Q6. Does Chandigarh University Provide Study Material for Distance Education Courses?

Yes, Chandigarh University provides excellent student facilitation. They provide study material for distance, education courses, be it undergraduate or postgraduate programmes. One can easily access the study materials available on the website. You can also get physical books by paying a minimal fee for the same.

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