Is the University of Mumbai Distance Education (IDOL) any Good?



14 February, 2024

Is the University of Mumbai Distance Education (IDOL) any Good?

The University of Mumbai (formerly, the University of Bombay) was established in 1857. It is amongst the oldest Universities in India. It provides excellent education and a free environment for creative thinking, values, and great exposure at the same time.

To keep up with the needs of learners, the University established the Institute of Distance & Open Learning. The Institute offers various graduate, postgraduate and diploma programmes to ensure that learning is not constrained due to geographical and financial limitations.

In this blog, we will study in detail the courses, facilities, faculties, syllabus, and other benefits provided by the Institute.

Want to know about the Institute of Distance & Open Learning at Mumbai University?

The shift from the traditional study methods to the modern-day approach of distance learning is growing rapidly in India. The University of Mumbai considered it and established the Directorate of Correspondence Courses in the year 1971-72. Later on, it was to the “Institute of Distance Education” in the year 1993.

It aims to provide quality education to every student who wants to pursue their dream of studying and can’t due to conditions like work, family, or geographical constraints.

What are its Accreditation & Approvals?

It is accorded a 5-star rating in the year 2001 and ‘A++’ by NAAC in the year 2017. This accreditation makes it even more authentic and gives students the reason why they should select this university without a doubt.

Courses Offered & How Affordable They Are?

Courses are the hallmark of any reputed university. From Undergraduate to Postgraduate, IDOL covers a wide spectrum of courses for students. The courses are designed to cater the needs and demands of a variety of students to accelerate their careers.

The courses offered by IDOL are pretty affordable too. The programme fee ranges from INR 10,815 to INR 49,325.

Let’s dive deep into it:

Bachelor’s Courses:

Course Duration Fee
B.A. History 3 Years INR 10,815
B.A. Political Science 3 Years INR 10,815
B.A. Sociology 3 Years INR 10,815
B.A. Economics 3 Years INR 10,815
B.A. Psychology 3 Years INR 10,815
B.A. Geography 3 Years INR 10,815
B.A. English 3 Years INR 10,815
B.A. Hindi 3 Years INR 10,815
B.A. Marathi 3 Years INR 10,815
B.A. Commerce 3 Years INR 10,815
B.A. Rural Development 3 Years INR 10,815
B.A. Education 3 Years INR 10,815
B.Com. (Accounts) 3 Years INR 14,759
B.Com. (Management) 3 Years INR 14,759
B.Com. (Accounting & Finance) 3 Years INR 14,759
B.Sc. Information Technology 3 Years INR 44,385
B.Sc. Computer Science 3 Years INR 12,215 (First Year)

Master’s Courses:

Courses Duration Fee
M.A. History 2 Years INR 10,280
M.A. Politics 2 Years INR 10,280
M.A. Sociology 2 Years INR 10,280
M.A. Economics 2 Years INR 10,280
M.A. English 2 Years INR 10,280
M.A. Hindi 2 Years INR 10,280
M.A. Marathi 2 Years INR 10,280
M.A. Gujarati 2 Years INR 10,280
M.A. Education 2 Years INR 13,770
M.A. Geography 2 Years INR 10,280
M.A. Psychology 2 Years INR 10,280
M.A. Communication
& Journalism
2 Years INR 10,280
M.A. Public
2 Years INR 10,280
M.Com. (Accounts) 2 Years INR 15,123
M.Com. (Management) 2 Years INR 15,123
MMS 2 Years INR 15,123
M.Sc. Mathematics 2 Years INR 11,305
M.Sc. Computer Science 2 Years
M.Sc. Information Technology 2 Years INR 24, 405
M.C.A. 3 Years INR 49,325

Diploma Courses:

Courses Duration
Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management 1 Year

Is the Faculty Well Experienced?

The University of Mumbai is known for its well-experienced faculty members who provide top-notch education in a very effective way. They not only impart theoretical knowledge but also offer practical learning opportunities so that the students can implement the knowledge they have gained.

Does IDOL Have a Learning Management System?

The University of Mumbai has set up an advanced Learning Management System- Moodle to cater to the various academic needs of the students. The students can access different study resources, learning tools, etc. on this portal. Furthermore, they can receive updates and notifications on this portal.

Quality of Course Material & Learning Resources

The university has in place an e-Learning Portal where students can access all the learning resources and preparatory lecture series. Furthermore, the students can download the PDFs of the study material from the university website in various multimedia formats including text, audio and video lectures.

The University has an advanced reading hall and a fully furnished Library. Along with this they also provide Audio Video Centres. Even though the study material provided by them alone is enough for understanding and knowledge they believe that some concepts are better if understood by audio and visuals.

How Do They Help Students?

Considering the difficulties faced by the students pursuing distance learning, the University values the need of support needed by the students.  You can reach out to them via Email: [email protected], Telephone: 26523048, Message: 8082892988.

Additionally, they have their E-Learning Portal where students can get access to video lectures, notes, xerox facilities, syllabi, old question papers, guidance, and counselling. It can be accessed from anywhere and students can study at their own pace and convenience.

What are the Advantages?

Following are some of the key advantages:

Is Choosing IDOL the Right Choice?

If you are planning to pursue your graduation or post-graduation from distance learning, the Institute of Distance & Open Learning comes out as an excellent choice. The Excellence Award accorded by UGC turns out to be its USP as students only choose from the best when it comes to their career choices. In today’s time Distance education is considered as the smartest choice as it gives you freedom of time, learning, and even the work-life balance.



Q1. Does Mumbai University offer Distance Education?

Yes, they provide the above-mentioned Distance Education Courses.

Q2. Is Kalina University the same as Mumbai University?

Yes, Kalina Campus is a part of the University of Mumbai.

Q3. How to get admission in Mumbai University for distance education?

You have to fill online application form to get admission for Distance education.

Q4. What is the last date of distance education admission at Mumbai University?

In May or June (Tentatively).

Q5. Is it’s distance education degree approved by UGC?

Yes, UGC has approved the distance education degree from Mumbai University.

Q6. What support services are available for distance education students at Mumbai University?

If you have any query or complaint they have a dedicated team for student support where you can call, text, or mail anytime.

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