Is University of Kashmir’s Distance Education Worth Your Money? Here’s all you should know



14 March, 2024

Is University of Kashmir’s Distance Education Worth Your Money? Here’s all you should know

If you are struggling to decide which university works best for you while managing work and personal life together, then the University of Kashmir’s distance education is here to help you resume your educational journey. The University of Kashmir provides distance education courses for all. With an easy admission process, the University offers endless opportunities and resources for students. Let’s explore more about the course and the University.

About University of Kashmir’s Distance Education

The University of Kashmir’s Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) was founded in 1976. With a mission to provide quality accessible courses through distance education, the University produces some of the best professionals. The University has an outstanding alumni network with various career guidance services. The DDE at Kashmir University also provides accessible education through its extensive network of study centres spread across regions enabling remote communities to access enrolment services and academic support.

The DDE’s programmes are in high demand, due to their relevance and effectiveness on careers. They have a merit-based admission process, which makes it easy to apply. Most of the courses are pretty pocket-friendly, which reflects their beliefs in affordable courses for all. Students receive study material, e-books, access to e-library, well-equipped classrooms, a conference room, an audio-visual lab, first-rate student support services, and a computer lab with the newest information and communication technology (ICT).

Through its inclusive approach, the DDE ensures that students receive a quality education with education training for both practical and theoretical experience.

Accreditations & Approvals

The University of Kashmir’s Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) is UGC – DEB recognised. It holds an accreditation of Grade A+ from the National Assessment & Accreditation Council of India. These recognitions add essential plus points to the University’s excellence in providing the best facilities and coursework to the students.

A Closer Look at the University of Kashmir’s Distance Education

The Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) at the University of Kashmir provides flexible learning opportunities for students in Srinagar and beyond. The University offers undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate courses. The DDE fulfils diverse educational needs. Currently, the University offers a wide range of courses and plans to extend more choices for the students.

At the undergraduate level, they offer B.Ed., at the postgraduate level, the DDE provides MA, MSc, MAUR, M.Com, MAIS, and M.Ed programmes. Additionally, various diploma courses in fields such as science, management, and arts are available too.

Admissions to these courses are merit-based, with no age restrictions. The application process is conducted online, usually between June and July each year. Moreover, the DDE’s distance education programmes are accredited, adding to the high academic standards. With its commitment to easy accessibility and quality for all the students around the globe who want to resume, re-start, or build a better future, the DDE at the University of Kashmir has a seat for all.

University of Kashmir’s Distance Education Courses

The University of Kashmir’s Distance Education offers a diverse range of courses including undergraduate, postgraduate, and many diploma courses.  Postgraduate options include M.A/M.Sc. programmes in Mathematics, English, Economics, and Islamic Studies, along with an M.Com programme. Additionally, the institution provides a two-year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) programme.

Although some postgraduate diploma programmes have been discontinued from 2021, there are some diploma courses that cover subjects like Computer Applications, Cyber Law, Business Administration, and Tourism Management. A six-month Certificate Course in Kashmiri is also available. Each programme is overseen by an academic coordinator, ensuring quality education and support for students pursuing distance learning opportunities. Let’s look at all the courses available:

Undergraduate Courses:

Course Name Fees (per year) Duration
B.ED (Bachelor of Education) INR 15,000 2 years

Postgraduate Courses:

Course Name Fees (per year) Duration
M.A/M.Sc. Mathematics (P.G Mathematics) INR 4,675 2 years
MAUR (P.G Urdu 2nd Year) 2 years
M.A English (P.G English) 2 years
M.Com (Masters in Commerce) INR 4,675 2 years
M.A Economics (P.G Economics) 2 years
MAIS (Masters in Islamic Studies) 2 years
MAED (P.G Education 1st Year) 2 years
MAED (MA Education 2nd Year) 2 years

Certificate Courses:

Course Name Fees (per year) Duration
CCK (Certificate Course In Kashmiri) INR 3,000 6 Months

Diploma Courses:

Course Name Fees (per year) Duration
DPPTT (Diploma In Pre-Primary Teachers Training) INR 3,700 1 year
DCA (Diploma In Computer Applications) 1 year
DCL (Diploma in Cyber Law) 1 year
DBA (Diploma In Business Administration) 1 year
DTM (Diploma In Tourism Management) 1 year
DWB (Diploma In Web Designing) 1 year
DBE (Diploma In Business Entrepreneurship) 1 year
DCLP (Diploma in Consumer Laws and Practice) 1 year

Are Kashmir Distance Education University Courses Affordable

The University of Kashmir’s Distance Education courses are highly affordable. They are pocket-friendly, making it easier for people to apply. The fees range from ₹4,675 to ₹15,000, which reflects that the university believes in affordability. The B.Ed programme, with a fee of ₹15,000, offers a low cost and bundle of resources for aspiring teachers. Similarly, the M.Com and M.A programmes, with fees starting from ₹4,675 for the first year, provide affordable courses for postgraduate studies. This affordability is the golden ticket for everyone who wishes to upskill or restart their career.

Expert Faculty at Centre for Distance and Online Education, Kashmir University

The faculty at CDOE Kashmir University reflects excellence, professionalism, and dedicated growth towards the education of students. The professors are experts in their subjects. They actively participate in several workshops, and various activities and provide valuable guidance to students. Many faculty members hold doctoral degrees in their respective fields, representing their commitment to continuous learning and expertise in their subjects.

The faculty also arranges workshops, projects, and documents for student’s easy accessibility. Moreover, the faculty members are known for their creativity in designing interactive activities and assignments that invite critical thinking and problem-solving skills among students. The faculty makes sure to include and mix different innovative teaching techniques that inspire students to excel for a successful future.

Student Support Facilities at DDE, University of Kashmir

The Directorate of Distance Education at the University of Kashmir is committed to providing extensive student support facilities so that nothing holds you back. The University offers a well-equipped library with diverse study materials, including journals, e-books, and research articles. Students benefit from access to e-study materials and an e-library, enabling them convenient access from anywhere. Additionally, the institution provides access to Google Documents for collaborative work and sharing of documents among students and faculty.

The audio-visual lab enhances learning through interactive multimedia resources, while the conference hall serves as a venue for academic discussions and events. If you wish to visit the campus and study there, you can utilise well-furnished classrooms that create a conducive learning environment. The computer lab is equipped with the latest Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

All these facilities ensure that students have access to cutting-edge technology for their academic pursuits. You are welcome to access any facility mentioned above once you enrol in a course successfully.

Advantages of Studying at the DDE, University of Kashmir

  • Flexible Learning Environment:

    The University of Kashmir Distance Education offers a flexible learning environment with easily accessible resources, study material, and easy connectivity with classmates and faculty. The University also provides access to online resources such as study materials, webinars, and virtual libraries. Students can engage with course content anytime, anywhere, thereby, balancing their studies with other commitments such as work or family responsibilities.

  • Access to High-Quality Resources:

    Students at the DDE, University of Kashmir, benefit from high-quality learning resources. From advanced-level books and e-books to engaging webinars and interactive tools, learners get multiple materials to support academic growth and development.

  • Personalised Support Services:

    The University offers personalised support services to assist students throughout their academic journey. They have academic advisors to guide course selection, progression, and academic planning, ensuring students receive the support they need to succeed. Moreover, the dedicated Placement Cell helps students explore job opportunities and offers guidance on career development.

  • Enhanced Career Opportunities:

    Studying at the DDE, University of Kashmir, opens doors to enhanced career opportunities. With a curriculum designed to align with industry standards and regular updates on the latest research and training, students are well-prepared to enter the workforce or advance in their careers upon graduation. The University’s focus on practical knowledge and hands-on experience equips students with the skills and expertise needed to thrive in their chosen field.

  • Inclusive Learning Community:

    The DDE at the University of Kashmir fosters an inclusive learning community where students from diverse backgrounds come together to learn and grow. Regardless of their background or location, students have equal access to educational opportunities and support services, creating a supportive and collaborative learning environment. This inclusive approach ensures that all students have the opportunity to achieve their academic goals and realise their full potential.


In conclusion, studying at the DDE, University of Kashmir you benefit in several ways, including flexibility, access to high-quality resources, and personalised support services that guarantee enhanced skills required for the job market. The University is pocket-friendly with super supportive alumni. The University also has high-quality coursework updated for the perfect career opportunities. Hence, you can count in the University of Kashmir for distance education. You can easily apply through their official website. You are only one click away from your successful career, all while balancing your work life. What are you waiting for? Hop on to the lifetime opportunity.


Q1. Does Kashmir University provide distance education?

Yes, the University of Kashmir provides distance education. To provide instructions in various subjects via the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) method, the Directorate of Distance Instruction was founded in 1976. Since then, the Directorate has been providing a wide range of academic programmes and courses while participating in several events to help students with distance learning.

Q2. Are there any entrance exams required for admission?

No, all the entrance exams are merit-based. You will not be required to apply for an entrance.

Q3. Are Kashmir University’s CDOE programmes recognized and accredited?

Yes, the University Grant Commission, the Distance Education Bureau, and the NAAC have all recognised and accredited Kashmir University’s Directorate of Distance Education.

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