Distance Education at Anna University, Chennai – Are you Making the Right Move?



09 March, 2024

Distance Education at Anna University, Chennai – Are you Making the Right Move?

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.” – Helen Hayes

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu in Southern India, is well known for its rich cultural legacy in dance, music, literature, and art. Chennai has eternal grace and creative attractiveness, from the magnificent temples decorated with breathtaking sculptures to the vibrating rhythms of classical Indian music echoing through the streets.

At the core of its culture, there is a vibrant centre of academic success and learning. Chennai has long been regarded as an epicentre of education and home to esteemed universities that produced generations of scholars.

In today’s world, accessibility and flexibility have become vital in higher education. Anna University is an outstanding example of innovation and quality in distance education, recognising this need. Anna University was established in 1978, and since then it has been adapting to the ever-evolving demands of the modern educational environment.

Let’s explore more closely!

Want to Learn About Anna University for Distance Education?

Anna University emerged as a single University with a long tradition of academic excellence. The Centre for Distance Education began in 2007 to provide high-quality education outside traditional educational environments.

The University’s USP is its commitment to academic authenticity combined with an adaptable curriculum that meets the various demands of students worldwide.

What are its Accreditations and Approvals?

The accreditations and approvals that Anna University’s Distance Learning programme holds testify to the excellence and credibility of its courses. UGC-DEB has acknowledged and approved Anna University’s programmes.

Furthermore, the institution has accreditations from reputable organisations like AICTE and 18th rank in the NIRF ranking, which strengthens its position in the field of Education.

What are the Courses Offered by AU?

With its constant efforts to transform knowledge, building technology and inculcate managerial proficiency, CDOE Anna University started professional courses for students. It became accessible to students who did not or do not have the privilege to attend regular courses or for those who choose to balance work and professional development together.

Here are some of the courses that the centre started and runs successfully:

Course Duration  Fees
MBA 2 years INR 18,650/- first semester
INR 12,500/- per semester (II, III, IV)
MCA 3 Years INR 18,650/- first semester
INR 12,500/- per semester (II, III, IV)
MSc 2 Years INR 18,650/- first semester
INR 12,500/- per semester (II, III, IV)

The specialisations that MBA offers are:

  • General Management
  • Technology Management
  • Financial Services Management
  • Retail Management
  • Health Services Management
  • Human Resource Management

The M.Sc. courses that the University offers:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineering

It’s Cutting-Edge Learning Management System

Anna University’s cutting-edge Learning Management System is at the core of its remote learning approach. This advanced platform makes it easier for teachers and students to communicate with one another and creates a positive atmosphere for learning, teamwork, and knowledge sharing.

Students can log in and get access to e-content lessons, audio/video content, MCQs, material for self-study, discussion forums, webinar live sessions, and assignments, which improves the entire experience.

Here’s the Guide to the LMS for better Understanding: AU-CDW LMS

Is the Faculty Well-Experienced?

The faculty is the backbone of any academic institution, and Anna University takes great pride in its staff of skilled and seasoned teachers. The faculty members enrich students’ educational experience by bringing a wealth of expertise from different backgrounds and disciplines. Students enrolled in distance learning programmes benefit significantly from their guidance and direction, which is essential in nurturing their intellectual and professional development.

What are the Academic Facilities Available at AU?

Students attending Anna University’s distance education programmes have access to a plenty of academic resources despite the geographical distance. With advanced laboratories for hands-on learning and an extensive digital library filled with resources, the institution ensures that distance learners have all they need to succeed academically.

What Student Support facility does the Centre extend?

Understanding the particular difficulties experienced by distance learners, Anna University has put in place strong support systems to help students throughout the way. The University prioritises academic achievements and the general well-being of students, focusing on the quick resolution of questions and problems by dedicated support personnel. A specific student corner is available on the centre’s website, which helps students to download question banks to prepare for exams. They can change their study centres or specialisations after applying through downloadable forms on the website.

What are the Advantages of Studying at AU?

  • Flexibility:

    Students can pursue their academic goals without sacrificing additional responsibilities. Thanks to the distance education concept!

  • High-quality Education:

    Its accredited programmes, knowledgeable instructors, and modern resources guarantee quality education

  • Affordability:

    Distance Education often turns out to be more affordable than traditional on-campus programmes without burning your pocket.

  • Networking:

    Students can interact virtually with professionals and classmates even if they are geographically separated, which broadens their network and improves their educational experience.


Anna University’s Distance learning programme stands out as a leader in flexible learning through the combination of a strong dose of quality, technology, and assistance. With distance education, the university empowers learners globally and opens up a world of opportunity. With all the provided insights on Anna University’s distance education, we can say that it can be the right move to choose your professional courses from here.


Q1. Is Distance Education available at Anna University?

Ans-  Yes, Distance Education programmes are available here which are UGC-DEB which makes it authentic and accepted nationally and Internationally.

Q2. What is the last date for Anna University Distance Education 2024?

Ans- The last date for application registration is 5th March 2024.

Q3. What is the Ranking of Anna University Distance Education?

Ans-  The NIRF ranking of Anna University Distance Education is 18th.

Q4. Is CDE recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC)?

Ans- Yes, All the programmes offered by CDE are UGC-DEB approved.

Q5. Can I apply for multiple programmes at the same time?

Ans- No, as per UGC-DEB guidelines, you cannot opt for programmes simultaneously.

Q6. What is the format of the Examination?

Ans- Examinations are held at physical exam centres and not online.

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