What Makes Amrita University Online Stand Out from the Rest?



26 March, 2024

What Makes Amrita University Online Stand Out from the Rest?

“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Have you ever noticed children effortlessly pick up new skills, like riding a bike or playing advanced video games? They do not need instructions or a manual, just a nudge in the right direction and the confidence to keep going.

That is the beauty of learning. It is an organic process driven by curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. But when we become adults,  life presents obstacles – busy schedules, family obligations, and occasional apprehension about starting anew.

This is where online education steps in. It offers a smooth path to enhance your skillset and pursue further studies without worrying about traditional education challenges like geography limitations or your ongoing responsibilities. It is much like that helpful parent giving the child a push on the bike.

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham can give you that push to help you accelerate your career. It is a highly respected name in Indian academia. The institution has consistently ranked among the best universities and holds an impressive NAAC A++ accreditation. The institution is committed to providing quality education through online undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to students who cannot continue their traditional education.

You can choose programs according to your needs, as there are numerous specialisations available, whether it is Marketing in an MBA or a Data Analytics certificate program.

Let’s Discuss about the Amrita University Online in detail.

What Are the Accreditations and Rankings?

  • UGC
  • NAAC A++
  • NIRF (2023) – 7th
  • NABH Accreditation
  • NABL (National Accreditation Board For Testing And Calibration Laboratories)
  • WES

Let’s Check the Online Courses

UG Programmes:

Program Duration Total Fee
Bachelor of Computer Application 3-6 years INR 1,50,000
Bachelor of Business Administration 3-6 years INR 1,50,000
Bachelor of Commerce (Taxation and Finance) 3-6 years INR 1,20,000
Bachelor of Commerce (International Finance and Accounting) 3-6 years INR 2,85,000

PG Programmes:

MBA Specialisation:

M.BA Program Duration Total Fee
MBA – Marketing 2-4 Years INR 2,20,000
MBA – Finance 2-4 Years INR 2,20,000
MBA – Operations 2-4 Years INR 2,20,000
MBA – HR 2-4 Years INR 2,20,000
MBA – General Management 2-4 Years INR 1,70,000
MBA – Artificial Intelligence 2-4 Years INR 2,40,000


M.COM Program Duration Total Fee
Master of Commerce (Finance and Systems) 2 Years INR 90,000
Master of Commerce (International Finance and Accounting) 2 Years INR 1,20,000


M.CA Duration Total Fee
Master of Computer Application 2-4 Years INR 1,40,000
MCA (Specialisation: Artificial Intelligence) 2-4 Years INR 1,95,000
MCA (Specialisation: Cybersecurity) 2-4 Years INR 2,40,000

Professional Certificate Programmes:

Certificate Programme Name Duration Total Fee
Data Analytics(CPDA) 3 months INR 35,000
Digital Marketing(CPDM) 3 months INR 30,000

Furthermore, you can also go for selected Indian Culture and Heritage Certificate Programmes such as

Certificate Programmes Duration Total Fee
Saṃskṛtasaparyā 8-12 Weeks
Rāmāyana Sopanam 8 Weeks INR 8,500
Mahabharata Upanayanam 8 Weeks INR 6,000
Essence Of Hinduism 4 Weeks INR 950
Certificate Program In Hindu Studies Rs 2,500

Is The Faculty Experienced?

Amrita University’s faculty has experienced professionals from various industries dedicated to fostering students’ intellectual growth and delivering high-quality education in a supportive environment. They hold diverse qualifications like Ph.D., B.Tech, M.Tech, and M.CA degrees with some higher key positions such as Vice Principal, Director, and Chairperson. These faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to support your academic journey. Their comprehensive guidance will help you to grow further in your life. They also have a panel of international faculty who promise to impart world-class education to their students. The University’s pedagogic practices involve award-winning and innovative methods of teaching by world-class professors. They provide experiential learning to working professionals as well as freshers so that they excel in their careers. Learners can benefit a great deal from the personalised interactivity and mentorship that the faculty facilitates.

Is Student Support Provided?

The institution will provide you the required student support to ensure a seamless learning experience. You can connect with them whenever you have any questions about your courses or you need assistance. Their dedicated support team will help you out. You can reach out to them via phone at 04954266666, WhatsApp at 9447498840, or email at [email protected].

Moreover, If you have inquiries about on-campus matters, you can contact this number: 044-462 76066.

Let’s Explore The Course Material & Learning Resources!

At Amrita University Online, you can use their learning management system to access the study material and live interactive sessions with faculty members. You can also use the discussion forums and weekly practice to support your academic journey. Furthermore, the institution is known for its quality course materials and learning resources. They are meticulously designed to adhere to UGC guidelines and provide comprehensive learning resources. The course structure is divided into 4 quadrants.

  • Quadrant- 1: It contains E-Tutorial Content, including video and audio materials, animations, virtual labs, and transcriptions for easy reference.
  • Quadrant 2: You will get an E-Content that offers self-learning materials, E-books, Case Studies, Presentations, and web resources for further exploration.
  • Quadrant 3: You will get access to discussion forums where you can raise your study-related doubts and receive clarification from the Course Coordinator.
  • Quadrant 4: It focuses on assessments featuring various types of questions, assignments, and solutions to gauge understanding and reinforce learning.

Is Placement Support Provided?

At Amrita University Online, they help you to kickstart your career. They provide dedicated placement support to help you connect to a valuable network that will help you get job opportunities. Amrita University stands out as the unique university to provide this opportunity to its alumni.


In today’s continuously changing world, learning is not a luxury but a necessity. Amrita University Online can provide you with a future-proof career with its flexible, accessible, and high-quality education. You can choose any relevant program that aligns with your career goals. You will be learning through interactive learning methodologies and world-class faculty.

So, take charge of your future, upskill yourself, and prepare for the modern world.


Q1. Is Amrita University’s online degree valid?

Yes, Amrita University is recognised by UGC and AICTE and hence, the degrees from Amrita are valid.

Q2. How are online courses delivered by Amrita University?

The courses at Amrita University are provided through interactive learning methods, E-learning content, and live classes.

Q3. Are online degrees from Amrita University recognized by employers?

Amrita University is recognised by the UGC and AICTE hence all the degrees are valid and can be used for both govt and private employers.

Q4. Are online degrees from Amrita University recognized for higher education?

Yes, online degrees from Amrita University are recognised for higher education.

Q5. Does Amrita University provide any support services for online education students?

Yes, at Amrita University, they provide student support services. You can connect with the university on the given contact details:



  • 8075421048 (MCA-Cyber, BCOM)
  • 8590007473 (MBA, MCom)
  • 8799367602 (BBA, MCA)
  • 8240675235 (BCA, MCA-AI)


  • 8590240617
  • 8799367602
  • 8240675235


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