Is Distance Education at the University of Kerala Worth It?



28 February, 2024

Is Distance Education at the University of Kerala Worth It?

“Education teaches us compassion and kindness and can connect to others.” – Jill Biden

Kerala- a state that is nestled in the southwestern tip of India. It is famous for its lush greenery, beautiful beaches, and vibrant culture.

But did you know this “God’s own land” is also a leader in education? This means that you can pursue a dream career even if you are not able to attend regular colleges. Whether you are committed to work, living far away or have family commitments, you can still pursue a higher education degree.

The University of Kerala, School of Distance Education (SDE) can be a lifesaver for you.  They offer you top-quality education through their distance learning programmes. It makes it possible to study from anywhere & anytime.

The School of Distance Learning was established in 1976 as a teaching & research department of Kerala University.

The objective of the university is to provide training in soft and technical skills and participate in human resource development, and lifelong learning with enjoyable experiences.

What are the Accreditation & Approvals?

The University of Kerala’s Distance Education is approved by UGC-DEB. It also holds the NAAC A++ rating which is a testament to its quality education. Additionally, it has approval from the AICTE. These accreditations and approvals ensure that programmes meet the highest standards of educational excellence and are recognised nationally.

What are the Courses Offered?

The university provides a number of courses that you can select as per your choice and needs:

B.A. Economics M.A. Economics
B.A. English M.A. English
B.A. Hindi M.A. Hindi
B.A. History M.A. History
B.A. Malayalam M.A. Malayalam
B.A. Political Science M.A. Political Science
B.A. Sociology M.A. Sociology
B.Com. M.Com. Finance
B.B.A. M.A. Public Administration
B.L.I.Sc. M.L.I.Sc.
M.Sc. Mathematics M.Sc. Computer Science

What is the Fee Structure?

Name of Programme Fee for the Programme*
B.A. Economics INR 14,655
B.A. English INR 13,605
B.A. Hindi INR 13,605
B.A. History INR 13,605
B.A. Malayalam INR 13,605
B.A. Political Science INR 13,605
B.A. Sociology INR 13,605
B.Com. INR 13,345
B.B.A. INR 23,375
B.L.I.Sc. INR 6,702
M.Sc. Mathematics INR 11,880
M.A. Economics INR 10,305
M.A. English INR 10,305
M.A. Hindi INR 10,305
M.A. History INR 10,305
M.A. Malayalam INR 10,305
M.A. Political Science INR 10,305
M.A. Sociology INR 10,305
M.Com. Finance INR 10,935
M.A. Public Administration INR 10,305
M.L.I.Sc. INR 9,775
M.Sc. Computer Science INR 13,770

Is the Faculty Well Experienced?

At the University of Kerala, you will get a chance to learn from experienced faculty. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. Their faculty members are passionate about teaching and mentorship. It will ensure that students are receiving the guidance and support they need.

You can reach your full potential in your academic career with their dedication and expertise.

What are the Learning Resources Available?

At the University of Kerala, School of Distance Education, there are many resources that you can use to enhance your learning journey.

  • Study Learning Materials (SLMs): 

    These study learning materials are specially designed to align with the curriculum of each course. These study materials will provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of key concepts and topics.

  • Academic Video Lessons: 

    You can even access the academic video lessons to learn the concepts more precisely. These video lessons provide you with engaging content so that you can understand the concepts with visuals and audio.

  • PowerPoint Presentations (PPTs): 

    You will get access to these PowerPoint presentations to make your study more fun and appealing. These presentations will help you to learn the concepts in the form of a presentation.

Is Student Support Provided?

Acknowledging the issues students face via distance mode of learning, the University of Kerala has a dedicated panel for student support. If you have any query or complaint you can connect with the concerned department.

Here are the details:

Support Type Contact Information
Grievance Dr. Shaji A.
Mobile: +91-8129977026
Email: [email protected]
Technical Queries Email: [email protected]
Feedback Online Discussion Forum:

What are the Benefits of Studying at the University of Kerala?

Here are some compelling advantages for your educational journey:

  • Library & Knowledge Centre:

    The University has a dedicated section of Library & Knowledge Centre, wherein you will be getting access to more than 30,000 books. It covers a wide range of subjects. Distance learners and Faculty members can take leverage of this facility.

  • Personal Contact Programmes:

    Personal Contact Programs (PCP) are designed to help you connect with instructors and classmates so that you can be involved in discussion and guidance. This initiative was taken to eliminate the communication gap.

  • Affordability:

    This university significantly lowers tuition fees compared to traditional universities which makes the education accessible to a wider audience. This is beneficial for working professionals or those who have financial issues.

  • Flexibility:

    You will be able to learn from anywhere and anytime as you can plan your study schedule around your priorities.

  • Wide Range of Programmes:

    You will get the option to select many PG & UG programmes including arts, commerce, science, management, and computer applications.

  • Quality Education:

    The university provides quality education as it is approved by UGC – DEB.


Remember, choosing this university is more than just opting for a distance learning programme. It is an investment for your future. You can unlock your full potential with its affordability, flexibility and quality education.


Q1. Is Kerala University distance education valid?

Yes, Kerala University has received recognition from UGC DEB. Therefore, all the courses offered are completely valid and widely accepted.

Q2. Which university is better for distance education in Kerala?

University of Kerala – SDE is approved by UGC-DEB which makes it a better choice, further it also depends on your personal choices.

Q3. What is the last date for Kerala University distance education admission in 2024?

Admission notification will be released in the first week of June. Further, you can visit the official website for updated information.

Q4. Is SDE-UoK recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC)?

Yes, it is recognised by the UGC.

Q5. What types of support services does SDE-UoK offer to distance learners?

Student can connect to the team regarding their queries or complaints:

  • General Enquiry: 8129977026
  • Study Materials (SLMs): 9400040838

Q6. When and how are examinations conducted for distance learners?

The examination is conducted online for distance learners.

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