Best Topics For MBA Marketing Projects to Stand Out



19 May, 2023

Best Topics For MBA Marketing Projects to Stand Out

Project work is an important part of an MBA curriculum. Every student is required to submit one on a topic of relevancy pertaining to the specialisation that they have chosen. MBA in marketing boasts of a robust curriculum which helps students get a thorough understanding of marketing-related topics and concepts.

At the end of the course, students are required to submit a project that serves as a great opportunity for them to demonstrate what they have learned during the programme. Depending on how well-conceptualised and researched your project is it can help you increase your employability.

Top 10 MBA Project Topics for Marketing

If you are looking to zero in on a topic but don’t know where to start here is a list of some of the best project topics for MBA marketing.

1. Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entered almost all facets of our lives. In the business world as well it has revolutionised how things are being done. As a project topic, the impact of artificial intelligence on marketing is highly promising as it provides you with the chance to study its many advantages and disadvantages and how it is changing the face of digital marketing

2. Developing Effective Online Customer Acquisition Strategies for a New-Age Furniture and Appliance Rental Startup

It is clear from the topic that this project will be all about developing clever strategies for attracting more customers for a furniture and appliance startup. Startup businesses usually don’t have a really big budget to invest in advertising. This project will study the many ways startups can come up with marketing strategies to sell their products including digital advertising through social media.

3. Impact of Customer Service on Customers in the Telecom Industry in the Last 10 Years

The telecom sector has had a significant change in the last few years as a result of the use of newer technology for providing better customer service to their clients. This project topic will lay emphasis on the evolution of customer service in the telecom sector in the past decade along with how it has impacted its customers. In addition, you will collect data on certain analytics and metrics that lead to those changes and how that impacted customer loyalty.

4. An Analysis of the Evolution of the Automobile Industry in India

This is another important project topic for MBA marketing students. The automobile industry in India has been in a constant state of transformation. From being a closed and protected sector it has now become a less regulated one which has led to more competition. This project will focus on what led to foreign companies taking an interest in being part of this and how this has brought a big change in the preferences of the consumers.

5. A Study On The Impact Of Google On E-Commerce

Whenever we buy something, it has become like second nature for us to do a Google search first. This helps us know more about the product and whether we need it. In recent years Google has heavily influenced how we buy things off the internet. In this project, the emphasis will be on studying the impact of Google’s algorithms on how consumers discover e-commerce websites. In addition, it will also focus on important strategies that e-commerce sites can adopt to increase their online presence.

6. Gamification as a Customer Retention and Growth Hacking Strategy for Technology Products

Gamification is a great way to increase user retention and engagement. This marketing technique incorporates the use of game-like features such as the use of creating a reward system as seen in many fitness apps where users gain a coin or badge when they enter the next level. Gamification considerably helps to grow user retention which can potentially lead to enhanced customer loyalty and increased revenue. This project will study the various gamification techniques and their impact on users with the help of case studies and analytics.

7. Study on the impact of customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth marketing on the success of Maruti Suzuki

Word-of-mouth advertising is very different from traditional forms of marketing including television, radio and print media. Word-of-mouth advertising works on the principle of spreading positive news about a product or a service by people who have used them. This can include reviews, referrals, recommendations and so on. This project will study the word-of-mouth marketing strategies used by Maruti Suzuki and their impact on customer satisfaction and the company’s growth and overall success.

8. Analysing the Effectiveness of Customer Loyalty Programmes Implemented by Retail Brands in India

Customer Loyalty Programmes fall under the category of marketing strategies used by brands to attract customers to repeat purchase their goods and services. This project will shed light on the different loyalty programmes implemented by various retail brands and their subsequent impact on customer retention, engagement and whether they boost repeat purchases or not.

9. Analysis And Study On Consumer Satisfaction With E-Commerce Online Shopping Portals

There are many ways that can help gauge whether an eCommerce site is doing better than others and that includes customer satisfaction metrics. This project will focus on the factors that help enhance customer satisfaction and how it translates to a company’s success. This will be done by conducting surveys and research on customer behaviour in terms of product quality, delivery experience, customer service, the flexibility of returns and so on.

10. Various Factors That Influence Brand Loyalty

This is another relevant project topic for MBA marketing students. Brand loyalty is the tendency and the preference of consumers towards a particular brand’s products and services even when other similar alternatives are available. Brand loyalty is gained in various ways including the quality of goods, pricing, customer service, brand reputation etc. All these affect the psyche of the buyer which creates a sense of loyalty towards the brand. This project topic aims to identify all the important factors that impact brand loyalty and how these factors are different from one another. This could help students gain important insights and draw patterns or trends that could help brands develop important strategies that could improve their brand loyalty.


Creating an insightful MBA project can depend on many things such as the amount of hard work you put in, your research methods and how captivating the topic is. Choosing a topic for an MBA marketing project can be highly overwhelming especially if you don’t know what truly interests you. There are several things you need to consider when you are on the lookout for a good topic. For instance, you need to consider your interests and pick a topic that you are most confident about. This can help you be more at ease when you are doing research and conducting surveys.

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