25 Unique MBA HR Project Topics That Will Set You Apart



19 June, 2023

25 Unique MBA HR Project Topics That Will Set You Apart

Human Resources is a versatile field. It is an ever-evolving field which lies at the very foundation of all business organisations. The domain serves as a lucrative career field that provides many high-income employment opportunities to individuals.

An MBA in Human Resources is a perfect opportunity for students to get acquainted with the various day-to-day responsibilities of the HR Department. It helps in seeking invaluable real-time insights of the industry and gaining hands-on experience of the field.

Especially the MBA projects during the course familiarise a student with the various facets of the HR domain. It is a great opportunity for students to explore the nooks and crannies of the profile that they are aiming for. Therefore, it is crucial that you pick a project topic that is aligned with your career goals.

In this article, we are going to list some of the top MBA HR project topic ideas which are in line with the latest industrial practices.

MBA HR Project Topic Ideas

Being a dynamic field, Human Resources has many magnificent project topics for students to work upon. Whether it is Employee Relationship Management, Grievance Redressal, HR Policies & Implementation, Recruitment, Employer Branding, etc., there is a wide range of project topic ideas available to the students. Let us explore some of the major topics in each of these arenas one by one.

Employee Relationship Management

As an HR Executive, one of your primary responsibilities is to foster a conducive working environment for all the employees and make sure that each employee is motivated enough so as to reach the maximum productivity levels. In order to do that, you will have to maintain a healthy relationship with each employee and address all their doubts and queries. Therefore, picking a topic related to Employee Relationship Management will help you a lot later in your career as it will help you understand the various intricacies of the domain. Here are a few topics that you can pick from:

  1. A Detailed Analysis of Employee Satisfaction in the Retail Sector
  2. A Study on How to Improve Employee Satisfaction Level in a Company
  3. How Employee Evaluation Parameters Affect the Turnover Rate of an Organisation
  4. Why do Individuals Choose to Join, Re-Join, or Remain in a Company?
  5. A Study on the Effectiveness of Employee Retention Techniques

Grievance Redressal

Grievance redressal and management is one of the most crucial responsibilities of the Human Resources Department. It helps in creating a positive work environment and ensures that every employee feels valued at the organisation. However, addressing the grievances of employees is not an easy task. HR Executives employ various strategies and tactics to resolve the problems of employees in a discreet manner. Thus, having a hands-on experience in the same can prove to be resourceful in the future. Here are a few topics that you can pick for your MBA In HR project on Grievance Redressal:

  1. A Detailed Study on Work-Life Balance in a Corporate
  2. A Case Study on Performance Appraisal in the IT Sector
  3. A Detailed Study on Grievance Redressal Procedures
  4. A Report on Employee Motivation in Retail Sector
  5. A Study on Employee Job Satisfaction

HR Policies & Implementation

The HR Department comes up with many policies to smoothen the work process, uplift the spirits of employees and ensure that work is done in the most-efficient manner. During your tenure as an HR Executive, you will have to prepare and implement various HR policies. Therefore, it only makes sense that you pick a relevant topic for your MBA in HR project work. Mentioned below are a few ideas for you to work on:

  1. A Comprehensive Study on HR Policies and Their Implementation
  2. A Case Study on Employee Perception of Various HR Policies
  3. A Report on Manpower Planning for Enhanced Productivity
  4. A Study on Employees’ Awareness of Various HR Policies and Office Culture
  5. What Role HRD Practices Play in Employee Retention


Talent attraction, acquisition and retention fall under the day-to-day responsibilities of an HR Personnel. Every HR is responsible for making sure that their organisation gets the best talent in the field. They work day and night to make the workplace an attractive employment destination for existing as well as prospective employees. If you plan to join the Talent Acquisition Team of a company, we have listed some of the best project topics for you to work on:

  1. Challenges Faced by Big 4 Firms in Talent Acquisition
  2. Analysis of the Effectiveness of Training Provided by a Business Organisation
  3. A Study on Factors that Influence Joining Decisions of an Employee
  4. A Report on Recruitment and Selection Process in TCS
  5. A Study on Latest Recruitment Trends

Employer Branding

Employer Branding plays a key role in attracting and retaining the best talents in an organisation. It not only helps in building a strong image of the company but also helps in boosting the productivity levels of employees. Therefore, it is very important that as an HR, you focus on developing a positive employer reputation for your company. Following are some of the best project ideas that you can work upon:

  1. A Report on Exit Interviews as an Employer Branding Tool
  2. Study on the Impact of Employer Branding in Employee Retention
  3. Employer Branding Strategies and Techniques
  4. Employer Branding: How Relevant It is in the Indian Job Market?
  5. Does Employer Branding Give a Competitive Advantage in Attracting High-Quality Employees?


The project work during the MBA is an excellent opportunity for you to get acquainted with the various nuances of the HR industry. Being an extensive field, you can pick a project in the domain of HR that most interests you. For instance, you can pick a project topic from Employee Relationship Management, Grievance Redressal, Recruitment, HR Policies & Implementation or Employer Branding.

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