10 Promising MBA Project Topics for Finance – Ace Your Project



24 May, 2023

10 Promising MBA Project Topics for Finance – Ace Your Project

A strong understanding of finance is essential for success in any business or industry, as financial crises can completely unroot companies. If you are someone that is keen on making a name for yourself in the field of finance there is no better way to start than by doing an MBA in finance.

By specialising in MBA finance you get hands-on knowledge about various important concepts that can help you season your skills for better performance in jobs. As a highly specialised degree, MBA gives you a slew of opportunities to test your knowledge and put them into practice in a pragmatic way. One effective way you can do this is by working on a project which is an important part of the MBA curriculum. These projects allow students to apply what they’ve learnt in real-world scenarios, testing their skills and gaining valuable experience.

Real World MBA Finance Project Topics

Now that you have an idea about the importance of projects in MBA curriculum, the next step is to find topic ideas for your finance project that resonates with your interest. Focusing on interest is important because it is a well-known fact that passion for a specific field drives success in any career, and finance is no exception. Mentioned below are 15 potential project topics that can get you good reviews from the faculty review boards:

1. A Study on Mutual Funds

Presenting your project on the topic of mutual funds is an excellent choice given the interesting trajectory that this topic can lead you on. You can begin by giving an in-depth overview of what mutual funds are all about and how they are relevant in the field of finance.

2. Mergers and Acquisitions in the Indian Banking Sector

Have you ever wondered what mergers and acquisitions are and how they impact the banking sector in India? Sure, you must have studied about that in your MBA finance syllabus but building your project on this theme can help you understand the whole concept pragmatically.

3. The Impact of Increasing Global Health Spending

On the list of the most interesting and mentally stimulating MBA finance project topics, we have a comprehensive study on the increased spending on global health and its impact. This project will help get you deeper into the nitty gritty of the condition of the health sector. From taking a deeper look at what is causing the increased spending on global health to how companies are taking the challenge this project topic has a lot of potential and so it can touch various relevant facets in the field of global health.

4. Wealth Management and the Public

This project will explore all the possible ways in which wealth management firms can interact with the public and convince them to take advantage of their services. The project will also shed light on the current issues of why wealth management firms haven’t been able to make the required impact on the public and provide solutions on how they can change that.

5. A Study on the Performance of Regional Rural Banks of India

As it is clear from the topic this project will dive deeper into the condition of the rural banks in India including how they are performing and the various challenges that they are facing. Students can provide well-researched points through case studies of various rural banks and perform a comparative study on them which can then be used to offer solutions to the various issues.

6. The Impact of Home Loans Provided by Indian Banks on the Indian Economy

Home loans are getting popular with each passing day in India. This project topic will touch on various points regarding why home loans are gaining traction in the country so much and how is that impacting the various indicators in the Indian economy including GDP and inflation. The project can also report on the challenges of the increased demand for home loans and how the various Indian banks are handling these.

7. The Importance of Micro Insurance and the Low-Income Group

This is another great topic for MBA finance students that presents itself with a lot of scopes. India is a country where people of all income backgrounds reside, when it comes to insurance policies there are various policies that one can choose from. Because a lot of these are not suitable for people with low income there exist micro-insurance policies which are specifically made for the low-income group. This project will study the popularity of micro-insurance and how it is perceived by the public. It will also shed light on challenges that hinder its accessibility and offer solutions to combat the same.

8. The Reverse Mortgage System in India

A reverse mortgage basically means a loan that people, usually seniors can avail by keeping their house as collateral. This way they receive regular income which can be of help during their retirement. The best thing about a reverse mortgage is that the borrower does not have to put their property up for sale. This project will evaluate the current situation of the reverse mortgage system in India including the hurdles that it is facing and the prospective solutions that can help make it accessible to the large number of people over 60 who are looking to improve their financial condition.

9. A Study of a Company’s  Various Techniques of Cost-Modelling

Cost modelling is what companies can use to gauge how much they are spending on the production and delivery of the goods that they deal with. When companies are well in-tune with the various aspects that have a direct impact on their spending they can be used to improve their overall efficiency to achieve greater profits. This project will delve into the various techniques of cost-modelling that an XYZ company employs and understand whether they help it achieve its expected targets. At the end of this project will be able to fully grasp the concept of cost-modelling including its various aspects that help businesses accelerate their growth.

10. Decision-Making Process of Indian Consumers for Life Insurance

This project will challenge your research skills as you will dive into the decision-making process of Indian consumers while purchasing life insurance. A great chunk of this project will focus on how consumers in India approach the concept of life insurance and the many factors that aid them in their decision-making. Here the project will probe into the various agencies and websites that influence the consumer. Lastly, this project will cover how insurance companies can work on coming up with better strategies to influence the consumers.


Project work as an MBA finance student can have a lasting positive impact on how you apply classroom knowledge to practical situations. The finance project ideas mentioned above cater to various categories of finance project topics, making them helpful for beginners and advanced-level creators, including students and mentors. By working on these projects, you can develop your skills and create an impressive CV to pursue the job that you desire the most.

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