MBA in General Management: A Complete Guide to Regular and Online MBA 



04 December, 2023

MBA in General Management: A Complete Guide to Regular and Online MBA 

“Good Management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get the work and deal with them.”  – Paul Hawken

Adaptability and a comprehensive understanding of the various facets of management are the key to ensure success in the world of business. An MBA in General Management is a strategic choice for those individuals who are looking to navigate through the treacherous waters of the business world. It prepares you to lead, innovate and manage the complexities of today’s corporate realm.

If you aspire to become a business leader and lead business places like organisations, restaurants, retail stores, etc. then going for an MBA in General Management will open many avenues for you. It will prepare you for various real-world opportunities by acquainting you with the various principles of supervising the different operations of a company. Over the course of the programme, you will learn how to supervise employees, handle bookkeeping, resolve problems faced by a customer, etc.

General Management is a field which not only vastly expands your horizon but makes you ready for any challenge.  Let’s dive deep into what an MBA in General Management is all about, exploring its significance, curriculum, and the myriad opportunities it unfolds.

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What is MBA in General Management?

An MBA in General Management is a masters’ degree which is specifically designed to equip you with a versatile skill set that transcends specific industry domains. It serves as a toolkit for leaders who need to wear multiple hats and steer organisations through diverse challenges. The specialisation emphasises on a holistic approach covering essential aspects such as finance, marketing, operations and human resources.

Let us take a small example here. Let’s say that you visit a retail store to shop from multiple brands. While you may come across a number of supervisors or managers, there is always one person who is in charge of almost everything happening in that specific store. Their major work revolves around overseeing all the employees of the store and they are answerable to the company’s regional or corporate executives.

Course Name MBA in General Management
Course Type Masters’ Programme
Course Level  Post Graduate
Mode of Learning Full-Time, Part-Time, Distance, Online
Eligibility Graduation from a recognised university
Duration 2 Years
Average Salary Offered INR 6  LPA- 23 LPA
Employment Roles Business Development Manager, Product Manager, Operations Manager, etc.

Why Opt for an MBA in General Management?

The beauty of an MBA in General Management lies in the diverse career paths it opens for you. After the course, you will become well-equipped to take on leadership roles in various industries, depending on your strengths and aspirations. Here, we have mentioned some of the top reasons why you must go for an MBA in General Management:

  • Versatility in Skills: An MBA in General Management serves as a skills powerhouse, providing you with a diverse toolkit applicable across various business functions. It helps you to be well-prepared for any role or responsibility, making you ready to take on any challenge.
  • Holistic Business Understanding: One of the standout features of General Management programmes is their commitment to offering a complete understanding of business. This knowledge will come in handy and will enable you to make well-informed decisions, so as to positively impact your business.
  • Career Flexibility: In a world that is continuously changing, adaptability is the only trait that can help you survive and stay relevant. This is where a stronghold on management principles can do wonders for you. Having extensive knowledge of core business functions will position you better to take on more diverse and multifaceted roles within an organisation. This versatility will give you an edge when it comes to career progression.
  • Leadership Development: Leadership roles require an opulent blend of communication, strategic and decision-making skill sets. You will be required to critically analyse various situations and come up with the most suited solution. An MBA in General Management will prepare you for the same by means of real-world case studies and project work.
  • Entrepreneurial Pursuits: The course helps you gain skills which can be helpful in your career path whether you are interested in your own startup or being innovative within an established company, the skills gained from a General Management MBA can be instrumental in entrepreneurial endeavours.

Who can Go for an MBA in General Management?

An MBA in General Management is designed for a diverse audience, welcoming individuals from different professions, experience levels, and career goals. The programme’s flexibility and comprehensive curriculum make it an inclusive choice for those seeking a broad understanding of business management.


In order to pursue an MBA in General Management, you must fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

  • Must be a graduate in any field with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate from a recognised university
  • Must have qualified management aptitude tests such as: CAT / XAT / MAT / CMAT / GMAT / NMAT / GRE or the university entrance examination
  • Some universities may even require candidates to hold some work experience in a relevant field

Please note that the eligibility criteria may differ based on the university and the mode of learning.

MBA General Management Subjects

The undermentioned is the list of the MBA General Management syllabus:-

MBA General Management Subjects 1st Year

Semester 1 Semester 2
Management Principles Marketing Management
Organisational Behaviour Financial Management
Managerial Economics Operations Management
Quantitative Techniques Business Research Methods
Business Communication Human Resource Management
Accounting for Managers Managerial Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

MBA General Management Subjects 2nd Year

Semester 3 Semester 4
Strategic Management Elective Course 1
Entrepreneurship Elective Course 2
Managerial Accounting Elective Course 3
Information Systems Management Elective Course 4
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Elective Course 5
Managerial Finance Elective Course 6
Business Analytics Capstone Project or Internship

Entrance Exams for General Management Course

Exam Name  Exam Date 
CAT 2023 26th November 2023
GMAT 2023 From 7th November 2023
ATMA 2024 To be declared
XAT 2024 7th January 2024
MAT 2023 MAT PBT: 3 September 2023
MAT CBT: 17 September 2023

Programme Fee

The average fee for MBA in General Management in India ranges from INR 20,000 to INR 40,00,000 for the entire course. Your fee depends upon a number of factors such as your mode of study, your location, the institute you choose to study at, etc.

Top Colleges for Regular MBA in General Management

Regular/ Full-time MBA Colleges
Sl# Name of the College Course Fee
1 Indian Institute of Management (IIMA), Ahmedabad INR 25,00,000
2 Indian Institute of Management Bangalore INR 24,50,000
3 Jagannath International Management School (JIMS) Kalkaji New Delhi INR 8,70,000
4 Indian Institute of Management (IIMC) Kolkata INR 27,00,000
5 Department of Management Studied (IIT Delhi) INR 11,20,000

Top Colleges for Online MBA in General Management

Regular/ Full-time MBA Colleges
Sl# Name of the College Course Fee
1 Amity University Online INR 1,75,000
2 Manipal University Jaipur INR 1,66,000
3 DY Patil University Online INR 1,40,200
4 Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL) INR 58,000
5 Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed to be INR 1,00,000

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General MBA vs. Specialised MBA

Choose General MBA if  Choose Specialised MBA if 
You have some work experience You have decided to choose a career pathway in a specific field
You wish to take up responsibilities but are still struggling to choose a specialised field You are a fresher candidate and wish to become an industrial expert
You are willing to upscale your career You are looking for a specific career
You want to choose a more traditional way for pursuing MBA You wish to finish a degree in a more specific time frame

Job Roles after MBA in General Management

Job Role Average Salary
Operations Manager INR 10.2 LPA
Project Manager INR 17 LPA
Finance Manager INR 17.2 LPA
Business Operations Manager INR 18.8 LPA
Marketing Manager INR 12 LPA

* Source- Ambition Box


In essence General MBA is designed for a diverse audience, individuals from different professions, and career goals. The course is vast in nature which is flexible and allows you to explore business management. If you are willing to pursue an MBA with a better and holistic approach of understanding business management, a General Management  MBA is a right option helping you enhance your horizon and compete in the market.


Q1. What is the scope of MBA in general management?

After an MBA in General Management, you can take up diverse job roles such as Finance Manager, Operations Manager, Project Manager, etc. at some of the top companies in the world like Deloitte, Amazon, Microsoft, Cognizant, etc.

Q2. What are the benefits of MBA in general management?

An MBA in General Management offers numerous benefits such as:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of core concepts of business
  • Networking opportunities
  • Opportunities to develop an entrepreneurial aptitude
  • Skill development

Q3. What is the salary of an MBA in General Management in India?

After an MBA in General Management, candidates can earn between INR 7 LPA to INR 12 LPA. However, the salary can vary based upon numerous factors such as location, company, field, overall experience and the college where you have studied.

Q4. What are the key skills developed in an MBA in general management program?

During the course, you will get to develop various skills such as:

  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Decision making
  • Analytical skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Negotiation skills

Q5. Is it possible to study for an MBA in general management part-time or online?

Yes, you can pursue an MBA in General Management via part-time, distance and online modes.

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