6 Best MBA Specialisations for Commerce Graduates in 2024



10 February, 2024

6 Best MBA Specialisations for Commerce Graduates in 2024

According to a recent report from The Economics Time , there is a 30% rise from the previous year all over India registered for the Common Admission Test (CAT) in 2023, demonstrating the degree’s aspirational importance. A whopping 3,30,000 candidates registered from the exam. “There is no denying that skills have become the new currency,” Axis Bank’s head of HR, Rajkamal Vempati, stated.

Welcome adventurers! Are you looking to kick start your career after BCom or MCom? Then MBA is the right option for you. MBA after commerce comes with a package of goodies. These goodies are beneficial in job roles, higher packages and enhancement of skills.

Be thrilled to explore the endless options after graduating from Commerce.

Let’s explore the road of opportunities and amazing options after Commerce.

Why Dive into an MBA?

Why should you go for an MBA after Commerce? Well, there are many reasons. The very first reason is- job market. In the current job market, there is a demand for MBA graduates all around the globe. We need people to manage and contribute their skills towards the betterment of different organisations and the nation itself. That’s not it! There are many other reasons why you should go for an MBA after Commerce, so let’s catch them together:

  • Strategic Skill Training:

    MBA is the golden ticket to polishing your skills. The programme brings different opportunities every now and then to boost your strategic skills. These skills help you not just to stand out in the job market but also to start your own venture. The power of an MBA relies on the ability to make you self-reliant and enhance your strategic and analytical skills.

  • Career Boost:

    An MBA is like a career boost camp. It is a magic potion which opens multiple gates of career advancement at once. After an MBA, you will have many career doors open for you from management roles to leadership roles. You would get to choose from a plethora of opportunities.

  • The Networking Bridges:

    Once you enrol in an MBA programme, you will be saying hello to a large networking bridge all over the globe. MBA comes with the treasure of connections, bridging industries and shaping your career into stronger pursuits. Networking is the ultimate tool for a consistent and golden career.

  • Bag Full of Specialisations:

    An MBA is not just a usual postgraduate degree with boring subjects. It has lots of options for specialisations. You can choose what works the best for you in specialisation. There are multiple options in an MBA to pick your next success path.

Now that we have heated your passion for MBA engines, let’s explore the road of opportunities:

What are the Best MBA Specialisations for Commerce Graduates?

1. MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance is like a turbo boost for your career. Many colleges offer a great internship-based specialisation in Finance. When you pick Finance as your specialisation, you will be learning more about investment analysis, financial modelling, and strategic decision-making. Your career options will go off the roof, from Investment Banking Managers to Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), and so will your salary.

2. MBA in Marketing

Marketing is the ticket to success in the business world. As the digitalisation age has advanced, the need for marketing goods and services has increased. An MBA in Marketing is the right choice to build different brands and learn the right strategic skills from it. You will learn about market research, branding, advertising and digital marketing. These are lifetime skills that would reward your career regardless of the era. From Marketing Director to Digital Marketing Manager. There are endless options!

3. MBA in BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, & Insurance)

MBA has doors in different dynamics of the world. One of the highest paying specialisations is Banking, Financial and Insurance. This specialisation is a lifetime investment in your career. You can open a vast range of job roles after you complete your graduation with an MBA BFSI. From risk management to financial analysis, this programme will enhance your skills in your career and life. If managing Finance and being a Risk Manager sounds interesting to you then this is your ideal specialisation for an MBA.

4. MBA in IT & Fintech

With the new world of digitalisation and technology quickly emerging, MBA in IT and Fintech opens for you some of the highest paying career opportunities. MBA in IT and Fintech presents a combination of business management knowledge and skill enhancement in technology along with financial innovation. Become the next ninja in fields like cybersecurity, blockchain, and data science. Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Blockchain Specialist – the choice is yours!

5. MBA in Operations Management

MBA in Operations Management has the potential to provide you with the right skills for career development. As an Operations Manager, you will be responsible for maximising the productivity and minimising the cost. Moreover, an MBA in Operations Management emphasises key aspects such as productivity, quality management, and supply chain optimization, preparing you and your future co-workers to effectively manage operations and drive organisational productivity.

6. MBA in Business Management

With a focus on leadership and strategic decision-making, an MBA in Business Management will prepare you to lead teams and drive your team towards organisational success. After your MBA in Business management, you will be covering areas such as finance, sales, and retail management. An MBA in Business Management prepares and polishes your understanding of business operations and strategies.

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Switching Careers or Switching Gears with an MBA

If you are still confused whether you can switch from Commerce to an MBA programme then let us tell you that you are all clear to enrol in your favourite specialisation course in an MBA. With the right specialisation, an MBA after Commerce would be a golden ticket to your career.

You can smoothly transition from Commerce to any job role you want. Whether you are eyeing a career in Finance, Marketing, or Tech, an MBA can give you the edge you need to make a splash in your new domain.

So, dear Commerce graduates, as you voyage on this thrilling journey towards your MBA, remember to keep an open mind, explore your options, and choose a specialisation that fuels your passion and matches your career goals. With the right MBA specialisation by your side, the sky is the limit for your career aspirations. So go ahead, dive in, and let the adventure begin!

Eligibility Criteria for MBA for Commerce Graduates

Now, that you are clear of the basics of specialisation and transition from commerce to MBA, here are some common eligibility criteria to keep in mind while applying for your dream MBA college:

  • You should have passed your undergraduate degree with 50% aggregate from a recognised university.
  • There is a 5% relaxation for the minimum required undergraduate percentage for SC/ST/OBC and PWD. You will be requiring a passing percentage of at least 45% in your graduation.
  • Some universities require recommendation letters while others only require entrance and interview.
  • Few universities require a common entrance test.

Common entrance exams for MBA include:

  • CAT (Common Admission Test)
  • MAT (Management Aptitude Test)
  • XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test)
  • NMAT

Regular MBA Colleges for Commerce Graduates

College Name Total Fees
IIM Raipur INR 18,00,000
IIM Bangalore INR 24,50,000
SJMSOM IIT Mumbai INR 3,57,450 Per Semester
Symbiosis Centre for Management and HR Development INR 23,88,000
IIM Lucknow INR 19,25,000
IIM Indore INR 21,17,158
Amity University INR 15,56,000
IIM Ahmedabad INR 33,00,000

Online MBA Colleges after B.Com

Online/Distance MBA University Average Fee
Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth INR 1,40,200
Jain University INR 1,50,000 – INR 2,61,000
Online Manipal University INR 1,75,000
Chandigarh University INR 1,50,000
Symbiosis Online INR 3,00,000

Top Job Opportunities after MBA

Job Profile Description Average Salary
Account Manager Maintains client relationships, driving sales from existing clients. INR 8.6 LPA
Business Development Manager Generates leads, builds client relationships, and explores new business opportunities. INR 7.3 LPA
Sales Manager Implements sales strategies and manages sales volume, pricing, and product mix. INR 6.8 LPA
HR Manager Plans HR strategies, conducts interviews, and manages employee onboarding. INR 10.7 LPA
Operations Manager Oversees company operations, including production and quality assurance. INR 10.6 LPA
Management Consultant Facilitates client discussions and provides business improvement suggestions. INR 26.6 LPA
Employee Relations Manager Bridges the employer-employee gap, addresses grievances and resolves disputes. INR 9.5 LPA
Market Research Analyst Analyses data, gathers buyer insights, and prepares comprehensive reports. INR 4.2 LPA
Finance Manager Interprets financial data, manages budgets, and develops financial models. Manages finance department. INR 16.7 LPA


An MBA after Commerce is not something new. It has unlimited opportunities including endless career options, networking and skill enhancement opportunities. An MBA after Commerce may be the right choice for you as the demand for an MBA has increased over the last decade than ever. That’s not it! An MBA will forever boost your chance for a good job role with a higher package. The average salary starts from 03 Lakhs to 30 Lakhs depending on your college, specialisation and job role. If you decide to kick start your career life then this is the right choice. Way to go!

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