Best MBA Specialisations for Engineers (BTech, BE, MTech) 2024



10 February, 2024

Best MBA Specialisations for Engineers (BTech, BE, MTech) 2024

“There are many good mechanical engineers; there are also many good businessmen; but the two are rarely combined in one person.” – Henry R. Towne

So, you have got your engineering degree and are now thinking about getting a job. But wait! Think again! Getting an engineering degree is a big achievement but many engineers do not look further and stop learning.

But the truth is, the engineering field keeps evolving with time. To tackle this change you should try to stay ahead of the curve. This is exactly where an MBA comes into the picture.

As per Republic World, about 12.5 lac Engineers think about rerouting their careers on an annual basis. The primary reason behind this rerouting is the lack of opportunities. This leads them to pursue an MBA to keep their career going and get a good-paying income with managerial roles.

The big question thus arises- what is the best MBA specialisation for Engineers? Let’s find out!

Why Pursue an MBA after an Engineering Degree?

Let’s face it! Engineers are the real heroes of the technical world but if you want to stand out in leadership roles then you need a broader understanding of business.

An MBA will equip you with the financial, marketing, and negotiation skills to bridge the gap between tech and business.

Plus, it will open the doors to multiple domains whether it is managing tech giants or launching your own startup.

Top MBA Specialisations for Engineers

The best part about an MBA degree is that it has something for everyone. With over 50 specialisation options to choose from, you can find your perfect match according to your interests, career goals, your field of study in Engineering, etc. Here is the detailed list of MBA specialisations that you can pursue after Engineering:

Finance Industrial safety Logistics & Supply Chain
Infrastructure Management Business Analytics Human Resources Management
Power Management Retail Management Pharmaceutical Management
Oil and Gas Digital Business Marketing
Operations  Management International Business IT Management

Let us dive into the details of top 5 MBA specialisations for Engineers in India.

1. MBA in Business Analytics

A Business Analyst is mainly responsible for connecting the gaps between the business knowledge and technology that is required to comprehend data. In this role, you will assist an organisation in making calculated decisions based on your data analysis techniques.

Thus, this specialisation has a bright future as businesses today are necessarily data-driven. Therefore, an MBA in Business Analytics will increase your chances of landing a job in the business domain.

If you are an Engineer, you can go for this specialisation to learn about analytical skills to solve complex problems and push business growth. To become a successful Business Analyst, you will need some skills such as problem-solving, presentation, and decision-making.

Your job role & responsibilities will include data mining, predictive modelling, and statistical analysis with the tools to get insights from large databases.

2. MBA in Operations Management

The scope of an MBA in Operations Management is humongous. It is like the ocean of opportunities. The demand for Operations Managers is

extortionate across various industries.

Operations Management is more focused on quality, and productivity improvement in both manufacturing and service sectors.

Engineers like you can learn valuable skills in inventory management, logistics, project planning, and process optimisation.

You can have a bright future and rewarding career in multiple domains like manufacturing, logistics, consulting, and other industries focused on operational excellence.

3. MBA in Finance

When it comes to choosing an MBA, you might want to consider Finance specialisation. An MBA in Finance can be your key to the treasure of opportunities. You will be learning about domains like Financial Management, Investment Analysis, and Corporate Finance.

To become successful in a Finance career, you need skills like analytical thinking, business intelligence, financial reporting, accounting skills and time management.

You will have job opportunities in multiple sectors banking, investment banking, corporate finance, and asset management. This degree will prepare you for leadership roles in finance-related sectors.

4. MBA in Marketing

Over the past few years, Marketing has become a more and more popular choice among engineers. There are many advantages of doing an MBA in Marketing. You will get a broad understanding of the principles and strategies of marketing management.

There, you will be learning skills like Consumer Behaviour, Market Research, Branding, and Advertising along with developing effective Marketing Plans and Analysing Market trends.

You will have job opportunities in these sectors Sales, Digital Marketing and Market Research. This degree will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed for marketing jobs.

5. MBA in International Business

Studying International Business in an MBA programme is highly sought-after. You can learn the skills and have some experience that are needed to tackle business-related challenges.

To have a successful career in International Business, you need skills like – cultural awareness, adaptive thinking, networking skills, and effective communication along with creating strategies and tactics to help your company stay ahead in the business world.

You will have job opportunities in these sectors – Retail Sector, Brand Management, Travel and Tourism, Logistics Management and International Marketing.

Top Job Roles with Salary after Completing MBA

Job Role Average Salary (per annum)
Product Manager ₹ 20.9 LPA
Operations Manager ₹ 10.6 LPA
Business Analyst ₹ 9.5 LPA
Management Consultant ₹ 26.6 LPA
Marketing Manager ₹ 12.2 LPA
Financial Analyst ₹ 5.8 LPA
Supply Chain Manager ₹ 14.1 LPA
Project Manager ₹ 17.2 LPA

* Source- AmbitionBox

What are Some Popular Colleges for MBA after Engineering?

Online/Distance MBA Colleges

Institute Name Fee
Online Manipal, Jaipur ₹1,75,000 (Total Fee)
Suresh Gyan Vihar University, CDOE ₹58,000 (Total Fee)
Jaipur Engineering College and Research Centre University, DDE ₹13,125 (Per Semester)
UPES ₹1,50,000-1,99,000 (Total Fee)
Amity University ₹1,79,000 (Total Fee)

Full-time MBA Colleges

Name of the University Fee
IIM Ahmedabad INR 33,00,000
IIM Bangalore INR 24,50,000
IIM Kozhikode INR 20,50,000
IIM Calcutta INR 31,00,000
XLRI Jamshedpur INR 24,20,000
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management INR 24,40,000


Remember: You should always choose a specialisation that is best suited for you. It depends on your personal choices and needs. If you choose the right MBA, you will be well on your way from an engineering whiz to business mastermind.

Good Luck!

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