MBA in Digital Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024



16 November, 2023

MBA in Digital Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin, (Author and Blogger)

The digital revolution has led to the dawn of a new era in the business world. In order to thrive, every enterprise must maintain a strong online presence. Thus, there has been a continuous spike in the demand for accomplished Digital Marketing Professionals over the past decade.

Today, businesses require individuals who understand both the core concepts of management as well as the nuances of Digital Marketing. This is primarily the reason why an MBA in Digital Marketing is gaining prominence. The two-year postgraduate programme will equip you with comprehensive knowledge of marketing tools and how to use them to promote the products & services of a company.

What is an MBA in Digital Marketing?

An MBA in Digital Marketing is a two-year postgraduate programme that imparts knowledge of various digital marketing tools and practices. It equips students with sound knowledge of the various emerging trends in the domain. Furthermore, it helps students understand the various know-how of the digital world and how they can leverage it to promote their products and services.

Course Name MBA in Digital Marketing
Course Type Master’s Programme
Modes Full-Time, Part-Time, Distance, Online
Eligibility Graduate in any field with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate from a recognised university
Duration 2 Years
Average Salary Offered INR 4.7 LPA
Employment Roles – Digital Marketing Manager
– Brand Manager
– Social Media Manager
– Email Marketer
– SEO Specialist
– Content Marketer
– Paid Media Manager

Why Go for an MBA with a Specialisation in Digital Marketing?

An MBA with specialisation in Digital Marketing introduces to students the various concepts and principles of digital marketing. This includes digital marketing strategies, SEO, content marketing principles, social media marketing, etc.

Students learn how to use different tools, techniques and strategies to promote a product/service. Not just this but the course also provides opportunities to learn how to develop digital marketing strategies, how to use data analytics, how to measure marketing performance and how to use various online tools to engage audiences.

Here, we have listed a few advantages that an MBA with specialisation in Digital Marketing offers:

  • Comprehensive Knowledge

As already mentioned, an MBA will offer in-depth insights of the digital marketing world. Furthermore, it will help you to understand the various tools such as web analytics, keyword research, SEO, etc.

  • Experiential Learning Opportunities

An MBA being a professional degree will bring you many opportunities to apply the knowledge that you gain in the classroom. You will get to work on various projects, internships, workshops, case studies, etc. to learn the practical applications of various tools and principles.

  • Networking Opportunities

During the course, you will get a chance to interact with various academic and industry experts by means of seminars, webinars, expert sessions, etc. Furthermore, your classmates will also be great assets as they will be the ones who will assume leadership positions at various companies in the near future.

  • Help Develop an Entrepreneurial Aptitude

The best part about an MBA in Digital Marketing is that it will not only supply you with the fundamental knowledge of the field but will also equip you with the knowledge of various core concepts of business. It will help you understand the intricacies of the current market and help develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Placement Opportunities

Most of the universities offer all-encompassing placement services including skill development, resume building, interview preparation, portfolio building services. All this will give you an edge over your competitors. Furthermore, the placement drives and job fairs organised by the universities will open a plethora of opportunities for you.

Who Can Go for an MBA in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing has today become an important aspect for every business. Whether you are selling bedsheets or providing catering services, having a strong online presence is a must. Therefore, it only makes sense that you must get acquainted with the various nuances of Digital Marketing. So, the question of who should go for an MBA in Digital Marketing seems vague as everyone wants their business to thrive in this digital economy.

MBA in Digital Marketing Curriculum

Semester 1 Semester 2
Foundations of Management and Organisation Behaviour Financial Management
Accounting for Managers Product and Brand Management
Managerial Economics Consumer Buying Behaviour
Quantitative Techniques for Managers Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Marketing Management Integrated Marketing Communications
E-Commerce Website Planning and Structure
Lab for Microsoft Office Business Research Methods -Workshop
Personal Development, Communication, Teamwork – Workshop Communication and Leadership Development Workshop
Content Management System-Lab


Semester 3 Semester 4
Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Management
Social Media Marketing Strategic Management
Content Marketing Personal selling and Sales Management
Digital Entrepreneurship Project Management for Digital Marketing Firms
Lead Generation and Marketing Automation Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense
email marketing, Mobile Marketing and Video Marketing Analytics- Web and Google
SPSS Lab Lab: LinkedIn and Twitter Marketing
Placement Training Creative, Design Thinking and Skill Development
Summer Internship Placement Training
Project Work

Eligibility Criteria For MBA in Digital Marketing

Most of the universities require the following eligibility criteria:

  • Graduate in any field with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate from a recognised university
  • Valid score in any top MBA entrance exam such as CAT/MAT/GMAT/GRE/XAT or any other Management Aptitude Test

It is important to note here that the above-mentioned eligibility criteria is the general criteria that most universities follow. However, it may vary depending upon the university.

In addition to the above-mentioned conditions, some universities also require candidates to appear for a personal interview/group discussion/micro-presentation.

Entrance Exams for MBA in Digital Marketing

Exam Name  Exam Date 
CAT 2023 26th November 2023
CMAT 2024 To be declared
XAT 2024 7th January 2024
MAT 2023 MAT PBT: 3 September 2023
MAT CBT: 17 September 2023
NMAT by GMAC 2023 To be declared
SNAP 2023 10 December 2023 – 22 December 2023

Programme Fee

The fee for the MBA with specialisation in Digital Marketing programme varies depending upon a number of factors such as university, location, mode of study, etc. However, the average tuition fee for the programme ranges from INR 5,00,000 to INR 15,00,000.

Modes of Learning

Just like the General MBA programme, you can pursue an MBA with specialisation in Digital Marketing via regular, distance and online modes. You also have the option to pursue the course part-time. Here, we have discussed all the modes available to you in the MBA programme:

  • Full-Time MBA

In the full-time or the regular mode of learning, you have to visit the campus everyday to attend your MBA in Digital Marketing classes. This means that you get a chance to attend all the campus events, engage in classroom activities and enhance your personality.

  • Part-Time MBA

The part-time mode allows you to focus on your other commitments with the option to attend evening or weekend classes. This brings you the best of both worlds as you still get the campus experience while continuing your job. However, it might get a little hectic to manage both jobs as well as classes side by side.

  • Distance MBA

Pursuing your MBA through distance learning offers a lot of flexibility and convenience. You can continue working while learning. You can study at your own pace whenever it suits you.

  • Online MBA

You can also pursue your MBA with specialisation in Digital Marketing through online learning mode. This allows you to continue your studies as per your convenience from the comfort of your home. You get access to recorded as well as live lectures, allowing you to adjust the pace of your learning.

How to Choose the Right MBA in Digital Marketing College?

Selecting the right college for your MBA in Digital Marketing programme depends upon a number of factors. These include your interests, ambitions, location, mode of study, budget, etc. Thus, in order to find the college that perfectly aligns with your career goals, you must check various aspects such as its curriculum, location, fee, placement services, experiential learning opportunities, etc. and then make a decision.

Top Colleges for Regular MBA in Digital Marketing

Regular Colleges
Name of the College Fee
SRM Institute of Science & Technology INR 7,70,000 (Full Course)
Amity University INR 3,70,500 (Per Year)
Chandigarh University INR 1,45,000 (Per Semester)
Lovely Professional University INR 2,00,000 (Full Course)

Top Colleges for Online MBA in Digital Marketing

Online Colleges
Name of the College Fee
Chitkara University INR 2,05,000 (Full Course)
Lovely Professional University INR 1,60,000 (Full Course)
Amity University INR 1,61,000 (Full Course)
Jain University INR 2,40,000 (Full Course)
Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth INR 1,40,200 (Full Course)

MBA with Specialisation in Digital Marketing Future Scope

Job Role Description
Digital Marketing Manager A Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for overseeing the planning, development, execution and management of the overall digital marketing strategy of an organisation.They are also responsible for guiding, training and supervising the Digital Marketers.
Brand Manager The main role of a Brand Manager is to develop the branding strategy for a company. They manage various business functions related to advertising, communications, promotions, product development, PR, etc.
Social Media Manager A Social Media Manager is responsible for establishing a strong presence of a brand across various social networking platforms. They plan, execute and manage various social media campaigns.
Email Marketer Email Marketers look after the creation and management of various email marketing campaigns. They take care of the customer engagement and help in nurturing customer relationships.
SEO Specialist An SEO Expert is tasked with driving traffic to a website. They optimise the content and websites so as to gain higher rankings on search engines.
Content Marketer The main role of a Content Marketer is to attract and engage prospective customers. They look after the development of blogs, videos, white papers, infographics, etc.
Paid Media Manager The Paid Media Manager oversees the advertising efforts of a business. They leverage data analytics to boost Facebook and Google ads.


Job Role Average Salary
Digital Marketing Manager INR 11.7 LPA
Brand Manager INR 19 LPA
Social Media Manager INR 4.9 LPA
Email Marketer INR 4.1 LPA
SEO Specialist INR 4.1 LPA
Content Marketer INR 5.2 LPA
Paid Media Manager INR 8.8 LPA

*Source: Ambition Box


Q1. Are there any prerequisites for this program?

In order to pursue an MBA in Digital Marketing, you must be a graduate in any field with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate from a recognised university. In addition to this, some universities may require you to appear for an entrance examination such as CAT/MAT/XAT/GMAT/GRE/CMAT.

Q2. What skills will I gain from this program?

During the course, you will get an opportunity to develop various skills such as:

  • Analytical abilities
  • Decision-making skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving

Q3. Does this program address current trends in digital marketing?

Whether or not your MBA in Digital Marketing programme addresses current trends depends upon your choice of university. Certain universities such as Jain University, Amity University, etc. revise their current according to the latest industry practices and thus, address the prevalent trends in the market.

Q4.  Can I pursue an MBA in Digital Marketing online?

Yes, you can pursue an MBA in Digital Marketing online at various top universities such as Amity University, Chandigarh University, etc.

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