How Good is Kakatiya University, Warangal’s  Distance Education?



18 March, 2024

How Good is Kakatiya University, Warangal’s  Distance Education?

“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” –Oliver Wendell Holmes

Telangana, situated in Southern India, is famous for its progressive educational history and cultural legacy. It has progressed remarkably in the field of education in the past years. As an acknowledgement of its rich past, the state takes pride in upholding its rich cultural heritage through several art forms, festivals, and monuments.

With a strong focus on both primary and secondary schooling, Telangana has made major advancements in education. The state government has established into effect a variety of programmes that enhance innovative learning.

One of the highly esteemed institutions in Telangana state is Kakatiya University, Warangal for Distance Education. In this blog, we will dive deep into it and cover all the details of what the University provides – fee structure, learning management system, courses, etc.

Want to Know More About Distance Education at Kakatiya University, Warangal?

Distance education at Kakatiya University, Warangal was established under the School of Distance Learning and Continuing Education in 1988 to provide quality education.

 It is one of the largest Online Distance Learning institutes in dual-mode University criteria. It offers 30 Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes and more than 40,000 students have enrolled in it so far.

Its special features include:

  • It stands out as the only ODL institute to get five years of recognition in the state.
  • Well-furnished buildings and classes.
  • A student portal is there to get regular updates on anything and everything that is happening for the latest updates.
  • Multi-media studio to produce A/V and online classes.
  • Its collaboration with All India Radio.
  • Study centres at interior locations in the state.
  • Fee concession for SC, ST, and unemployed women.

What are Its Accreditations and Approvals?

The Kakatiya University, Warangal is recognised by the UGC (University Grants Commission), and its School of Distance Learning and Continuing Education (SDLCE) is recognised by the DEB (Distance Education Bureau) of India, which is a prestigious institution responsible for maintaining the quality of the education provided to distance education students.

These recognitions make the programmes offered by them authentic and highly valuable nationally as well as internationally.

What Are The Courses Offered Along With the Fees?

Undergraduate Courses:

Courses Duration  Fees
B.A./HPP/EPP/SPP 3 Years INR 12,700/-
B.Com(General) 3 Years INR 14,500/-
B.Com(Computers) 3 Years INR 20800/-
B.B.A 3 Years INR 23,800/-
B.Sc.(M.St.Cs.) 3 Years INR 24,800/-
B.LISc. 1 Year INR 8200/-

Post-Graduate Courses:

Courses Duration  Fees
M.A.Telugu 2 Years INR 11,500/-
M.A.English 2 Years INR 11,500/-
M.A.Hindi 2 Years INR 11,500/-
M.A.Sanskrit 2 Years INR 11,500/-
M.A. Public Administration 2 Years INR 11,500/-
M.A. Political Science 2 Years INR 11,500/-
M.A. Economics 2 Years INR 11,500/-
M.A. History 2 Years INR 11,500/-
M.A. Rural Development 2 Years INR 11,500/-
M.A. Sociology 2 Years INR 11,500/-
M.A. Human Resource Management 2 Years INR 16,500/-
M. Com. 2 Years INR 13,500/-
MSW (Master of Social Work) 2 Years INR 25,500/-
M.Sc. Maths 2 Years INR 15,500/-
M.Sc Psychology 2 Years INR 25,000/-
M.Sc (Environmental Science) 2 Years INR 27,500/-
M.A. Journalism & Mass Communication (JMC) 2 Years INR 11,500/-
Master in Library and Information Science 1 Year INR 10,500/-
Master of Journalism 1 Year INR 7,500/-
M.T.M. (Master of Tourism Management) 2 Years INR 16,500/-
M.Sc Physics 2 Years INR 40,000/-
M.Sc Chemistry 2 Years INR 40,000/-
M.Sc Botany 2 Years INR 40,000/-
M.Sc Zoology 2 Years INR 40,000/-

Certificate/ Orientation Courses:

Courses Duration  Fees
Bio-Informatics/Food &Nutrition/Horticulture/ Non-Renewal Energy 3 Month INR 5,000/-
Web Designing/ I.O.T./Cyber Security/ Research Methodology 3 Month INR 5,000/-
Mimicry/ Dance /Vocal Music 3 Month INR 4,000/-

Is The Faculty Well Experienced?

The faculty members of SDLCE are selected for their positions through various levels of interviews and examinations. This makes them well-suited for teaching students here and helps them excel in their chosen fields.

Not only do they provide theoretical knowledge but also help students in their personality development, ethics, and practical knowledge.

What is the Learning Management System of SDLCE?

Acknowledging the value of education and study materials for Distance Learning students, SDLCE offers a wide range of LMS as follows:

  • Radio Lessons: They have a plan to provide radio lessons to the Undergraduate and Postgraduate students on important topics on assigned dates.
  • Blended Learning: In order to fulfil the UGC guidelines, the SDLCE at Kakatiya University started providing Digital Learning Resources to both the modes regular as well as ODL students.
  • Journal: They publish two types of Journals, where RIDE (Research In Distance Education) published by SDLCE in collaboration with IDEA (Indian Distance Education Association) focuses on scholarships, academics, etc.
  • Disabled Cell: They have a dedicated cell for disabled students to address their issues, examinations, and academic queries.
  • Apprentice Programmes: Students who have enrolled for B.LISc and M.LiSc get a chance to participate in their nearby colleges to gain hands-on experience and upscale their skills.

What is Student Support of SDLCE?

The University is well aware of the challenges faced by the students studying in Distance Learning mode. They have a dedicated “Student Grievances Redressal Cell” where they can share any query faced, be it technical glitches or academic doubts.

Other than this you can contact them via:


In conclusion, going for any particular university is purely based on your personal preferences, future goals, and budget. In this blog, we have covered every aspect of the University to assist you in making an educated choice. SDLCE offers a wide range of courses and specialisations addressing the various needs of the students. Therefore, with all the detailed information furnished above, we can infer that the Distance Education at Kakatiya University is quite good and worthwhile for your next degree.


Q1: What are the distance education courses offered at Kakatiya University?

SDLCE offers several courses under Undergraduate, PostGraduate and Certificate programmes. You can check the detailed list on their Official Website.

Q2: Is Kakatiya University SDLCE recognized by UGC and DEB?

Yes, It is recognised by UGC-DEB.

Q3: What are the grievance redressal procedures for students?

They have a dedicated Student Grievances Redressal cell to address the various concerns faced by the students. Students just need to fill out a small form in order to raise an issue.

Q4: Are there any study centre facilities available for distance learners?

Yes, they have a comprehensive list of study centre facilities available at various locations. Some of the study centres are:

  • SDLCE, Kakatiya University, Warangal
  • University Arts & Science College, Subedari, Warangal
  • Lalbahadur College, Warangal
  • ASM Degree College, (Women) Fort Road, Warangal
  • AVV Degree College, Warangal
  • Dr.M.R. Reddy Degree College, Parkal
  • S.S. Degree College, Dharmaram, Wgl
  • Govt. Degree College, Narsampet
  • D.V.K. Degree College, Aswaraopeta
  • Kakatiya Degree College, Govindaraopet

You can also browse the list from their official website.

Q5: What is the procedure for revaluation or re-examination?

You can fill up the Re-evaluation application form where you have to keep the following information handy:

  • Type of examination
  • Semester
  • Hall ticket number
  • Full name
  • Father’s name

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