Is LPU Distance Education a Smart Choice for Your Career?



07 February, 2024

Is LPU Distance Education a Smart Choice for Your Career?

Founded by Baldev Raj Mittal, Lovely Professional University (LPU) was established in the year 2005 by Lovely International Trust under the Lovely Professional University Act of 2005. It started operating in 2006 and today, it has made a name for itself as one of the most premium and esteemed education institutes, not just in India, but globally as well.

Staying updated with the changes in the education industry brought in by the impact of technology and digitalisation, Lovely Professional University also offers distance education for various undergraduate and postgraduate courses for students. Not only does the institution offer a superiorly eminent quality of education but the cost of pursuing these programmes is also very affordable for the students.

The distance education programmes at Lovely Professional University have been recognised by different educational bodies and it has links with 200+ different global universities that provide the students an international platform. It offers various educational advantages for the learners, providing them with a dynamic world of learning that provides opportunities for professional success for all.

Excellence Certified, Quality Assured: Accreditations & Approvals

The incredible distance learning programmes at Lovely Professional University have truly ramped up the quality of education they offer, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Not only the institution has been ranked high in many surveys and stats, but it is also recognised by several different educational bodies as a premium institution in the field of learning. University recognition extends to their distance mode of learning for various degrees. The following educational bodies have recognised the distance mode of learning for various degrees at Lovely Professional University.

  • AICTE ( All India Council for Technical Education)
  • UGC-DEB (University Grants Commission- Distance Education Program)
  • NAAC-A++ (National Assessment and Accreditation Council)
  • The Institution of Engineers
  • AIU (Association of Indian Universities)
  • NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education)
  • PCI (Pharmacy Council of India)
  • IAP (Indian Association of Physiotherapists)
  • COA (Council of Architecture)

Are LPU Distance Education Programmes Affordable?

Curious about the quality and affordability of the distance programmes offered at Lovely Professional University? Well, the courses offered through distance learning at LPU are not only exceptional but also budget-friendly! One does not have to worry about breaking the bank to get a top-notch education at LPU.

Lovely Professional University believes that financial constraints should not come in the way for a learner when they are pursuing their professional and educational aspirations. Therefore, LPU distance education offers an economical fee structure for all students to pursue high-class education. The institution runs on the guiding principle and philosophy of offering high-quality distance learning at an affordable cost.

Closer look at LPU distance education Courses:

UG Programmes Programme Fee
BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) INR 81,000
BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) INR 81,000
BSc IT (Bachelor of Science in Information Technology) INR 81,000
BA (Bachelor of Arts) INR 42,000
BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) INR 63,000
BLIS (Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences) INR 15,000


PG Programmes Programme Fee
MBA (Masters of Business Administration) INR 62,000
MA Mathematics INR 30,000
MSc IT (Master of Science in Information Technology) INR 62,000
MCom (Masters of Commerce) INR 42,000
MA English INR 30,000
MA Education INR 30,000
MA Economics INR 30,000
MA Political Science INR 30,000
MA History INR 30,000
MA Sociology INR 30,000
Hindi INR 30,000
Punjabi INR 30,000
Psychology INR 36,000
MCA (Masters of Computer Applications) INR 62,000
MLIS (Master of Library and Information Sciences) INR 15,000


Diploma Programmes Programme Fee
Diploma in Business Administration INR 27,000
Diploma in Computer Applications INR 27,000
Diploma in Library and Information Sciences INR 15,000

Advantages of Studying at LPU Distance University: Unlocking the Potential at Its Finest

1. Cutting-Edge Learning Management System of LPU

The learning management system at LPU is not only versatile, dynamic and global in its nature, but it functions on the lines of nurturing the talent of the students. With the best of the expert faculty, 24/7, accessible online platform, student support facilities, placement facilities, etc. The learning process at LPU is beyond extraordinary.

2. LPU e-Connect: Stay Linked, Stay Ahead

To make distance learning more accessible, easy to use and to make learners feel like they are a part of the institution, LPU offers an online platform by the name of LPU e-Connect. The platform currently has around:

  • 67800+ active users
  •  3540+ number of resources available to use
  • 400+ different interfaces which makes it exceptionally user-friendly.

The online platform is a secure and robust online connection that keeps you connected to your university anytime, anywhere! LPU e-connect online platform automates various academic and administrative processes for distance education. Plus, the students can say goodbye to all the issues that distance learners typically face. That’s right! The platform is available 24X7. Exceptionally amazing!

3. Updated and Advanced Curriculum: Crafting Brilliant Minds

Lovely Professional University has not been ranked as one of the most premium institutions in India and globally for no reason apparently. The quality of education served at the institution is top-notch with the best of student facilities always available round the corner. They understand the importance of staying up-to-date with these changes, which is why they constantly revise their curriculum to keep their students ahead of the game. The teaching and teaching staff is highly skilled and experts of domains who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping their students succeed. Workshops and seminars are conducted frequently to give the learners exposure to the sort of industry they wish to be connected with in the near future.

4. Personal Contact Program: Building Not Just Future But Bonds

LPU has an amazing programme that can take your learning experience to a whole new level that moves beyond the traditional old-style method of learning. LPU’s personal contact program offers a platform to immerse yourself in the exciting world of different subjects, interacting with your professors and classmates, and creating a conducive study ecosystem. Through this programme, you can explore various courses and gain a deeper understanding of different concepts in an interactive, insightful, and engaging way.

Expert Faculty Behind LPU’s Distance Learning: The Magicians of Bright Future

Lovely Professional University offers a global platform for learning and connecting. It has tie-ups with around 200 universities abroad, which boosts the learning process at the institution in many ways academically. The faculty at LPU is highly trained and are masters of their domains that consistently work towards providing the best of the knowledge to their students. They have multiple years of experience in teaching, research and other academic pursuits. Along with conducting different seminars, workshops, special lectures, industry drives, etc. They also engage with students via personal contact programs to make learning more fun and engaging for them.

Learners First: Nurturing Excellence with Student Support Facilities at LPU

Lovely Professional University, through its distance learning mode of degree, offers the best of the student support facilities. LPU’s management prioritises the learners and provides round-the-clock assistance at every step of the way. If you enrol in their distance education programmes at LPU, you will get access to a range of support facilities that will make your learning journey as smooth as possible. The following support facilities are offered by LPU for various distance education programmes:

  • Student Induction:

    To make students familiar with different features, processes, and systems, LPU organises induction sessions that provide career support services to students and familiarise them with all the provisions related to their academic programmes at the university campus during their admission process.

  • Online Study Material:

    LPU offers open access to all the study materials, free of cost, which makes it easy for distance education students to access the material for the curriculum and other academic needs.

  • Affordable Fee Structure:

    Pursuing distance programmes from LPU is not heavy on the pockets of the learners. LPU offers both postgraduate and undergraduate degrees which are highly exceptional in their quality of education, for the learners at a very affordable cost for the institution believes that financial constraints should not come in the way of learning.

High Quality of Course Material & Learning Resources: Unveiling the Excellence

Lovely Professional University provides the best quality of course materials and learning resources for its distance-learning students. Not only these materials and resources are readily accessible, functional, varied and interactive, but they also help the students enhance their overall process of learning, deeply understand the context of different concepts and make the process of education more engaging, collaborative and interesting, for the teaching faculty and the students.

Excellent Placement Facilities: Success at Your Doorstep

LPU goes the extra mile to help its students land the perfect job and opportunities for their careers. With top-notch placement support and regular placement drives held at various locations, LPU offers a support system to the students at all times that fits the best for them. But that’s not all! LPU uses a comprehensive approach that focuses on skill development, communication engagement, and overall professional abilities, making you a desirable candidate across all industries.

Top Recruiters

  • Wipro
  • ICICI Bank
  • Bajaj Allianz
  • Policy Bazaar
  • Max Life Insurance
  • RBS
  • Sony
  • Globe Toyota
  • Apollo Munich Health Insurance
  • Amazon

Conclusion – Is LPU Distance Education a Smart Choice?

Lovely Professional University is the place to pursue quality education at an affordable price. Lovely Professional University has made a name for itself in the list of most esteemed education institutes in India and globally. Through their distance learning programmes, excellent student support facilities, high-value learning and an e-platform available 24/7, the institution offers the best quality of education to the students at a very economical rate that not only pushes the learners towards academic success but also provides them with various career opportunities for them. For anyone who is looking to pursue a degree through the distance mode of learning, can surely go with Lovely Professional University without a doubt.


Q1. What is LPU Distance Education?

Lovely Professional University offers some of the most premium distance education programmes in India. It is an accessible and affordable mode of education that augments the academic skills and value for educational learners through an open and distance learning system which is versatile and competent at the same time.

Q2. Is LPU distance education degree valid?

Yes, absolutely. The distance education programmes at Lovely Professional University have been recognised by statutory education bodies like UGC-DEB, NAAC (A++) and AICTE. The degrees of the distance programmes hold equivalent value to the corresponding programmes, pursued through regular modes.

Q3. Is LPU Online good or bad?

LPU programmes have been ranked extremely well by different educational ranking institutions. It is also recognised by different statutory educational bodies in India. The institution offers advantages like excellent placement facilities, personal contact program, online portal- LPU E-connect, workshops and seminars, etc.

Q4. Is LPU distance education valid for government jobs?

Yes, undoubtedly, LPU distance education is valid for government jobs or any other exam for employability purposes. The value of distance programmes at LPU holds equal regard to any other regular degree.

Q5. Is LPU distance degree UGC approved?

Yes, the LPU distance degree is approved by UGC along with other educational bodies like AICTE and NAAC, which has given the institution an ‘A++’ grade for its quality of education and other related facilities.

Q6. Can I pay for LPU distance education fees in instalments?

Yes, in order to make it easy for the students, the university offers three payment options- lump sum, annual payment and semester payments.

Q7. How are the exams conducted in LPU Distance Education?

While the learning process is conducted online, in distance education at LPU, the exams are conducted through offline mode. The students are provided with an examination centre at the end of the semester. They are to bring their admit card and identity proof to appear for their examinations. Students  can also reappear for an exam if they have failed it.

Q8. Can international students enrol in LPU Distance Education?

Yes, international students can enrol in LPU distance education programmes. In fact, students from 40+ countries call LPU their home. The institution provides the most diverse learning environment for students all across the globe and has a collaboration with over 200 foreign universities, thus fostering global partnerships and academic knowledge exchange.

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