Are Amity Distance Education Courses a Smart Move for Your Career?



05 February, 2024

Are Amity Distance Education Courses a Smart Move for Your Career?

“Education” whenever people hear this word they often relate it to packed classrooms, strict schedules, and geographical limitations. But now things are changing! People are choosing new methods to pursue their studies. Yes, we are talking about distance education.

Amity University is one of the most recognised universities in the education sector. This university is famous for providing the best quality education. It can be the perfect university for individuals who are planning to pursue distance education.

It is a private university located in Noida, India. For 25 years, Amity University has managed to become one of the leading universities in its category. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a variety of disciplines, including engineering, technology, management, business, law, and education.

The university also offers a number of distance education programmes which allow students to pursue their studies from anywhere in the world.

Accreditations & Approvals

Amity University Noida holds the accreditations & approvals from recognised regulatory bodies.

  • Amity University is trusted by the UGC to meet the needs of modern students and professionals. It was the first university in India approved to receive UGC recognition for online programmes.
  • Amity University is unique in Asia as it has received accreditations from both the US (WASC) and the UK (EOCCS).
  • It was ranked #34 worldwide in 2019.
  • It is accredited by NAAC with A+ Grade.
  • It is also certified by EFMD Online and is the only not-for-profit university in Amity’s network to be US regionally accredited.

A Closer Look at Amity University Distance Education Courses

Here is the list of UG & PG courses provided by Amity University:

Type Course Name
UG Course Bachelor of Science (Information Technology)
PG Course Master of Science (Information Technology)

Fee Structure

Course Semester Fee
Bachelor of Science (Hons.) (Information Technology) Semester 1 INR 15,000
Semester 2 INR 15,000
Semester 3 INR 15,000
Semester 4 INR 15,000
Semester 5 INR 15,000
Semester 6 INR 15,000
Total Fee INR 90,000
Course Semester Fee
Master of Science (Hons.) (Information Technology) Semester 1 INR 30,000
Semester 2 INR 30,000
Semester 3 INR 30,000
Semester 4 INR 30,000
Total Fee INR 1,20,000


Amity University is known for its team of industry-experienced and highly qualified faculty members. They ensure a nurturing environment to cultivate intellectual growth among students and provide top-notch education.


As a student, you will get specially designed programmes that are made for both students and working professionals. These programmes offer you a seamless education experience anytime, anywhere through the LMS-based platform. On the LMS, you can access the following:

  1. Webinars
  2. Live sessions
  3. Study material
  4. Recorded videos
  5. Virtual sessions

Student Support Services

If you are studying through the distance mode, you might have various queries and questions. But don’t worry about the lack of support! There are various discussion forums and chat sessions in place to offer academic and administrative support. Furthermore, there is a dedicated support section on the website:

If you need further support you can reach out the university through the following:

Quality of Course Material & Learning Resources

Now let’s talk about the quality of course materials and learning resources at Amity. Here you will have access to the vast collection of virtual e-books and manuals. These resources are designed to help you so that you can learn anytime, anywhere through the LMS-based education platform. There are other features as well to support your studies.

You can join webinars, access study materials, watch recorded videos, and even have one-on-one virtual sessions with experienced faculty members. It is all aimed at providing you with the best learning experience possible.

Placement Support

At Amity, you will get the help from university to kick-start your dream career. The university has a dedicated platform for placement support called Amity Virtual Job Fair. Here you can connect with top recruiters for live video chat interviews and job opportunities. Amity stands out as the first university to provide this unique opportunity to its alumni.

Advantages of Studying at Amity University

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Physical & Virtual Library: You will have access to a vast collection of virtual e-books and manuals that are equipped with tools to support both students and educators.

  • Discussion Forums: You will get access to these forums so that you can engage with your peers and seek help on assignments and projects. Furthermore, you can engage in one-on-one discussions with professors through the web portal to seek clarification on subject-related doubts.

  • Guest Lectures: These sessions will provide you with the opportunities to interact with corporate leaders, gain insights on the latest trends in the market and gain practical knowledge. Moreover, these lectures will help you to develop interpersonal skills and the right attitude for success in the workplace.

  • LMS Learning: Amity University has its own LMS which contains many interesting features such as webinars, live sessions, study materials, recorded videos, and virtual sessions, All facilitated by over 6,000 eminent corporate experts and faculties.

  • Virtual Job Fair: Through the Amity Virtual Job Fair, you can make your dream career come true. This digital platform will equip you to connect with fresh graduates and seasoned professionals. You will also get the chance to connect with top recruiters for live video chat interviews. Amity pioneers this opportunity, setting itself apart from other distance-learning universities.

  • Amity ThinkTalks: ThinkTalks is a distinctive talk show that will keep you updated on current trends and topics. This is the platform where industry leaders share their insights and experiences on global developments. 

You can watch this on YouTube and Facebook as it is streamed frequently on social media channels.

Conclusion – Is Amity Distance Education a Smart Career Choice?

Amity University Noida’s Directorate of Distance Education is an excellent choice. The university offers innovative technology and a commitment to quality. Amity ODL is ready to lead in flexible education. It is all set to shape the future of education in India and beyond as more people seek accessible learning. Therefore, it is the perfect platform to accelerate your career growth.


Q1. Is distance education available in Amity University?

Yes, you can pursue the distance courses mentioned above.

Q2. Is the Amity Online degree valid?

Amity’s Online degrees have received recognition from various national and international educational bodies such as UGC and WES. Thus, it is valid both in India as well as abroad.

Q3. Is Amity University Distance Education UGC and DEB approved?

Yes, Amity University Distance Education is approved by the UGC DEB.

Q4. Does Amity University Distance Education offer placement support?

Amity Virtual Job Fair links alumni with top recruiters for live video chat interviews, a first among distance learning universities.

Q5. Is Ignou better than Amity University?

Choosing between IGNOU and Amity University totally depends on what you need and want. You can decide it by your goals, what they offer, expenses and then decide which university is best for you.

Q6. Are there any scholarships available for Amity University Distance Education students?

Yes, if you have 60% and above, you can get a scholarship.

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