Distance MBA in International Trade Management: The Complete Guide



17 February, 2023

Distance MBA in International Trade Management: The Complete Guide

The MBA in International Trade Management programme provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of business administration, including operations management of companies across international borders. This course extends beyond traditional business administration studies to encompass additional subjects such as purchasing, logistics, global advertising, globalisation, and sustainability.

Additionally, through this course, students learn how to outsource, import materials effectively, and export finished goods as part of the curriculum. This programme also enhances students’ communication and managerial skills as they explore the intricacies of foreign trade and international business. Renowned globally, the MBA in International Trade Management course produces well-informed professionals who play a crucial role in enabling global business operations. In some cases, it may be combined with programmes in International Trade and Logistics or International Trade Logistics and Procurement.

What is International Trade Management?

An MBA in International Trade is an undergraduate programme that helps students with acquiring the skills necessary to manage the operations of multinational companies. This specialised business degree combines standard MBA training with a focus on purchasing, logistics, international advertising, and sustainability.

Students in this programme learn how to optimise business operations by outsourcing, importing materials, and exporting finished goods. They also develop their communication and leadership abilities and gain an understanding of the complexities of international trade and business.

Upon completing an MBA in International Trade, graduates will possess the knowledge and skills to successfully research and analyse business information and create strategic plans that promote growth and profitability in international markets. 

Why Pursue International Trade Management?

Ready to embark on a career in international trade? This programme will provide you with the skills to identify, evaluate and implement global trends, regulations and plans to establish efficient trade management systems. Here are some of the benefits of pursuing this course:

1. Develop Skills

The increasing demand of globalisation has made international trade management an integral part of every successful business. This carefully crafted programme equips you with the following international trading skills:

  • Recognising the diverse business management practices in the global market.
  • Evaluating global trade, capital exchange, trade policies, and strategies on national and international levels.

2. Develops Career

The programme will contribute to your career development in the following ways:

  • By instilling you with a wide set of skills that can be applied to various job roles.
  • By letting you join the dynamic global workforce.
  • By helping you connect with like-minded people across the globe with similar aspirations.

3. Increased Job Options

This specialised programme will equip you for a variety of job roles, including:

  • Freight Auditor
  • Manager- International Trade
  • Global Trade Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Policy Analyst and many others

4. Flexibility

Here’s how pursuing an MBA in International Trade Management provides you with a flexible learning experience:

  • Opportunities to participate in discussion forums and virtual doubt-solving sessions
  • Flexible exam options and case study-based approach to learning for a comprehensive understanding of the subject
  • Student-friendly study plans, placement support, and affordable fee structure 

Scope of International Trade Management

With an MBA in International Trade Management, students gain the skills necessary to manage the international operations of businesses in different countries and regions. The programme provides an extensive education in business administration, focusing on logistics, purchasing, global advertising, and globalisation.

In addition to learning about the intricacies of international trade, students also gain practical experience in outsourcing, importing materials, and exporting finished goods. Through this programme, students develop their communication and managerial abilities and critical skills in the competitive world of global business.

This programme is highly regarded in the global business community and can lead to many career opportunities worldwide.

Some popular job titles include:

  • Foreign Trade Zone Analyst 
  • Market Research Executive
  • Foreign Trade Representative
  • Global Trade Manager
  • International Trade Manager
  • Freight Auditor
  • Business Development Manager
  • Global Trade Manager
  • Policy Analyst

Why Pursue a Distance MBA in International Trade Management

There are numerous reasons why individuals choose to pursue an MBA in International Trade through distance learning.

1. Cost Effective

The fees associated with traditional MBA programmes including International Trade Management are often substantial, making them inaccessible for many aspiring students who are unable to afford them. As a result, a significant number of individuals are forced to abandon their dreams of obtaining an MBA due to financial constraints. However, distance learning offers a cost-effective alternative, with rates that are more affordable and accessible to a wider range of people.

2. Career Growth

Distance learning provides working professionals with the opportunity to further their careers while continuing their education or work. Upon successful completion of online MBA programmes such as International Trade Management, they can progress in their careers by taking on new roles with increased responsibilities, such as managerial or leadership positions. 

3. Flexibility

The course of International Trade Management via distance learning does not require you to follow a fixed study schedule. Candidates have the option to follow their own schedule, thus providing them with full control over the timing and pace of their studies. 

What Will You Learn During the Course

The MBA in International Trade Management course is spread over 2 years with 4 semesters that teach various important subjects like

Semester I Semester II
Management Theory and Practise Marketing Management
Organisational Behaviour Financial Accounting & Analysis
Business Economics Essentials of HRM
Corporate Social Responsibility Strategic Management
Information Systems for Managers Business Statistics
Business Communication Business Law
Semester III Semester IV
Operations Management Project Management
Export Import Procedures and Documentation International Finance
International Business Financial Institutions and Markets
India’s Foreign Trade International Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Customs Shipping and Insurance Business: Ethics, Governance & Risk
International Marketing Project Work

Career Opportunities 

Business Development Managers They are the professionals who look after the sales and marketing of various products and services offered by the company. BD Managers lead the team of executives who find and target the right companies, government agencies, or organisations for selling their products or services.
Global Trade Managers They assist with the management of the company’s global trade operations.
Foreign Trade Zone Analysts Upon completion of the course, graduates can take on roles that involve analysing imports and conducting audits. They may also be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of Foreign Trade Zones and evaluating their suitability.
Market Research Executives They explore new solutions to the challenges encountered in the export-import market to facilitate smoother trade.
Manager- International Trade They are responsible for managing and overseeing the company’s international operations and businesses.
Foreign Trade Representatives They are accountable for enhancing international trade in a designated area.
Business Analysts- International Trade  They analyse internal and external market data to develop strategic plans for foreign businesses.
Policy Analysts They are accountable for examining and crafting global policies, guidelines, and advancements abroad.
Freight Auditors They are responsible for reviewing, adjusting, and managing freight bills for foreign companies.

Job Roles & Salaries

Job Role Starting Average Salary (INR)
Business Development Manager  5.5 LPA
Global Trade Manager  9.3 LPA
Foreign Trade Zone Analyst 6.6 LPA
Market Research Executive  3 LPA
Manager- International Trade  9 LPA
Foreign Trade Representative 6 LPA
Business Analyst- International Trade 8 LPA
Policy Analyst  7 LPA
Freight Auditor  2 to 7 LPA

Future of the Field

As globalisation continues to expand, companies and organisations require individuals who comprehensively understand international trade, its policies, strategies, and regulations.

An MBA in International Trade Management equips individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the constantly evolving global business arena. Hence, the future of this degree holds excellent promise.


1. What is the course duration of a distance MBA in International Trade Management?

The course duration for MBA in International Trade Management is 2 yrs.

2. Is a distance MBA in International Trade Management worth it?

Yes, with the growth of distance learning, individuals can balance work and personal obligations while advancing their education. This programme is no different, as it offers a flexible and convenient way to specialise in International Trade Management.

3. What are the job prospects of an MBA in International Trade Management?

Graduates with a degree in International Trade Management can explore career opportunities in industries such as Automobile, Electronics, Finance, Investment, and Import/ Export. Some popular job roles include Freight Auditor, Business Analyst in International Trade, Manager of International Trade, and more.

4. Does an MBA in International Trade Management have a scope?

Yes. As companies expand their operations and reach new markets, they need professionals who understand the complexities of international trade and its policies and regulations. The MBA International Trade Management programme equips individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and understanding to thrive in this dynamic field, making it a highly sought-after degree with ample career opportunities.

5. Is an MBA in International Trade Management demanding?

Pursuing an MBA in International Trade Management is not an impossible task. Like any MBA programme, there may be specific challenging components. Still, students are provided with the proper resources and support to tackle these obstacles and succeed in their chosen field of study.

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