Benefits of Distance MBA after a BCA



08 August, 2022

Benefits of Distance MBA after a BCA

Fields like Cyber security Management, BlockChain, Cryptocurrency, and Big data are coming to light in the contemporary world, which makes computer-related studies even more valuable. Now, consider clubbing it with a management degree when making a career choice.

If you are searching for an appropriate course after graduation in Computer Science, then without a second thought, a distance MBA course is your go-to option. Doing a business administration course is a beneficial career choice, and adding a computer-studies-based degree with it can make it a fruitful combination. The degree will help you step into the corporate sector, giving you a decent salary and a fair amount of growth.

Brief description of Distance MBA

Distance MBA is a program designed for those who want to work while they study. A student can get a degree without even going to college. Many leading colleges and institutes currently provide distance courses, NMIMS being the best one. The Institute delivers MBA programs that you can pursue from your home. Not only this, you get quality assistance throughout your course and even career assistance and placement.

Benefits of a distance MBA program after BCA

1. Business opportunities-

If you are considering a master’s in business administration program, that means you are considering entering the entrepreneurship field. Since you already have the skills in computer applications, it can be very easy for you to manage your business well. If you choose to do a computer-related MBA course, it can help you handle the business functions well in the Information Management industry. Not only this, but if you are thinking of getting into core business-related fields like Master’s in Human Resources Management, Communications, Operations, consulting, finance, etc., then also you have ample opportunities after your study.

2. Best of both the industries

If you are already a graduate in Computer applications, that means you have imbibed the analytical and technical skills during your studies. Doing a master’s will provide you with leadership, management, and networking skills. You will also develop strategic thinking during the course, and there is no doubt that a person having this invaluable skillset can have impeccable career growth and will be happily welcomed in top companies.

3. Various Job options

An MBA after BCA can help you get jobs in the field of computer applications, information Management, finance, human resources management, project management, and business analytics both in India and abroad. After the studies and a relevant experience in any particular field, a candidate is able to get a decent amount of wages. In India, the salary starts from 4 LPA and goes up to 32 LPA. Out of India, it ranges from 20,000 USD to 117,500 USD.

4. Development of skills

There is no doubt that doing a master’s in business administration can truly upgrade your level of skills and knowledge. You will be able to develop your network, and you will learn communication skills, leadership skills, time management, the ability to work under pressure, and whatnot. A degree in Business administration will inculcate all the qualities required to be a perfect employee in you. You will witness an overall evolvement in your social and professional being. Such skills will definitely help you to secure a higher-paying job which is the major requirement of any aspiring candidate.

5. A step into the new field

For a person who has done graduation in the field of computers, moving to the course of management is a new concept and will come like a breeze in the fresh air. The other good part of the program is that a person who is not having a similar background can also excel in the corporate world.

Top fields you can choose from after doing an MBA

Senior Strategy Manager Human Resource Management International Business
Chief Executive Officer Media Management Sports Management
Financial Analyst Insurance & Banking Consulting
Chief Finance Officer Digital Marketing Communication
Operations Strategy Finance
Marketing Director Information Technology Marketing
Senior Marketing Manager Rural Management Business Analytics


Duration & Course Structure of MBA after BCA

  • Suitable for the candidates who have an interest in computers and want to begin with a business in the same field or want to work in the corporate sector. Thus, institutes and organizations keep on making changes in the course so as to match the needs of the students.
  • The course is a major of 2 years for fresh graduates. However, for working professionals, who already have 1-3 years of working experience, some colleges provide a one-year program as well.
  • You can go for a distance degree program offered by NMIMS if you want to continue to study along with work. The courses are conducted entirely through online teaching methods.
  • You can also choose a dual degree (two post-graduations simultaneously).


  • A bachelor’s degree in any relevant field.
  • Meet the requirement of the minimum marks set by any university or college.
  • Some universities may also ask for work experience.
  • You may also need to qualify for CAT/MAT/CMAT/XAT/GRE/GMAT.
  • If you are planning to move abroad for your studies, you may have to clear IELTS/TOEFL/PTE.

Final Words

In comparison to other postgraduate programs, the MBA program has a lot of potential both inside and outside to India. After completing their BCA, candidates who are really interested in business administration can enrol in a Master’s degree. The program aids students in developing the managerial and leadership abilities that are truly essential for exposure to the business world. The course also offers students the option to enrol in a variety of postgraduate specialities. This covers marketing, IT, finance, and human resources.

Many worldwide universities and business schools offer the program. To work for a reputable company, aspirants must complete the program from an accredited institution. Professionals can get jobs in the most senior positions of corporations after receiving an MBA. Additionally, they can get high salaries even at the entry levels, and they can expect good raises with time and experience.

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