Want to Pursue a Distance MBA Degree? Here’s Your Complete Guide



22 May, 2024

Want to Pursue a Distance MBA Degree? Here’s Your Complete Guide

Are you thinking about taking a distance learning MBA in India to advance your career? A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can improve your professional skills and open doors in today’s competitive work environment. However, working people like you are choosing to pursue a Distance MBA in India more and more because of the ease and flexibility that these programmes offer. We’ll go over everything you need to know in this in-depth blog, from the advantages and requirements to the best universities and job opportunities to pursuing a distance MBA degree in India.

What is a Distance MBA Degree Programme

A distance MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree is a postgraduate program in business management that is delivered primarily through online or remote learning methods, rather than traditional on-campus classes. This format is designed to offer flexibility, making it accessible for working professionals or individuals who cannot attend a campus-based program due to geographical, personal, or professional reasons.

Advantages of MBA by Distance Education

  • Flexibility: You may manage your commitments to your family, career, and education by studying at your own speed. You can access lectures and course materials online at any time, anywhere, and you are not required to attend classes in person.

  • Convenience: You can save time and money on transportation by not having to commute to school. Set up study sessions according to your schedule to help you better balance your job, life, and education.

  • Accessibility: Participate in renowned programmes and institutions regardless of where you live. Access to excellent study materials and instruction, especially in isolated locations without nearby universities.

  • Affordability: Reduce costs related to typical on-campus programmes, such as housing, transportation, and school fees. Pick from a variety of affordable choices, including scholarships and flexible payment schedules.

  • Advance your career by developing your business management abilities and expertise, leading to new job prospects and advancements. Acquire useful knowledge and industry-specific skills that you can use right away in your current position.

  • Opportunities for Networking: Engage in virtual conversations and online forums to establish connections with experts from all industries and backgrounds. Grow your professional network and establish connections with colleagues, former students, and faculty members.

  • Individual Growth: Gain self-control, time management, and organising abilities necessary for success in both your personal and professional life. Gain self-improvement and personal growth with ongoing education and academic success.

Is an MBA by Distance Education as Good as a Traditional MBA?

Did you know that many universities offering distance MBA degree courses are UGC-approved, ensuring the credibility and quality of the programmes? UGC’s approval makes sure that you are in the right hands when it comes to education. UGC and DEB approvals are important for the quality of education programmes. Many universities provide top-notch distance MBA programmes for everyone. Moreover, distance MBA programmes deliver the same curriculum, support, and facilities. Distance MBA degree provide a lifetime of learning experience, with the added benefits of flexibility, affordability, and enhanced technical skills.

Who Should Consider Pursuing an MBA by Distance Education?

Are you considering advancing in your work without taking a break from life? An MBA from a distance learning programme can be your key to success! MBA by distance education is ideal for anyone looking to develop their career without compromising flexibility, such as busy professionals, working parents, etc. An MBA degree from a distance learning programme can help you advance your career, discover new opportunities, and take control of your destiny. Distance education is the ideal option for people who want to effortlessly combine work, life, and education because it allows you to study at your speed and offers convenience. Start your MBA journey now to discover countless opportunities!

Best Specialisations for Your Distance MBA Programme

The MBA degree from a distance learning programme is a two-year management programme. You may choose an MBA specialisation through distance learning based on your desired career path and area of interest.

Specialisation Job Roles
Finance Financial Analyst, Investment Banker, CFO
Marketing Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Market Researcher
Human Resources HR Manager, Talent Acquisition Specialist
Operations Management Operations Manager, Supply Chain Analyst
Information Technology IT Manager, Systems Analyst, Project Manager
Entrepreneurship Business Owner, Startup Founder, Venture Capitalist
International Business International Sales Manager, Global Strategist
Healthcare Management Healthcare Administrator, Hospital Manager
Strategic Management Strategic Planner, Business Consultant
Supply Chain Management Logistics Manager, Procurement Officer

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements

There is minimal eligibility required for a distance MBA degree. Here are some of the common eligibility criteria for an MBA:

  • Admission to distance MBA degree programmes in India is determined by performance in exams like CAT, MAT and XAT. However, not all colleges require entrance exams for admission to distance MBA courses.

  • Eligibility requirements usually mandate a minimum of 50% marks in a bachelor’s degree.

Uncovering the Ideal College for Your Distance MBA Journey

  • Research renowned schools and institutions that provide distance learning MBA programmes to start the journey.

  • To assess each institution’s trustworthiness, consider elements such as accreditation, faculty experience, and alumni connections.

  • Please evaluate the course structure and curriculum to ensure they fit your interests and professional aspirations.

  • Seek universities that can help you on your learning path by providing career counselling, academic advising, and technological support.

  • Compare financial aid programmes, payment plans, and tuition costs to discover a college that fits your budget.

  • Read evaluations and quotes from present and past students to learn more about the calibre of instruction and student satisfaction.

  • Ensure that the exam schedule, assignment submission requirements, and scheduling are flexible enough to fit your professional and personal commitments.

  • Examine every college’s technology and educational resources, including interactive study guides, virtual classrooms, and online libraries.

  • To aid your decision-making, get referrals from coworkers, mentors, and business professionals enrolled in remote MBA programmes.

  • In the end, pick an institution that will help you advance professionally while addressing your academic objectives.

Top Institutions Offering MBA through Distance Education in 2024

Here are the Best Distance MBA Colleges in India:

College/University Name Fee (INR)
IGNOU 62,000 (Full Course)
MIT Pune 70,000 to 90,000 (Full Course)
ICFAI University 1,80,000 (Full Course)
IMT Ghaziabad 1,25,000 (Full Course)
Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management 1,01,000 (Full Course)
Online Manipal University 1,75,000 (Full Course)
Amity University 1,79,000 (Full Course)

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Career Prospects After Completing a Distance Education MBA

After pursuing an MBA by distance education you will get many opportunities. The job role, descriptions and average salaries are listed in the table below.

Job Role Average Salary
Operations Manager INR 7-12 LPA
Brand Manager INR 9-15 LPA
Human Resource Manager INR 7-12 LPA
Finance Manager INR 9-10 LPA
Business Development Manager INR 5-11 LPA
Marketing Manager INR 6-13 LPA
Regional Sales Manager INR 7-13 LPA

How Distance MBA Enhances Your Skill Set

Distance MBA helps you get ahead of others. It also teaches you skills to excel both in your professional and personal life. These skills are not just for your CV but also for work. Let’s look at both soft skills and hard skill enhancement after completing an MBA degree from distance learning:

Soft Skills Hard Skills
Self-discipline Project Management
Virtual Teamwork Data Analysis
Critical Thinking Entrepreneurship Skills
Adaptability Financial Management
Effective Communication Technical Writing
Problem-solving Market Research
Leadership Strategic Planning
Interpersonal Skills Business Analytics


With a distance learning MBA in India, are you prepared to advance in your career? You may balance your personal and professional lives while gaining the knowledge, abilities, and certifications required for success in the fast-paced business world of today by pursuing a distance-learning MBA. With a Distance MBA degree, you can follow your passion for business management, improve your professional chances, or both. It gives you the flexibility and convenience to accomplish your goals at your own pace.


Q1. Is a distance MBA worth it?

Yes, pursuing a distance MBA is good in terms of career prospects especially if you cannot go to college because of personal and professional commitments.

Q2. What is the cost of a distance MBA?

The average fee for a distance MBA is between INR 60,000 to 1 lakh. However, the fees depend upon the college.

Q3. Is distance MBA tough?

MBA degree from distance learning A is not tough, it can be challenging at times but nowadays many colleges provide recorded lectures, doubt sessions and all the study materials for students.

Q4. Which university is best for MBA distance education?

There are many universities offering distance MBAs. However, the top 10 universities are IGNOU, MIT Pune, ICFAI University, IMT Ghaziabad, Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management, Online Manipal University and Amity University.

Q5. Does distance MBA have value?

Yes, before enrolling in distance MBA colleges do check the UGC, AICTE recognition, NAAC accreditation and NIRF rankings.

Q6. Can I do an MBA degree in distance learning from IIM?

No, IIMs do not offer MBA by distance education degrees however, they offer EMBA or Executive MBA degrees and blended degrees of distance and on-campus learning.

Q7. Is distance MBA worth it for freshers?

With distance learning MBA programmes, you can finish your studies from home or anywhere. Because of this, the programme is ideal for freshers who are unable to commit to studying on campus.

Q8. Does MBA by distance education provide placements?

This depends on the institution or college from which you are pursuing an MBA. There are some institutions that offer on-campus placements otherwise off campus placements are always available.

Q9. Is distance education MBA valid?

Yes, an MBA in a distance learning programme is just as legitimate as in a traditional, full-time MBA programme. There is a false belief that online courses are useless or not worth taking. The government-run educational organisation UGC-DEB has validated and approved remote learning programmes, such as the MBA programme.

Q10. Who is eligible for a distance MBA?

Minimum qualifications for distance MBA: In India, admission to remote MBA programmes is determined by scores on tests such as the MAH CAT and NMAT. A bachelor’s degree with a 50% aggregate is required for eligibility.

Q11. Can I get a job after a distance MBA?

After completing a distance MBA, you can work in a wide range of industries and find an incredible job. Jobs in the governmental and commercial sectors are available to students. You can also apply for positions with the government in PSUs, banks, railroads, airports, etc.

Q12. Is CAT necessary for distance MBA?

Certain institutions admit students to their distance MBA programs based on their performance in MBA entrance examinations like CAT, MAT, CMAT, ATMA, XAT, and others. But most institutions do not ask for the entrance exam results.

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