Top 12 Work From Home Jobs Perfect for Housewives: Flexible and Fulfilling



28 May, 2024

Top 12 Work From Home Jobs Perfect for Housewives: Flexible and Fulfilling

Housewives are the powerhouse of each and every family. If you are a housewife who wants to re-join work or if you want to start earning money, then we want to tell you that you are welcome in the job market. You can resume work or work part-time, depending on your personal schedule. Here are the top work-from-home jobs for housewives, which you can start today!

Here are the top 12 work-from-home jobs for housewives:

1. Point-of-Sales-Person (PoSP)

Point of a salesperson or salesperson can work from home, the job role includes selling insurance, providing after-sales services and networking with more clients every day.

This role can suit you as this is a work-from-home which is suited for housewives. All you need in this is a computer and a smartphone. You will be required to connect with clients every day and talk to them to buy the product.

Job Role:

  • Sell insurance policies remotely from home.

Salary or Pay (INR):

  • Commission-based, typically ranging from ₹10,000 to ₹50,000 per month.

  • Depends on the sale

Job Responsibilities:

  • You need to offer detailed information about various insurance policies.

  • You will be required to assist customers in selecting the right policies.

  • You should be able to complete the sales day-to-day target.

2. Content Writer

If you are good in language and putting them effectively through narratives then you can easily get a job in content writing. In order to become a content writer you would need a good grip on the language, vocabulary and current trending topics or blogs.

The content writing job for housewives is ideal as it provides time to work from home and do your personal tasks as well. You will be required to publish blogs, storytelling, copywriting, script writing or even social media post writing.

Job Role:

  • Content Writer executive freelancer

Pay (INR):

  • ₹15,000 to ₹50,000 per month, depending on experience and work.

Job Responsibilities:

  • You will write content based on the requirements of the company.

  • You will be creating engaging and original content.

  • You will need to create interactive content to attract more clients through job boards, writing platforms, and social media.

3. Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is one of the most popular job roles in the job market. Digital marketing is easy to learn if you want to work from home or if you are a housewife who wants to work from home. As a digital marketer, you would actively work on social media marketing, search engine optimising (SEO), and email marketing. Housewives can learn these skills online and offer their services to businesses looking to enhance their online presence.

Job Role:

  • Digital Marketing Executive Freelancer.

Pay (INR):

  • ₹20,000 to ₹60,000 per month, this would depend on your skills and the job role.

Job Responsibilities:

  • You will need to create and implement effective digital marketing strategies.

  • You can attract more clients through social media.

  • You will be required to monitor and analyse marketing campaign performance.

4. Handmade Products Seller

The trend of handmade products is back in the job market. If you have the talent of handcrafting products then this is your chance to upscale it as a business. Handmade products can benefit you as it is one of the profitable work-from-home jobs for housewives. You would be selling handmade products such as jewellery, clothing, decor or gifts online through Amazon, Flipkart or Meesho. There are many transporting and advertising websites now. Get your sewing kits out!

Job Role:

  • Seller

Pay (INR):

  • The salary depends on your skills, it can vary from ₹10,000 to ₹50,000 per month based on sales.

Job Responsibilities:

  • You need to set up an online store and manage listings.

  • You would be creating and selling handmade products online.

  • Actively make products required by clients.

  • Advertise or market your products on social media or other platforms.

  • You would create high-quality handmade products.

  • You would also handle customer orders and provide excellent customer service.

5. Graphic Designer

If you are interested in design, products, graphics or creating appealing visuals then graphic design is your go to work from home job. As a housewife, you can work as a graphic designer the minimum requirement for you to become a graphic designer in most companies includes skills in Adobe, Canva and more. As a graphics designer, you would be required to fulfil clients’ requirements according to their products and how appealing the products look. You would also need to do user research to understand the product impact and use friendliness.

You can work as a freelance graphic designer, creating visual content such as logos, marketing materials, and social media posts. This job allows for creative expression and flexibility.

Job Role:

  • You would be working as a freelance or full-time remote graphic designer.

Pay (INR):

  • Your salary would be based on the projects you complete in a freelance-based job however in full-time you can get from ₹20,000 to ₹70,000 per month.

Job Responsibilities:

  • You would be required to learn and master graphic design software.

  • You would be creating user-required visual content for clients.

  • In order to become a graphic designer you would need to build a portfolio and find clients through various platforms.

6. YouTube Content Creator

Starting a YouTube channel is a great opportunity as a work from home job for housewives to share their interests and skills, such as cooking, crafting, or parenting tips. You can earn through ad revenue, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. Your job responsibility would include creating content based on knowledge, daily basis life, lifestyle, and any subject you can share your thoughts or knowledge on.

Job Role:

  • Youtube Creator

Pay (INR):

  • You can earn from ₹10,000 to ₹1,00,000+ per month based on views and sponsorships.

Job Responsibilities:

  • You would need to produce high-quality video content.

  • You are required to engage with viewers and build a subscriber base.

  • You can monetise the channel through ads and sponsorships.

7. Online Tutor

If you are one of the housewives with expertise in academic subjects like maths, science, or languages you can offer online tutoring. You can easily take an online tutoring job as a work from home job for housewives. This job would provide you with flexible hours and the opportunity to help students improve their academic performance.

Job Role:

  • Online tutor.

Pay (INR):

  • ₹15,000 to ₹60,000 per month, depending on subjects and hours taught.

Job Responsibilities:

  • You would need to prepare and deliver lessons.

  • You are required to assist students with homework and exam preparation.

  • You should use online platforms to conduct tutoring sessions.

8. Virtual Assistant

One of the jobs that would provide you with the right skills under the work from home jobs for housewives includes virtual assistants providing administrative support remotely, you would be required to handle tasks such as email management, scheduling, and customer service. This role is ideal for housewives with strong organisational skills.

Job Role:

  • Administrative support or Virtual Support.

Pay (INR):

  • ₹15,000 to ₹50,000 per month, depending on tasks and clients.

Job Responsibilities:

  • You would manage emails and schedules.

  • You would be required to perform data entry and other administrative tasks.

  • You would also need to learn how to use various software tools for efficient task management.

9. Social Media Manager

Managing social media accounts for businesses involves creating content, scheduling posts, engaging with followers, and analysing metrics. Housewives can build their skills and offer their services to local businesses or online. Social media managing is one of the trending jobs in work from home jobs for housewives. You can work on different social media platforms at once or you can work as a full-time employee for one account as well.

Job Role:

  • Social media Manager.

Pay (INR):

  • ₹20,000 to ₹60,000 per month, depending on clients and workload.

Job Responsibilities:

  • You would develop and execute social media strategies.

  • You would be required to create and schedule engaging content.

  • You should be able to analyse social media performance and adjust strategies accordingly.

10. Translator

If you are someone who is good at any particular language then this is the perfect job for you in work from home jobs for housewives. This job requires you to be proficient in multiple languages or one, where you would be translating or converting written materials from one language to another. This job requires strong language skills and attention to detail.

Job Role:

  • Translator.

Pay (INR):

  • ₹20,000 to ₹50,000 per month, depending on language pair and project complexity.

Job Responsibilities:

  • You would be required to translate documents accurately while maintaining the original meaning.

  • You are required to ensure translations are culturally appropriate.

  • You would be using translation software and tools efficiently.

11. Proofreader

If you are good at grammar, language or punctuation then you can work as a proofreader. Proofreading involves reviewing written content to correct errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting. This would allow you to have personal time as well and work from home as housewives with an eye for detail who can excel in this role.

Job Role:

  • Proofreader.

Pay (INR):

  • ₹15,000 to ₹45,000 per month, depending on your projects.

Job Responsibilities:

  • You would be identifying and correcting any errors in the text.

  • You would ensure consistency and clarity in writing.

  • You may also work with various types of content, from manuscripts to web articles.

12. Tiffin Services

Work from home jobs for housewives could also be beneficial for those housewives who have a passion for cooking. You can now earn money at home by cooking meals. You can start tiffin services, you would be preparing a homemade meal and delivering the homemade food to customers. This business requires you to have culinary skills and the ability to manage orders and deliveries.

Job Role:

  • Cook/Homemade food

Pay (INR):

  • You can earn from ₹20,000 to ₹60,000 per month, depending on customer base and pricing.

Job Responsibilities:

  • You would be required to plan and prepare daily menus.

  • You need to cook, package, and deliver meals.

  • You can also market the service and manage customer relationships.


These work-from-home jobs for housewives can provide you the opportunity to earn while you stay at home. These remote jobs allow you to take care of your personal lifestyle and earn. The above top 12 work-from-home jobs for housewives is the ultimate opportunity to keep the passion on and resume the dreams you always had. Now, that you have the options to work based on your skills and interests start applying. Do not wait for the opportunity, create one for yourself and start looking for these job roles. Make sure you ask for the average job market salary not any less than that. We wish you the best!

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