Sales Executive Job Description, Salary, and Scope in 2024- UPDATED!



22 November, 2023

Sales Executive Job Description, Salary, and Scope in 2024- UPDATED!

MBA, as a postgraduate degree, has earned its status of being one of the most highly sought-after courses. Leaving back the traditional setup of learning in classrooms, pursuing management education via online mode has also become a new favourite choice amongst learners. India presently has many institutions that offer MBA courses recognised by statutory educational bodies.

Sales Management is one of the highly chosen specialisations in the MBA world. Sales, for decades, has been a thriving business that has survived through different economic turmoils. This field of management has very promising prospects, high-paying salaries with career growth, and enormous requirements for sales professionals.

What is the Job Profile for Sales Executives?

Synonymous with the term, a Sales Executive’s role is to make ‘sales’. A Sales Executive sells; products, services, business ideas, etc. They are responsible for taking the business forward by making connections in the market and establishing the base of the products or services that they are selling.

However, the profile work of a Sales Executive is not only limited to just selling. They perform highly efficient tasks apart from just making sales.

Role of a Sales Executive! Not just a ‘Salesperson’

The mandatory rule for a Sales Executive is; correct, making sales. However, this does not mean that the work is only limited to this arena, rather they are involved in a lot more tasks that finally give way to the idea of selling and building an audience in the market.

Let’s take a look at what other roles Sales Executives play in the management scenarios.

  • Making connections in the market and establishing a base for the products to be sold
  • Preparing reports, maintaining rapport, and reviewing customer surveys
  • Analysing the feedback received for the product sold and making the desired changes
  • Determining the audience range, price, barriers, and period for the products and services to be sold
  • Pursuing more and more sales opportunities, making profits, and establishing a brand in the industry

Is a Sales Executive a Good Job Salary Wise?

Just like any other job in the market, a fresher is paid according to the industry standards. The pay scale is average when you start, at times also high/low paying.

How much you are getting paid as a Sales Executive depends upon some factors as well like:

  • Which company did you get hired at?
  • How well have you been making sales?
  • Which institution did you get hired from?
  • What is your market report and profile after a while?

These few factors can often influence how much you get paid as a Sales Executive. Even if you start low salary-wise, you can see a boost in your salary sooner, if you are able to make sales and generate large profits for your company.

How well you can execute your plans, establish connections, use those connections to establish rapport for your products, etc. will determine your career growth as a Sales Executive and ultimately how much you are earning at the end of the financial quarter.

Average Salary of Sales Executive Annually In India In Other Countries
Fresher ₹ 1-4 lakhs $ 8,000-10,000
Experienced ₹ 3.5-10 lakhs $ 15,000-45,000

Why Sales Executive? The Question is ‘Why Not’?

The job profile of a Sales Executive include building connections, selling products, checking out the latest rings, keeping reading the feedback for the products, making reports, etc.

All tasks involve going out in the field and working among people which can often be exhausting and tiring at the end of the day. However, there are many perks to this job profile.

1. Name for Yourself, Not Just the Brand

When you go out in the market and make real connections and sell products in person, it means that you can build a real connection with the consumer and they also know you, not just your product. So at the end of the day, you are not only making sales, but you are also making connections with real people in real time and also establishing a bond in the market.

2. You Know the Real Game

Branding or advertising for a product or a service can be done using the internet from a cubicle. But selling a product in person means that you actually have to put in the groundwork. There are multiple times where you have to face rejections and are not able to make sales, but this also means that you know what is going on in the market, what the consumer desires, and what is it that will make the sales a successful business.

3. Long-Term Benefits with a Striking Profile

When you order in person to close off the deals, make sales and generate profits in person, you not only establish an identity for the products but also for yourself. Your sales of products no longer credit your success, but you make the products a successful venture. When you climb up the success ladder, not only is your pay scale rewarding but the people and the connections you build often are what is the most fulfilling side to this business.

The Everlasting Business of Sales

If there’s one line that gets repeated and will fall into your ears, time and again, is that ‘sales never go out of business’. Markets might change, recessions might come and go, and the phase of the products might change, but the sales as a business will always last because desires last too and sales make an attack on these desires.

Online running, advertising, promotions, etc. can only do so much but the last blow or hot strike is when the product receives a face to it. A Sales Executive does that; it gives a humanistic touch and makes the consumer more eager to buy the products and services. Since sales never go out of business, this means that the desirable candidates and job profiles for Sales Executives will also never vanish. This means that there is only upward career growth to witness if you know how to do your job right.

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