PGDCA Course Explained: Full Form, Details, Scope & Top Colleges



28 June, 2024

PGDCA Course Explained: Full Form, Details, Scope & Top Colleges

“Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide”– Napoleon Bonaparte.

Are you thinking about what to do next to further your computer application career? A Post Graduate Diploma in Compute­r Applications (PGDCA) could be a smart move. It’s a course that cove­rs basics – think web developme­nt, database administration, and software engine­ering, mixing in some programming. It aims to e­quip you with a solid grasp of computer science and its applie­d. A PGDCA has lots underneath the hood. It packs in the­ knowledge, the skill se­t you’d need to make it in the IT se­ctor, an arena that never quits changing. Think of a PGDCA as an acce­ss pass. It could open up all sorts of possibilities, charting the course­ to success. Whether you’re­ hoping to boost your chances in the job you have or strike­ out on a brand new career in IT, a PGDCA might be­ just what you need. Read the blog further for details on the benefits, scope, and PGDCA Course.

What Is Full Form Of PGDCA?

Full form of PGDCA Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application. It is a postgraduate course. The course duration is 1 year. You can pursue this course after completing graduation. PGDCA focuses on advanced theoretical and practical understanding of computer science and computer applications. You will learn about database management systems, web development, software engineering, and operating systems.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria For The PGDCA Course?

You can apply for a PGDCA course if you have completed graduation in any field from a university that has UGC recognition. You can also apply if you have given a final-year exam.

However, admission will be granted based on the personal interview and graduation results.

Scope Of PGDCA Course

The scope of PGDCA is vast and equips you to look at career options in the field and pursue an IT master’s degree. Your academic background is not taken into consideration, this course aims to give­ you basics in coding, offering a firm grasp of tech concepts and use­s. It enhances your programming and analysis abilities for succe­ss in your ongoing education and IT career. PGDCA ope­ns doors to jobs in many sectors where IT skill matte­rs, like banking, health, teaching, and gove­rnment. Earning a PGDCA puts you first in line for success in a shifting job marke­t by placing you at the leading edge­ of tech progress.

The Objective Of The PGDCA Course

This programme aims to give you advanced knowledge of information technologies. This course is perfect if you have a degree in the arts, sciences, management, or commerce and want to pursue a long-term career in information technology. It is advantageous if you intend to continue your education at a foreign university, providing a solid basis for pursuing an information technology master’s degree.

Here Are The Top 10 Benefits Of Pursuing PGDCA Course

Check out the top 10 benefits of pursuing a PGDCA course.

  • Boost Your Caree­r: IT roles like consulting and programme deve­lopment are now within reach. The­ PGDCA course opens global job prospects.

  • Advance Skills: Strong analytical, troubleshooting, and coding skills, vital olfor IT professionals, will be­ your strengths.

  • Basis for Further Study: You are adequately equipped to pursue a master’s degree or more advanced IT certifications.

  • Versatile Knowledge: You gain an understanding that may be used in several sectors, such as banking, medicine, education, and more.

  • Practical Experience: You will improve your practical IT abilities by working on practical projects and using real-world applications.

  • Competitive Edge: A specific qualification in computer applications makes you stand out in the employment market.

  • High Demand: You’ll have greater job stability because there is a growing need for qualified IT workers in your sector. In the coming decade, there will be more demand for computer-related courses.

  • Opportunities for Networking: Making connections with peers, professionals, and industry experts can lead to many networking opportunities.

  • Flexibility: This leads to flexible work because one can seek employment in a variety of areas. This programme seeks flexibility in various employment-related areas.

  • Global Opportunities: Your knowledge and abilities are acknowledged and valued globally, allowing you to pursue employment opportunities abroad.

PGDCA Course Syllabus

1. Fundamentals of Computer & MS Office

Introduction to Computer System:

  • Input Devices and Output Devices

  • Primary Storage and Secondary Storage Devices

  • Number System

  • Boolean Algebra and Logic Circuits

  • Computer Software

  • Programming Languages

  • Operating System

MS Office Applications:

  • MS Word

  • MS Excel

  • MS PowerPoint

  • MS Access

  • MS Outlook

  • MS FrontPage

2. Database Using MS Access, MySQL


  • Installing MySQL

  • Using the MySQL Monitor

  • Modelling and Designing Database

  • Working with Database Structures

  • Backup and Recovery

  • Web Database Application with PHP

  • Interacting with MySQL Database using Perl

3. VB.Net Programming


  • The Visual Basic .Net Language

  • The .Net Framework

Windows Forms:

  • Windows Forms I

  • Windows Forms II

Web Development:

  • ASP.NET and Web Forms

  • Web Services


  • SQL Server Authentication

4. DTP with PageMaker, Photoshop


  • Introduction

  • Understanding PageMaker Tools

  • File Menu

  • Edit Menu

  • Layout Menu

  • Type Menu

  • Element Menu

  • Utilities Menu

  • View Menu

  • Window Menu


  • Introduction

  • Image Opening

  • Image Size

  • Colour Mode

  • Working with Layers

  • Adding Images

  • Cropping

  • Creating Areas of Solid Colour

  • Adding Text

  • Saving Your Photoshop Image

Multimedia Basics:

  • Lines, Shapes, and Outlines

  • Drawing Shapes

  • Shaping Objects

  • Object Symbols and Layers

  • Colour Fills and Transparencies

  • Special Effects

  • Formatting Text

  • Managing Fonts

  • Templates and Styles

  • Pages & Layout

  • Bitmaps

  • Printing

  • Web Graphics

  • File Formats

  • Customizing & Automating

5. Financial Accounting with Tally


  • Complete Book Keeping

  • Basic Financial Management

  • Basic Inventory Management

Technology in Tally ERP 9:

  • Technology Advantage

  • Statutory Compliance Capabilities

  • Payroll Compliance

6. Internet and Web Designing


  • Create a Basic Web Page

  • Exploring the Internet

  • Planning a Website

  • Understanding the Basics of HTML

  • Understanding the Role of Other Web Programming Languages

  • Using Web Authoring Tools

  • Creating a Basic Website

What Are The Learning Outcomes Of The PGDCA Course?

This programme seeks to build the essential skills required by the industry during your year of study through an engaging learning process. You will participate in personality development programmes, team-building activities, and audio/video presentations.

The learning outcomes of this programme are:

  • Training on the Most Recent Trends: You can learn the most recent developments in database management, programming languages, and application development.

  • Enhancement of Career: The course of study will increase your chances for employment in the state’s software development and maintenance industry.

  • Exposure to Open Source Technologies: You will learn about Open Source Technologies and be better equipped to look for career prospects in business and commerce.

  • Practical Experience: As part of your education, you will create real-world IT applications, providing you with firsthand experience.

  • Knowledge Augmentation: Through various activities that support your theoretical studies, your knowledge base will be enlarged.

What Are The Career Opportunities After PGDCA Course?

After completing the PGDCA course, you will have many career opportunities. Check out the career opportunities and their description below.

Career Opportunity Description
Software Developer Create, implement, and manage software programmes.
Systems Analyst Examine and enhance business computer systems.
Database Administrator Ensure data security and integrity by managing and maintaining database systems.
Network Engineer Create, implement, and oversee computer networks.
IT Consultant Give businesses professional guidance on IT strategies and solutions.
Web Developer Make and manage websites, ensuring they are aesthetically pleasing and useful.
IT Support Specialist Offer technical assistance and resolve IT-related problems.
Project Manager Oversee IT projects to make sure they are finished on schedule and budget.
Cybersecurity Analyst Protect the networks and computer systems of a company from online attacks.
Data Scientist Analyse and interpret complex data to help businesses make informed decisions.

If you are wondering what the salary range will be after completing the PGDCA course, we have compiled various job roles and their average salary range. The salary range can, however, also increase with experience.

Career Opportunity Salary Range (INR in LPA)
Software Developer 3 – 10
Systems Analyst 4 – 12
Database Administrator 4 – 10
Network Engineer 3 – 9
IT Consultant 5 – 15
Web Developer 3 – 8
IT Support Specialist 2 – 6
Project Manager 6 – 18
Cybersecurity Analyst 5 – 12
Data Scientist 6 – 20


PGDCA Exam Result 2024 Details

  • Announcement of Results: The PGDCA results will be displayed by the representatives of your particular college or university. Most universities that offer PGDCA courses make their results available online via their official websites.

  • Semester Duration: The first semester normally begins in August or September and concludes in February or March. A semester lasts roughly five months. Following the online announcement of the results, you will receive a semester-by-semester scorecard that lists all of the marks or grades you received in each topic, both theoretical and practical.

  • Results Access: You can access your results by entering your Registration Number and Password on the official website of your college or university.

  • Details of the Results: Your name, subject names, and the marks you received in each subject will be listed in the PGDCA Exam Result 2024. Additionally, your scorecard will be available for download and printing.

  • Verifying Outcomes: Make sure you have successfully registered for the PGDCA Examination and submitted all necessary documentation, as instructed by the Head of Department or other relevant authority at your institution or university, to view your PGDCA Exam Results. Go to the student portal on your college’s official website to view your results online.

Summing Up

Enrolling in a PGDCA course gives you the skills you need to succeed in the ever-changing IT industry, guaranteeing a successful and rewarding job in the future. PGDCA equips you for success in the digital era, regardless of your career goals, leading technical advances or specialising in specialised IT fields.


Q1. What are the benefits of doing a PGDCA course?

You can improve your computer application abilities and become more adept in areas like database management, software development, and programming by enrolling in a PGDCA course. Additionally, this course gives you the practical skills required to succeed in the IT sector, which opens doors to better-paying professions and career progression.

Q2. What is the scope of PGDCA in future?

The scope of PGDCA is promising and vast. There is still a great need for qualified IT workers in evolving technology. With a PGDCA, you can work as a software developer, system analyst, database administrator, or IT consultant.

Q3. Why do people do PGDCA?

PGDCA is pursued for various reasons, including gaining specialised expertise in computer applications, improving one’s professional chances, and moving from another field into the IT industry. You will graduate from this course with the technical expertise and real-world experience required to succeed in today’s IT jobs.

Q4. What is the scope of a PG diploma in computer applications?

If you have a postgraduate degree in computer applications, you will have many options. You can work in network administration, system management, software development, web development, and other fields. The diploma provides a strong foundation in computer science, opening doors to positions in the public and corporate sectors.

Q5. What is the scope of a post-graduate diploma?

A post-graduate diploma has a wide range of applications since it enables you to acquire specialised knowledge and abilities in a particular sector. This can greatly improve your professional chances and employability. A post-graduate diploma can give you the credentials and experience you need, whether you want to move into a new field or develop in your current one.

Q6. What is the purpose of a PG Diploma?

A postgraduate diploma will give you advanced, real-world expertise in a particular field. It is intended to improve your knowledge and abilities, increasing your marketability in the labour market. A postgraduate diploma can also be used as a platform for additional coursework or professional qualifications.

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