Top 10 Computer Courses for Students After 10th Standard



28 June, 2024

Top 10 Computer Courses for Students After 10th Standard

After class 10, all students, whether you are from state board, West Bengal, CBSE, or ICSE, benefit from a 2-3 month break. Now, during that free period, parents frequently want their children to take a decent computer course that will keep them busy and benefit them in the future. It is never too early to start learning about computers, and students who have completed the tenth grade can begin taking basic computer classes. These classes provide students with a solid foundation in computer skills, preparing them for future academic pursuits or employment opportunities. In today’s digital world, the knowledge of computers is of paramount importance. If you have completed the tenth grade and want to learn more about computers, numerous courses are available. Here are the computer courses after the 10th that are simple to understand and can help you move ahead:

1. MS Office Programme :

This is a popular and strongly recommended course for all tenth grade graduates. MS Office includes MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Access, and, in some institutes, the advanced portion of MS Excel. It is also a three to six-month course. Now, this course will not only benefit the student immediately, but it will also be an excellent option to apply in their future education and career. Now, why is this good after tenth? Well, first, the student has a lot of time to prepare, and second, once they finish this course, they can work part-time and apply for various internship programmes offered by different companies.

Course Institution Fees
Certificate in MS Office and Internet Indian Institute of Skill Development Training INR 2,000
MS Office with Internet New Delhi YMCA INR 10,532

2. Web Designing Certification Course:

The IT market has a high demand for web designers and developers, and several private and government institutes offer online and offline web design courses to students after the tenth grade.

A web design certificate course is a professional course that teaches students fundamental design tools and web coding techniques. These applications are used in web design to create a user-friendly interface and maintain websites for various industries. Students who have completed the tenth grade can enroll in this course with a strong creative spirit and use this tool to expand their ideas and imagination.

Course Institution Fees
Diploma in Web Designing National Council of Training Academy INR 8,000
UX & Web Design Master Course Udemy INR 3,699

3. Diploma in Computer Applications

If you are looking for the best computer courses after the 10th then a Diploma in Computer Applications may suit you. After completing your class 10, if you want to explore technology early in your academic career you can consider pursuing a Diploma in Computer Applications. The Diploma in Computer Application course is a one-year programme that provides students with a deep understanding of computer applications required to secure a perfect job.

DCA or Diploma in Computer Application is a set of basic computer skills that every person, regardless of profession, must possess.This diploma programme provides practical training in software development, web design, programming, and database management, preparing students for several IT roles. Industries mostly recognise the diploma’s credibility which leads to top careers as software developers, system analysts, and others. It also provides a solid foundation for future computer science education.

Course Institution Fees
Diploma in Computer Applications Indian Institute of Skill Development Training INR 3,000
Diploma in Computer Applications National Council for Training Academy INR 8,000

4. Diploma in Digital Marketing Course

If you are looking for the best computer courses after the 10th for a high salary then you can pursue a Diploma in Digital Marketing, it is a smart move for students interested in the online world of advertising and promotion. Digital Marketing course teaches practical skills like using social media, making websites more visible on Google, and understanding what customers like. For example, students learn how to make social media posts and monitor how many people like them. Digital Marketers also use tools such as Google Analytics to determine who visits the websites. Students with these analytics skills can work in various fields, including social media management and online advertising.

Course Institution Fees
Diploma in Digital Marketing Indian Institute of Skill Development Training INR 3,500
Diploma in Digital Marketing Indian School of Business Management & Administration INR 15,900

5. Cybersecurity Course

If you are planning to take up a cybersecurity course straight after class 10, it is like stepping into a digital superhero’s shoes! You can be the virtual domain’s guardian, stopping hackers’ sneaky plans and protecting sensitive data on it.

Course Institution Fees
Diploma in Cyber Security Indian Institute of Skill Development Training INR 3,000

6. Computer Graphics Certificate Course

This is another rapidly evolving and profitable sector. Computer graphics is the process of creating visuals and artwork using computers. It is a skill that is widely acknowledged around the world. Computer graphics is the process of creating and manipulating images on a computer using software techniques to produce visually appealing images and designs. It is utilised in a wide range of industries, including sketching, engineering, graphing, and television ads. Students who desire to learn something new after the tenth grade may enroll in computer graphics.

Course Institution Fees
Diploma in Graphic Designing Indian Institute of Skill Development Training INr 3,500
Program in Graphic Design Zee Institute of Creative Arts

7. Certificate Course in Artificial Intelligence

Planning on a certificate course in Artificial Intelligence (AI) right after class 10 can be incredibly beneficial in today’s tech-driven world. AI is revolutionising industries like healthcare, finance, and even entertainment. By diving into AI early on, you’ll grasp cutting-edge concepts like machine learning and neural networks, setting a solid foundation for a future career in technology. Plus, with AI skills in your toolkit, you’ll be equipped to tackle the challenges of tomorrow’s job market head-on.

Course Institution Fees
Diploma in AI and ML Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University

8. Diploma in Computer Engineering

If you want to start at a young age, you can take a diploma course in computer engineering. It is an incredible course for students aspiring to become IT professionals. This course will educate students with basic to intermediate knowledge of web development, software development, programming, and other related topics, allowing them to work in a variety of business and government sectors.

Course Institution Fees
Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering Lovely Professional University INR 50,000 (per semester)
Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering Mangalayatan University INR 1,44,500

9. UI/UX Designing Workshop

If you want to enrol for an UI/UX Designing workshop right after class 10, it can be a great option. It introduces you to a world of technology and creativity, which shapes user experiences across digital platforms. You’ll learn how to create user-friendly interfaces and engaging user experiences through hands-on projects and interactive sessions.

Course Institution Fees
Diploma UI/UX Designing Indian Institute of Film and Animation INR 95,000

10. Video Editing and Animation Training

It’s a great idea to pursue video editing and animation training if you are looking for computer courses after the 10th. It is a field with broad applications in areas such as entertainment, advertising, education, and others. Learning about video editing and animation methods early on can provide you with essential abilities in high demand in today’s digital world.

Course Institution Fees
Diploma in Animation Indian Institute of Film and Animation INR 1,80,000

It’s a Wrap….

Students benefit immensely by pursuing courses in computers after tenth grade. For beginners, it helps you enhance digital skills and knowledge, both of which are crucial in today’s technological environment. Second, these courses give students a competitive advantage in the job market, since there is a dire need for qualified workers in a variety of industries, including IT, finance, healthcare, and e-commerce.

Furthermore, computer courses after the tenth grade allow students to explore various career paths in technology while also developing their interests and talents in areas like web development, programming, graphic design, and cyber security.


Q 1: Which computer course is best after the 10th pass?

Some of the best computer courses after tenth grade include MS Office programme, Cybersecurity course, Diploma in Digital Marketing and video editing and animation training among others.

Q 2: Which course is best after the 10th?

  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Financial Accounting
  • Diploma in Interior Design
  • Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (MLT)
  • Diploma in Engineering

Q 3: Which 3 month computer course is best?

Some of the examples of Best 3 Months Computer Courses are:

  • Programming Course
  • Data Science Course
  • Web Development Course
  • Cybersecurity Course

Q 4: Can I join the IT field after 10th?

Yes, after finishing the tenth grade, you can pursue a diploma in information technology or software engineering. To enroll in the diploma-level course, candidates must have completed class 10th from a recognised board.

Q 5. Can I enroll in college after completing my tenth grade?

No, you cannot enroll in college after completing your 10th-grade education. You must complete your 12th grade from high school before entering college.

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