Is Chandigarh University’s Online Degree Valid? An In-Depth Analysis



02 July, 2024

Is Chandigarh University’s Online Degree Valid? An In-Depth Analysis

The world of education is quickly changing in the current digital era, with online degrees growing in popularity among professionals and students. Renowned Indian university Chandigarh University has drawn recognition for its wide range of online degree programmes. Still, there is one idle question: Is Chandigarh University’s Online Degree Valid? In this blog, we shall examine the legitimacy, accreditation and advantages of Chandigarh University’s online degree programmes.

An Overview Of Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University was established in 2012. It is located in Punjab, India. It is a renowned private institution recognised for its cutting-edge teaching methods, modern facilities, and extensive curriculum. Its ‘A+’ mark from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) attests to its academic brilliance and high calibre of instruction. It offers UGC-recognised undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Chandigarh University provides online courses such as Online MBA, MSc, MCA, MA, BBA, BCA and BA programmes.

Understanding Online Degrees

Online degrees are courses offered online via the Internet. They are academic credentials that can be obtained without physically attending college; instead, they can be obtained online using a computer with an internet connection. Online courses offer convenience, flexibility, and accessibility. With the help of online degrees, education has become more accessible and lifestyle-adaptable.

Accreditation & Recognition

Whether or not an online degree is valid primarily depends on the institution that offers it being accredited and recognised. The Distance Education Bureau (DEB) and the University Grants Commission (UGC) have approved Chandigarh University’s online degree programmes. These acknowledgements are essential recognitions and accreditations of the degrees’ acceptability and credibility.

  • University Grants Commission Approval: (UGC) is an Indian statutory organisation that oversees, establishes, and upholds higher education standards. Chandigarh University meets UGC criteria. Therefore, its online degree programmes are comparable to those of traditional universities.

  • NAAC Accreditation: Chandigarh University has been awarded an NAAC A+ grade and is ranked among India’s 5% NAAC A+ accredited universities.

  • World University Rankings: It is ranked #1 among top private Indian Universities in QS World Rankings 2024.

  • Certified E-Lead: It is certified E-Learning Excellence for Academic Digitisation.

Quality Of Education

Chandigarh University offers top-notch teaching instruction through its online programmes. Here is how the institution makes sure that its degrees offered online are equivalent to those offered in person:

  • Curriculum: Academic professionals carefully craft the curricula for online degrees to guarantee that they meet academic rigour and industry standards.

  • Faculty: Skilled educators with years of experience and expertise in their disciplines teach online courses.

  • Interactive Learning: The university uses cutting-edge learning management systems (LMS) to create dynamic and exciting learning environments.

  • Assessments and Evaluations: Regular tests, assignments, and exams are held to evaluate your understanding and advancement.

Student Testimonials

Take a look at these alumni testimonies to see how Chandigarh University’s online degrees are successful and valid:

Vaibhav Agarwal, Online MBA

“Pursuing an online MBA from CU-Online was a great learning and skill-developing experience. My mentors wanted me to stand out and succeed in life. The lessons they taught and the training they gave, along with assigning me projects, pushed me to step out of my comfort zone so I could learn at each step.”


Sarvesh Joglekar, Online BCA

“I got familiar with the latest technology and innovative methods in the world of computers and technology in my online BCA degree programme at CU Online. I learnt core concepts of computers and various high-level computer languages that are useful in developing websites and software. It was a rich learning experience where my instructors supported me to grow abundantly.”

Source:Chandigarh University Online

Employers’ Perspective

One of the main worries for you and other prospective students is whether businesses accept and recognise online degrees. The impression of online degrees has changed dramatically in the last few years. Nowadays, many companies promote online learning and respect the discipline, time management, and technological skills many online learners possess.

Chandigarh University’s strong industry partnerships and reputation further improve your employability as an online degree holder. The university’s specialised placement cell offers extensive assistance with career counselling, resume development, and interview practice, ensuring you’re ready to enter the job market.


In summary, the online degree programmes offered by Chandigarh University are valid. These degrees are highly valued in the academic and professional spheres due to the university’s dedication to providing high-quality education and its accreditation by the UGC – DEB and NAAC. The online degrees offered by Chandigarh University provide a realistic and reliable route to accomplishing your educational and professional objectives, regardless of your background, whether you are a working professional seeking career progression, a domestic worker seeking higher education, or a student seeking flexible learning alternatives.

A degree from a reputable university like Chandigarh University can open doors to countless opportunities and a happy career as the acceptance of online degrees increases. You can surely opt for an online degree from Chandigarh University as it offers an appealing choice combining flexibility, affordability, and high-quality education. Make a well-informed choice and confidently move forward toward your academic and career goals.


Q1. Is an online degree valid as a regular one?

Yes, many colleges offer online degrees. Nowadays, online degrees are offered in India. However, they should be UGC-recognised and obtained from accredited and reputable institutions.

Q2. Is Chandigarh University Distance Education UGC approved?

Distance learning programmes have been discontinued in Chandigarh University from 2024.

Q3. Does an online degree have value?

Yes, online degrees have value if they are recognised by UGC and have valid accreditations.

Q4. Is an online degree valid for jobs?

Yes, online degrees are valid for jobs. Many companies acknowledge online degrees if completed by reputable and recognised institutions.

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