Why Online Education is Here to Stay: A Look at Its Growth



29 May, 2024

Why Online Education is Here to Stay: A Look at Its Growth

Time has passed since attending physical classes was the only way to learn. Thanks to COVID-19, it has opened up new avenues of learning not only for students but also for working professionals. Online education was already on the scene, but COVID-19 helped us adopt it faster than we could have without it.

But it’s been a long time since COVID passed; people have returned to a normal traditional setting; colleges and universities have shifted back to traditional modes; and companies are also calling back to their employees in the office. Now, what about online education? Is it still relevant? Do people still need it? The answer is still yes.

Here is the story.

I live in Mumbai. People call it the city of dreams, but for me, it is the city of exploration and professional and personal development. So last month, a new boy came to our hostel—a young boy with big dreams. We had an encounter, and we got to know each other. He works at Tata Consultancy Services and has a well-paying job.

But whenever I see him, he is always on his laptop. First of all, I thought he might be working, but one day, I asked, and he said, No, I am not working; I have enrolled in a course, so I attend this class after work.

And the next thing I asked him was, Why are you working so hard? The answer he gave me will shock you. He said that if you want to be discreet and buy something without looking at the price tag, you have to work hard without looking at the watch.

So, it’s clear that online education is here to stay.

The top 5 reasons why online education is here to stay

  • Flexibility

Online education caters to the biggest problem of traditional education, which is flexibility. Online education removes all the physical barriers to learning, making it more convenient for students as well as teachers. Unlike traditional education, online education is more suitable for working professionals and students who want to learn on their own terms, making it the first choice for candidates who want to learn at their own pace.

  • Affordability

Traditional education is so expensive, making it harder for students who are on a budget. Compared to that, online education is way more affordable; it not only helps you save on hefty tuition fees but also minimises or romoves the travel, accommodations, and other school-related expenses.

  • Professional development

Nowadays having only a degree is not enough to thrive in the corporate world. It requires constant learning and professional development, and that’s what online education offers. It helps you upskill and gain industry skills without leaving your job or compromising on your commitments.

  • Accessibility

Accessibility is one of the benefits that a learner gets from online education. Due to its affordability and the flexibility it offers, online education caters to a wide range of students. With just a device and a good internet connection, anyone can enrol in an online programme without worrying about their location or their financial status.

  • Range of specialisations

Online education offers a wide range of specialisations and courses in various domains. Based on your interest, you can easily opt for an online course. Ranging from undergraduate courses like BBA and BCom to postgraduate courses like MBA and MCA, online education has it all.

  • Return on Investment

Compared to traditional education, online education has a higher return on investment. It allows you to network with like-minded people, helps you gain valuable skills, and even has the potential to land you a job that you have always dreamed of.

  • Updated Curriculum

Most of the online education programmes are designed by industry experts and regularly revised to meet industry trends. It helps you gain valuable industry-demanded skills, making you more employable in the industry.

Growth till now

growth in online education

Online education has seen significant growth over the years, and India is no exception. According to the World Economic Forum With over 17 million enrollees in online education, the US is at the front of the race, followed by India, with 13.6 million students choosing online education.

Now we are talking about the numbers. In 2016, Coursera had over 21 million students registered; fast forward to 2021, and they have over 92 million students registered for online learning programmes. These are proving the point that online education is here to stay.


More than just flexibility, affordability, and accessibility, online education has countless benefits. Online education can be used as a tool for continuous learning and self-improvement, which is very important for a successful career. Whether you want to upskill yourself for professional goals or pursue your interests, online education is the best option. Not just that, with online education, possibilities are endless.

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