5 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a College: Choose Wisely!



16 January, 2024

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a College: Choose Wisely!

If you are to go into a war, what is it that you will do to win the war? Prepare your ammunition? Practice? Hone your skills? Choose a skill to master? If you are thinking the same, we definitely are on the same page.

Well, life is not a war, we mean certainly not that full of struggle. But it also needs preparation and skills to move forward professionally and personally. In today’s age of high-end competition, planning is absolutely important to navigate your life in a good direction. Choosing the right degree and pursuing it from the right institution holds too much importance as it decides the trajectory of your career for a long period. Yes, you can change the direction and choices related to your career but if you have enrolled in a college and are pursuing education, it is highly important that whatever money/time you are investing is worthwhile.

However, in today’s day and age, there are hundreds of options for a single choice. Not only the very choices for subjects to pursue but also the number of institutions offering those degrees have also exponentially grown. In such cases, it is more important to do the relevant research and then choose the right institution. Often, students are in haste to choose an institution but end up making the wrong choice which creates a lot of impact on their personal and professional lives. For this exact reason, it is always suggested to choose a good college after taking your time.

What Makes a College the ‘Right Fit’?

Anything that you are preparing for cannot be aced with the wrong set of skills. Similarly, if you are advancing towards your career goals, you can only move towards them when you have the right institution that teaches you, grooms and develops you in the right direction.

But what makes an institution the right fit for you? What are the different standards that you can look for? Are you weighing your options between choosing a college that is suitable for you? Well, for our keen readers, we have provided some key points on which you can assess whether the college you are going for performs well on these scales.

  • Recognised & Accredited by statutory educational bodies ( e.g. UGC recognition in India)
  • Offers industrial exposure and placement facilities
  • Has a strong alumni network to connect into the market
  • Highly expert and experienced teaching staff
  • Quick and good record of grievance redressals
  • Holistic development of a student in terms of personal/ professional goals
  • Not only theoretical but also practical in terms of its approach
  • Updated curriculum with provisions refreshed every other year

Oh! Red Alert! Stay Away from the Wrong Choice!

Well, we have discussed what all criteria you need to take into consideration while choosing a college. But how will you know if the college you have chosen is not the one for you? Here’s how!

1. Personal Goals Not in Sync with What the Institution Offers

If you choose a college for the sake of its name and reputation, but do not put your personal goals in consideration first and see if it fits with what the institution is offering you in terms of its facilities, career advancement opportunities, personal/professional development, there are very high chances that at the end of the day, you will not be satisfied with the outcomes of your choice.

It is highly important that you do not choose an institution just because it is a popular spot amongst students. Rather, it is important that your choice of institution pushes you forward towards your goals and professional desires.

2. Majoring in the Wrong Stream

Why is choosing the right major an important decision? The precious three or four years of life will revolve academically around the subject that you have chosen as a major. You will not only learn about it as a core subject but also other relevant subjects will also comprise of the curriculum surrounding the subject. So it is highly important that you carefully choose the right major and do not go for any subject randomly.

Choosing the wrong major will not only mean that you will have to study something that holds less or no interest for you but it will also mean that it will divert you away from personal goals or any subject that you particularly like to study and know more about.

3. Rushing the Choice

The quality of the college you choose may determine a lot of influential factors in your life like new opportunities, industrial exposure, addition to your knowledge and acumen, your personality and communication development, etc. Therefore, it is very important that you take your time while you surf through the choices of choosing the best college for yourself. Take your time, research well and look into what it will offer to you personally. Do not follow your friends or any other individual but rather choose the college that best suits your requirements. Do not keep the choice to be made till the last moment, rather start researching for different colleges that may be the suitable option for you for at least two to three months.

4. Being a Follower and Abiding by Secondary Choices

Do not choose a college because your friends or parents have said so. Do not pick a subject that you are not interested in but is being suggested by anyone else. Think carefully, research, sort out different options and then make the best choice for yourself and by yourself.  First consider what is your most important goal, what do you wish to achieve in the next four to five years of your life? Then introspect if the institution that you are choosing will help you move towards it and will it or not open a new road of opportunities and chances for development for you.

5. Not Introspecting the Elements

If you are researching an institution, you will come across what schedule you wish to pursue, the cost of it, the location of the institution, the mode of the degree, etc.

First, and most important thing is to look into the financial aspect of pursuing any degree, as not only does that much money go into pursuing the degree but the associated ROI (Return on Investment) also impacts your decision. Do not put too much money into any degree that is not sure to bring you professional advancements.

Next check out the feasibility and the location of that institution. Another important aspect is to consider whether doing the degree from the college through an online mode is better or an offline mode.

Since online degrees are popular today, we should not forget that a college has to have the best of the facilities to make an online lecture as informative, as interactive and as credible as an offline one. Also check about other facilities like placement facilities, grievances, portals, student assistance, quality of teaching, industrial exposure, etc.


As important as education is for an individual for building social status, pursuing it from the right college is equally important. It not only plays a crucial role in deciding the course over the next 3 to 4 years but also opens up an array of opportunities if pursued from the right one. Your personal goals have to be concomitant with an institution in terms of its facilities, vision and student assistance. A college for anyone is not the final stage but the preparation for it.

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