Is Amity Online Good or Bad? Review and Key Facts



02 July, 2024

Is Amity Online Good or Bad? Review and Key Facts

Online learning has grown to be a popular way for students and working professionals to complete higher education. Online learning is more common these days. It is increasing in India and other parts of the world since one can study from home or anywhere with an internet connection. Amity Online works similarly. You can learn at the pace that suits your schedule, so you don’t need to rush or run out of time.

What is Amity Online?

Amity Online offers many different online classes and courses that you can take from your home. You can learn things like coding, visual art, math, science, art, and management courses, etc. Amity Online is pretty flexible because you can choose when to study and go at your own pace accordingly. Amity Online is  India’s first university to offer UGC and Distance Education Bureau (DEB) approved online programmes. Amity Online provides LMS and has established partnerships with top-tier companies. Amity Online also provides good placement support and mentorship for learners.

Amity Online Recognitions and Approvals

  • UGC

  • NAAC A++

  • AIU

  • BCI

  • Rank 35 by NIRF

  • ACU

  • WES

  • QS World University Rankings

  • United Nations Development Programme

Why Choose Amity Online?

  • Dedicated academic advisor.

  • It has doorstep delivery of books.

  • Career Services.

  • Job Opportunities.

What are the Good Things About Amity Online?

The good things about Amity Online are listed below for students to get a blueprint before considering to take admission for the academic year 2024-25.

  • You can Learn Anytime and from Anywhere: With Amity Online, you can study and take courses whenever you want. It’s totally up to your schedule. This is a good and relaxing choice because you can fit your study time around other things you like to do, like sports or any other hobbies. If you are a working professional you can work during the day time and study at night according to your convenience.

  • Choose from 60+ Programmes and Specialisations: There are more than 60 programmes and specialisations that you can select from on Amity Online like online BBA, online BCA, online B.Com., online MBA , Certificate programmes, and many more. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s probably a course for you here!

  • You Get Access to Diverse Learning Mediums: Amity Online provides Ebooks, printed and audiobooks, and course videos to aid in your learning. You can get a thorough understanding of your chosen course with the help of these resources offered to you.

  • You benefit from Dedicated Academic Advisors: You get guidance from dedicated experts and advisors once join Amity Online. You get assistance at every step of your professional career from the experts here.

  • You get access to the Metaverse Campus: The metaverse tour experience of Amity online gives you endless possibilities to discover the campus.

  • You get Books at your Doorstep: Amity Online is India’s only online University that delivers physical books to read at your doorstep. So, along with the virtual classes you also get these books to refer to for preparation.

  • You get excellent Placement Opportunities: So what if you have enrolled in an online programme at Amity University. Their placement cell provides complete career guidance, help in resume building and prepares you for interviews.

Things to think about during Online Amity Learning

While Amity Online offers many advantages, there are a few important things to keep in mind during your learning:

  • Less Face-to-Face Interaction can be a hindrance:

    Unlike traditional learning where you see your classmates and teachers every day, learning online means you might not get to meet people in person and less interactions. It’s important to find other ways to stay connected with friends and professors. Learners must practice writing clearly and asking questions when they don’t understand something. Always remember that good communication skills are helpful in online learning never hesitate.

  • Dependence on Internet Connection:

    Studying online requires a good internet connection wherever you are setting up your learning station whether it’s your home or any other place. Slow internet can hinder your access to virtual classes.

  • Self-Management Skills:

    Since you’ll be learning from a distance, you need to be responsible for managing your time and be focused on your studies from time to time. Set a timetable and stick to it and avoid using social media while studying.

  • Technological Challenges While Learning:

    You know better using laptops and tablets for learning is interesting, but there may be technical difficulties sometimes. Ensure that you understand how to use the technology and seek assistance if anything isn’t working properly.

Amity University Online Courses and Fees

Affordable fees along with outstanding learning facilities are what make Amity Online a choice of university for several students in the country.

Courses Fees
Online BBA INR 1,65,000/-
Online BCA INR 1,50,000/-
Online B.Com INR 99,000/-
Online MBA INR 1,95,000/-
Online MCA INR 1,70,000/-

How is the Faculty at Online Amity?

Amity Online University has a faculty of excellent calibre. Majority of the Amity professors hold doctorates and other advanced degrees.

Amity University works together with prominent international universities and colleges, including Ivy League institutions, and hosts international guest lecturers from various parts of the world. This gives students a good opportunity to interact with internationally recognised professors and experts.

Final Opinion..

In short, after taking into account many factors such as Amity online course fee, university accreditations, course choices, LMS, etc., we must say that Amity Online University is a good option for you if you want to pursue an online programme to level up your career. Amity has been providing quality education for several years. Their experience in providing online education and possessing well-experienced and qualified faculty, make the courses offered here an excellent choice for you to pursue.

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