The Top 5 MBA Specialisations for Nursing Graduates in 2024



10 April, 2024

The Top 5 MBA Specialisations for Nursing Graduates in 2024

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When we talk about pursuing an MBA after nursing, there will be so many questions that you bombard. Management and nursing are entirely different fields, so how will they add value?

Why should I go for an MBA after a B.Sc. Nursing?

Nursing and management are two different professions. One deals with the personal handling of patients, and the other with management and organisational behaviours.

However, combining both disciplines might result in lasting impacts that enhance organisations’ effectiveness and healthcare delivery.

So, if you are planning to pursue an MBA after Nursing, it will open many unexplored opportunities for you, which might result in a very promising career for you.

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Why Go For An MBA After Nursing?

The job of a Nurse is very reputable and of much help. Even though serving as a nurse directly assists patients and promotes overall wellness, having been an example in the medical profession frequently calls for an even broader skill set.

An MBA teaches those in the nursing profession the basics of knowledge of business, analytical skills, and leadership traits that are needed to cope with difficult environments in the healthcare sector effectively.

Let’s look closely into other advantages of pursuing MBA after Nursing:

  • Career Growth Opportunities:

    The nurse’s profession is highly respected, regarded, and essential in the medical field. However, seeking leadership positions in healthcare facilities frequently requires various qualities beyond professional expertise. Nurses can move into management and land many reputed corporate positions just by mastering strategic thinking, leadership, business operations, etc.

  • Upgradation of Skills:

    Even though nurses acquire enormous skills during their training, complementing them with business expertise through an MBA programme promotes a nurse’s ability to adapt and change in today’s fast-paced healthcare environment.

  • New Venture Opportunities:

    There are plenty of opportunities in the healthcare sector, with the help of the combination of nursing and business. With this mindset nurses can bridge the gap between the missing requirements, can create innovative solutions to the healthcare sector, and start their own ventures and have a promising and secure future.


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Top MBA Specialisations For Nursing Graduates

We have compiled below a list of top well-suited specialisations for the nursing graduates which can go well with their career requirements and upgradation. Below are the explanations of every specialisation which will help you land to a decision.

Let’s dive straight into it:

1. MBA in Biotechnology

Taking advantage of things that live, biological systems, or their derivatives to develop technologies and products that boost people’s well-being and resolve societal problems is commonly referred to as biotechnology. MBA in Biotechnology teaches fundamentals of both biotechnology and business. In this 2-year course, you learn how to implement business strategies in the field of biotechnology.

Students who enrol in this specialisation gains knowledge in the following areas:

  • Business processes employed by biotech companies.
  • Legal matters
  • Trademark management
  • Marketing tactics
  • Research
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agricultural biotechnology
  • Healthcare startups

2. MBA in Hospital Management

An MBA in Hospital Management specialisation helps students apply business and management strategies to their skills learned in the healthcare sector. It can be a preferred choice for nursing graduates as they can learn forensic aspects of hospital management. With the increase in financial pressure in the healthcare industry, nursing graduates can implement their understanding of economics and finances in the same.

If you are a nursing graduate, you can learn skills in the following areas while your MBA in Hospital Management:

  • Integrative Nursing
  • Business of Healthcare
  • Drug Development Product Management
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Medical Office Administration

3. MBA in Laboratory Management

Graduates of the Nursing programme are ideally suited for positions in laboratory management since they have previous education in the medical environment. An MBA programme with a focus on laboratory management equips nurses with the necessary knowledge and abilities, such as applying business nitty-gritty to laboratory functioning and setup.

Nurses who enrol for MBA in Laboratory Management gains the knowledge in the following areas:

  • Laboratory procedures
  • Guarantee compliance to laws and regulations
  • Maximise the effectiveness of resources
  • Plan the services of the testing services

4. MBA in Pharmaceutical Management

Nurses are well-suited for this MBA specialisation because they already have work experience in the healthcare sector and a strong understanding of pharmacy. They can acquire the understanding and abilities essential to managing pharmacy, marketing, and distribution.

Other than the above, nurses who enrol for MBA in Pharmaceutical Management gain knowledge in the following areas:

  • Understand drug research procedures
  • Drug-regulation policy
  • Marketing
  • Starting a pharmacy venture

5. MBA in General Management

A general management specialisation within an MBA programme offers an extensive course of study that includes a variety of aspects of business administration for nursing graduates who wish to develop management abilities and an in-depth knowledge of business concepts.

Nurses who enrolling for MBA in General Management get the knowledge in the following areas:

  • Can go for clinics, hospitals, healthcare organisations
  • Improves patient’s overall wellness,
  • Learn skills in finance, marketing, operations, and strategic management

Top Job Roles with Salaries

Job Roles Average Salary (INR)
Biotechnology Researcher 5 Lakhs
Hospital Operations Manager 8.4 Lakhs
Healthcare Consultant 9.1 Lakhs
Medical Sales & Marketing Manager 13.3 Lakhs
Healthcare Manager 7.1 Lakhs

Source: AmbitionBox & Glassdoor

Top Online MBA Colleges for Nursing Graduates

Top Online Colleges Average Fees
Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth INR 1,40,200/-
Online Manipal University INR 1,75,000/-
University of Mysore INR 98,625/-


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Top Regular MBA Colleges for Nursing Graduates

Top Regular Colleges Average Fees
Amity University INR 3,89,000/- (Per Semester)
Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences INR 3,54,000/- (Per Semester)
Bharathi Vidyapeeth Deemed-to-be-University INR 10,34,000/- (Full Course)


In conclusion, nurses who are looking at their career horizons beyond clinical and healthcare practices and want to take on leadership roles, foster the healthcare sector through innovation and technology, and combine their clinical skills with an entrepreneurial mindset should go for it.

Good Luck Clinical Heroes!

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