6 Best MBA specialisations for Design and Fashion Graduates (BDes, BFTech)



11 April, 2024

6 Best MBA specialisations for Design and Fashion Graduates (BDes, BFTech)

Welcome to the world of the glamorous carpet of success and the designing of your future career. Are you curious about where your fashion and design graduate degree can take you? Well, we got you! Come along with us to create the perfect shape for your career through the best MBA specialisation. Based on your passion!

Why Choose an MBA after UG in Design and Fashion?

In a world where visuals are a prominent part of our senses, it is also a crucial factor in almost every aspect of the business and management world. The business world needs professionals who are visually and creatively pros in what they do! This is exactly where an MBA can be a crucial part of your career after you complete your BDes and BFTech degree.

Let us tell you more about how an MBA Degree can be your style:

  • Improve and Adaptable Business Skills:

    An MBA programme will enhance your skills. It has the perfect mixture of improving your professional and problem-solving skills. You will learn the latest leadership styles along with the chance to improve your communication skills.

  • Networking Goldmine:

    An MBA programme offers countless opportunities to connect with industry insiders, alumni, and fellow students. This will build lifetime career opportunities. This can open the golden gates of exciting jobs, better packages and mentorship for you.

  • Attracts Global Projects:

    Many MBA courses offer exposure to international markets and projects. After completing an MBA you would be able to apply for different international projects at foreign organisations and universities.

  • Entrepreneurial Edge:

    An MBA is for those who have the dream to launch their fashion outlet or an empire. MBA would provide you with a launching platform as well as the right skills for business management, funding risk and securing funding.

  • Career Catalyst:

    An MBA isn’t just a degree – it’s a passport to global job opportunities. You would be eligible for countless job opportunities after completing an MBA in your preferred specialisation. This would boost your career into multiple folds.

What are the best MBA Specialisations for Design and Fashion Graduates?

Now that you know why an MBA is a right choice for your career, let us introduce you to the hot trending MBA specialisations that you can pursue after completing your BDes & BFTech:

1. MBA in Brand Management

This MBA specialisation focuses on upskilling your skills in managing luxury brands, giving you a taste of the glamorous world of high-end fashion, like Savile Row for business. This specialisation would train you to build and maintain the brand with many layered skills involving creating and defending brands, gathering and evaluating data from market research, and developing and releasing new products.

2. MBA in Retail Management

MBA specialisation in Retail management focuses on learning to navigate the modern retail landscape, blending your passion for fashion with business savvy to thrive in the e-commerce era. This MBA emphasises specialisation in the management, manufacture, sales, and transportation of products. It also includes topics like business analysis and servicing.

3. MBA in Product Design

Through an MBA in Product Design, you can dive into the art of creating beautiful yet practical products, whether it’s gadgets or gowns, blending form and function seamlessly. From gadgets to gowns, product designers bring ideas to life with style and sophistication. It includes the study and research into the market, development and strategy for products, marketing and pricing. Launching a product and planning for the market.

4. MBA in Interior Design

Explore the fusion of creativity and craftsmanship, transforming spaces into stunning yet functional environments, from boutique stores to luxury hotels. Interior Design MBA covers everything from coming up with creative and sustainable concepts to designing homes, offices, theatres, schools, shopping centres, office building planning, accountancy, marketing, and customer relationship management.

5. MBA in Graphic Design

Through MBA Graphic Design you can become a mastermind behind visual masterpieces, from logos to layouts, bringing brands to life with creativity and attention to detail. You would be designing project layouts and making adverts for online publications or newspapers.

6. MBA in User Experience Design

One of the most appreciated creative design careers open to MBA graduates nowadays is UI/UX design. You will be crafting intuitive and innovative digital experiences, redefining how we interact with technology elegantly and effortlessly, from apps to websites. From apps to websites, user experience designers redefine the way we interact with technology with elegance and ease.

Eligibility Criteria for Designer and Fashion Graduates

Now that you know about the various specialisations and how one can transition from fashion and design to a successful MBA, here are some common qualifying criteria to have in mind when you apply to the perfect MBA university:

  • You should have passed the undergraduate degree with a 45-55% aggregate score. There is a certain relaxation from 5-10% for reserved categories.

  • There is a 5% relaxation for the minimum required undergraduate percentage for SC/ST/OBC and PWD. You will be requiring a passing percentage of at least 45% in your graduation.

  • Some universities may require you to submit a recommendation letter while others only require entrance and interview.

  • Few universities require a common entrance test.

Common entrance exams may include:

  • CAT (Common Admission Test)

  • MAT (Management Aptitude Test)

  • GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

  • GRE (Graduate Record Examination)

Top Regular MBA Colleges for Design and Fashion Graduates

College Name Course Total Fees
Amity University Noida MBA Fashion Management INR 1.95 Lac
Pearl Academy MBA Fashion & Lifestyle Business Management INR 5.42 Lac
Sharda University, School of Business Studies MBA Dual Specialisation INR 8.33 Lac
International School of Design MBA Interior Design INR 1.98 Lac

Top Online MBA Colleges for Design and Fashion Graduates

College Name Course Total Fees
NIBM Global Online MBA training in Fashion Technology INR 44,000
Online Manipal Online MBA in Fashion Management INR 70,000


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Top Job Opportunities after MBA

Now that we have looked at the various types of top MBA colleges with their fees, it’s time to catch up on multiple job opportunities you would be able to ace after completing your MBA.

Here is a short job role description along with the expected salary in INR.

Job Role Job Description Salary (in INR)
Fashion Brand Manager Managing, leading and creating brand identity. 4,00,000 – 41,00,000
Retail Buyer/Merchandiser Sourcing, selecting, analysing and negotiating consumer trends and needs. 7,50,000 – 29,00,000
Marketing Manager Promoting, and collaborating on different deals for promotion of the brand. 2,30,000 – 24,00,000
Brand Strategist Planning, growing and strategising the brand overall. 3,00,000 – 20,00,000
Product Development Manager Developing, conceptualising and problem-solving for new products. 4,40,000 – 37,00,000
Design Strategist Creating business strategies, innovating and identifying market gaps and consumer needs. 3,00,000 – 18,00,000
Interior Design Consultant Works with clients to conceptualise and design interior spaces, considering aesthetic preferences, functionality, and budget constraints. 2,20,000 – 21,77,400
Project Manager Supervising, inspecting, coordinating and supplying the best delivery of projects. 5,40,000 – 38,00,000
UX Researcher Researches, tests, and provides insights on UX designs of products. 4,00,000 – 26,700,000
UI Designer Creating interface websites, applications and visual designs and improving functionality of different areas. 2,00,000 – 1390,000


As we end this blog on a high note of fashion and design discourse through multiple career options, this is now your time to reshape and design your career. Through an MBA you can recreate a lifetime consistent and permanent career which would be career-proof. You will hold the skills to lead your way through the streets of opportunities and skill advancement. So, whether you’re sketching your next masterpiece or curating the latest runway collection, remember – style isn’t just what you wear; it’s how you wear it, and with an MBA, the world is your catwalk.

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