MBA in Leadership Management: The Capacity to Translate Vision into Reality



15 December, 2023

MBA in Leadership Management: The Capacity to Translate Vision into Reality

“When things go wrong in your command, start searching for the reason in increasingly large circles around your own desk.” – Gen. Bruce Clarke

A report by CEB Global states that most new managers fail within the first 24 months of their tenure. The reason behind this alarmingly high rate of failure is the lack of adequate training. This results in a haphazard workflow, poor communication and delayed projects. Thus, it is very important to equip individuals with the right leadership and decision-making skills before elevating them to management roles.

This is where an MBA in Leadership Management steps in. Designed to ensure a smooth transition to managerial positions, the course offers an opulent blend of theoretical knowledge, practical experience, real-time case studies and industry integration. It familiarises you with the various know-hows of the business world.

Furthermore, the course helps you to develop a result-oriented mindset, preparing you to come up with innovative solutions for various work-related issues. It also introduces to you the various principles of team management.

Leadership Management: To Prepare for a Better Tomorrow

Millions of students enrol in MBA programmes each year and then specialise in a certain stream. Usually, during the first year of the programme, the students learn about aspects of running a business such as Accounting, Finance, Operations, etc. which gives them a general idea about the industries. During the second year, they focus more on their chosen specialisation.

Leadership Management is one such popular specialisation amongst management aspirants. Synonymous to the title, Leadership Management is focused on learning the skills, expertise, tactics, and different ways to tackle the challenges faced by professionals holding top positions in any line of work.

It teaches the learners how the leaders who are in charge of any tasks, projects, businesses, etc. function to rain profits and convert the trade into a successful covenant. They basically learn about a world of people holding great power and adroitness of business.

Course Name Online MBA
Specialisation Leadership Management
Course Type Master’s Programme
Eligibility – Graduate in any field
– Have passed eligible management exam or university’s entrance test
Duration 2 Years
Age No Age Limit

What Makes Leadership Management a Favourable Conduit of Opportunities

Pursuing an MBA in Leadership will teach you a lot of unknown variables that function in the world of business management in the higher ranks.

  • With a degree in Leadership, you have the chance to climb onto the ladder to different high-end manager or C-suite positions.
  • You will also get to learn stellar skills in leadership and management.
  • A learner will get to develop their potential by being able to cultivate their analytical skills and entrepreneurial thinking.
  • With such learned skills and varied knowledge, your rapport among the senior managers will also be more valuable, giving you higher chances to reach higher-level positions, possibly in less time than others.

With an MBA in this particular specialisation, you can work in many other fields as well, including:

Human resources Sales
Business management Finances
Supply chain and retail Logistics

Who Can Go for an MBA in Leadership Management?

Anyone who wants to assume leadership or management positions at a company can for this course as it will provide opportunities to develop the adequate skill set for the same. Furthermore, if you are planning to venture into the entrepreneurial world, then also the degree will come in handy as it will provide you hands-on experience of heading the various operations of an organisation.

MBA in Leadership Management Curriculum

Semester 1 Semester 2
Management Concepts & Theories Marketing Management
Organisational Behaviour Human Resource Management
Business Environment Corporate Finance
Managerial Communication Quantitative Methods
Managerial Accounting Legal aspects of Business
Managerial Economics Operations Management
Statistics for Management Management Information Systems


Semester 3 Semester 4
Project Management Strategic Management
Entrepreneurship Elective – IV
Elective – I Elective – V
Elective – II Elective – VI
Elective – III Elective – VII
Project Work Diary Project Report
Summer Internship Report Project Viva-voce

Professional Opportunities after MBA in Leadership

Leadership programme in MBA is very popular and is pursued by many learners across the globe. Since it provides them with valuable insights into the working of professionals at high levels, it also means that there are high-end paying jobs for such learners with varied roles in the industries. Following are professional opportunities that you can pursue after completing your MBA in leadership.

1. Top Executives

Top executives like CEOs and other positions hold the highest level of authority and the power of administration in any organisation or firm. All the different departments within an organisation function according to the vision of the top executive and he/she has the highest-paying salary as well.

Stats show that with the increase in entrepreneurship over the years, businesses are blooming at exponential rates, and top executives successfully increase their profitability in the coming years.

  • Salary Range: INR 10 LPA – 10 Crores (depending upon the niche of the business)

2. Financial Head

As the Financial Head of a company, your primary role will be to manage all the finances at the place you are in charge of. You will be in charge of making all financial decisions, speculations, strategies, investments, etc. at the end.

You will keep an eye on all the previous financial records of the company, the profitability statements, the current financial trends, assets and liabilities, etc. and take all decisions that will lead towards expanding the financial assets of the company.

You will be heading a team of expert Financial Managers who will bring in their best insights and you will collaborate with them to make such financial decisions that boost the economic health of the company.

  • Salary Range of Financial Head: INR 18 LPA – 60 LPA

3. Management Analyst

As a Management Analyst, your role will be to analyse the efficiency of the workplace and suggest methods of working that will bring in improvements and increase efficiency. You will be working as a consultant who will overlook different strategies, work, modes, and working styles; employed in the organisation across different departments and will make any changes necessary to boost the productivity levels of the employees.

Your role will be to adopt such a management style that will help the employees reach a higher level of efficiency and this will in many ways help the workplace improve and tread on better functioning ways.

  • Salary Range of Management Analyst: INR 15 LPA – 45 LPA

4. Administrative Service Head

The functioning role of Administrative Service Heads revolves around the administration of a workplace and what facilities & activities can be taken upon to upgrade the already established administration.

As an Administrative Service Head, your role will be to maintain coordination among different office provisions and activities that will help keep the general office responsibilities. Their tasks are information archival, information retrieval, safekeeping, and other tasks related to fair administration in a workplace.

  • Salary Range of Administrative Service Head: INR 22 LPA – 68 LPA

5. Many Other Opportunities

As already discussed, an MBA in Leadership means that you can venture into other streams like Human Resources, Sales, Retail, Business Law, etc. In any of these fields, you can work as either high-level managers or top-level executives who are responsible for working as the head of particular departments.

In general, your role will be to head your department, maintain the coordination between them, increase the efficiency and productivity of all the team members, and employ such administrative activities that will bring in all the gains for your workplace.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to seek admission into the course, a candidate must be a graduate in any field with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate from a recognised university. In addition, the candidate is required to qualify a recognised management entrance exam such as CAT/MAT/XAT/GMAT/CMAT. Some universities even conduct their own entrance exam.

Admission Process for MBA in Leadership Management

  • Fill the application form
  • Upload all the necessary documents and pay the application fee
  • Appear for the entrance exam
  • Give a micro presentation / personal interview
  • Pay the programme fee

Entrance Exams for MBA in Leadership Management

Exam Name  Exam Date 
CAT 2023 26th November 2023
CMAT 2024 To be declared
XAT 2024 7th January 2024
MAT 2023 MAT PBT: 3 September 2023
MAT CBT: 17 September 2023
NMAT by GMAC 2023 To be declared
SNAP 2023 10 December 2023 – 22 December 2023

Programme Fee

The fee for the course of MBA in Leadership Management ranges between INR 5 lakh to INR 25 lakh. However, it varies depending upon the college, location and mode that you opt for.

Modes of Learning

You have the option to pursue the course in the following modes:

  • Full-Time MBA: If you choose to go for the full-time MBA programme, then you will have to visit the campus on a daily basis to attend classes.

  • Online MBA: In the online MBA, you will be required to attend live lectures. Your exams will also take place online only.

  • Distance MBA: If you go for the distance mode, then you will not have to worry about attending classes. You can pursue the course from anywhere at your own pace.

  • Part-Time MBA: Herein, your classes will take place over the weekends or in the evening. However, you will have to visit the campus to take these classes.

How to Choose the Right MBA in Leadership Management College?

Selecting the right college for your MBA in Leadership Management programme depends upon a number of factors. These include your interests, ambitions, location, mode of study, budget, etc. Thus, in order to find the college that perfectly aligns with your career goals, you must check various aspects such as its curriculum, location, fee, placement services, experiential learning opportunities, etc. and then make a decision.

Best Regular/Online Universities for MBA in Leadership

Regular MBA College Average Fee (INR)

Jain University (Public Policy and Leadership)


INR 27,20,000


Online MBA College Average Fee (INR)

Jain University Online

(Online MBA in Entrepreneurship and Leadership)

INR 1,70,000

Amity University Online

(Entrepreneurship & Leadership Management)

INR 1,79,000

O.P. Jindal Global University

INR 1,75,000

Suresh Gyan Vihar University

(Project Leadership Management)

INR 80,000

University of Mysore

INR 64,000

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In conclusion, embarking on the journey of an MBA in Leadership Management opens doors to a realm of opportunities, shaping individuals into adept leaders capable of steering organisations towards success. In summary, an MBA in Leadership Management is not just a postgraduate degree; it is a transformative experience that propels individuals towards fulfilling and high-impact careers, shaping them into influential leaders ready to navigate the complexities of the professional world with confidence and expertise.


Q1. What is the salary of MBA in leadership jobs?

There is no bar on hor much you can earn after an MBA in Leadership, the salary of top executives in the country can range from INR 10 Lakh to INR 10 Crore per annum.

Q2. Can I pursue an MBA in Leadership online?

Yes, there are many universities that offer an MBA in Leadership via online mode. Some of them are mentioned in the article above.

Q3. What are the career prospects for an MBA in Leadership?

After an MBA in Leadership, you can assume top executive positions at a company such as CEO, CFO, CTO, Management Director, etc.

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