MBA in Agri-Business Management: 2024 Guide



05 July, 2024

MBA in Agri-Business Management: 2024 Guide

“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.” – Thomas Jefferson.

MBA in Agri-Business Management is a prominent course in the list of MBA specialisation courses. It is a postgraduate degree specialisation in agri-business administration. The duration of this course is 2 years. In addition, the goal of this course is to give students the in-depth knowledge and skills they need to meet the demands of the agriculture and business sectors. The processing, storing, distributing, marketing, and retailing of agricultural products are all included within the class of “Agribusiness”.

The MBA programme in Agri-Business Management examines the demands and importance of the entire range of agronomic items produced in India. In addition the goal is to know about farm preservation, recognise and increase new methods for safeguarding and preserving agrarian assets. MBA in Agri-Business Management is associated with these approaches and their effectiveness in commercial operations.

Read this detailed blog to learn more about eligibility, duration, career opportunities and top colleges in MBA agribusiness.

Significance of MBA in Agri-Business Management

The agriculture sector in India is about to go through a significant technological shift, marking a turning point following decades of expansion. Over the past six years, the sector has experienced strong growth, with an average annual growth rate of 4.6%. Accurate crop forecasting, robots, sensor technologies, and other emerging advances signal a paradigm shift in the use and management of agriculture. In 2024, several new developments are expected that will drastically change the methods and administration of agriculture in India.

Source: Agro Spectrum India

Therefore, in the coming future, there will be many jobs related to the agriculture sector in India. The prospects are wide and clear. Hence, it is significant to invest today in the MBA agribusiness domain.

Overview of MBA in Agri-Business Management

Agriculture is one of the biggest sectors of the economy and a reliable provider of jobs in India. Jobs as agricultural managers encourage the productive production of high-quality food on farms associated with farming as well as in the agro-food sector. Gaining knowledge of the foundational concepts of management will help you advance in the agri-business profession.

In India, various colleges offer this dignified course. After completing the MBA agribusiness programme you can work as an export manager, business analyst or international marketing manager.

Course Name MBA in Agri-Business Management
Course Duration 2 Years
Eligibility Graduation 
Top Colleges Parul University
Galgotias University
Nirwan University Jaipur
Pimpri Chinchwad University
Average Fees INR 80,000 – 2,00,000*
Career Options Agribusiness Marketing Officer
Farm Auditor
Agriculture Analyst
Farm Manager
Average Salary 7 LPA – 16 LPA*

Scope of Agribusiness Management

The scope of the MBA agribusiness programme is to encourage the growth of your leadership and interpersonal skills. These skills will equip you to handle and plan the logistics and other necessary arrangements of agri assets. Through partnerships with top corporations and business sectors, the landscape of agribusiness will change forever in a positive way.

You can also explore some sizable roles inclusive of skilled business leaders or entrepreneurs within the food, agricultural, and associated industries. Your employability and entrepreneurial potential could be more desirable by the postgraduate diploma in agri-commercial enterprise control, which moreover enables you to manipulate global competition. At the same time, you can assist in assembling the necessities and needs of farmers and the farming community.

Who Should Do an MBA in Agri-Business Management?

You can opt for an MBA in Agri-Business Management if you have the following thoughts:

  • You’re interested in enhancing farming methods and results by fusing expertise in business with agricultural expertise.

  • You wish to look into employment options in the food, farming, and related sectors.

  • Your goal is to work in the agribusiness industry as a leader or an entrepreneur.

  • If you want to improve your managerial abilities and you can tackle every aspect of the agricultural industry then you can opt for an MBA in agri-business management programme.

  • You wish to work on addressing issues that farmers and the farming community confront.

  • Your goals are to broaden your professional horizons in agribusiness and improve your employability.

  • You are prepared to focus on sustainable agriculture methods and take on the challenge of global competitiveness.

Top 7 Programme Outcomes of MBA Agribusiness

Check out the list of top 7 programme outcomes after completing an MBA in Agri-Business Management.

  1. Develop Leadership Skills: Enhance your capacity to steer and control agribusiness operations efficiently.

  2. Gain Business Acumen: Acquire complete commercial enterprise information tailored for the agricultural region.

  3. Improve Problem-Solving Abilities: This is one of the most important outcomes. You can strengthen your analytical and trouble-solving capabilities. It will help you cope with day-to-day challenges in agribusiness.

  4. Develop Design Thinking: Gather important visions such as empathy, visualisation, creativity, and vital and integrative questioning to solve commercial enterprise issues. These issues can be solved by making use of business methodologies.

  5. Encourage Entrepreneurial Spirit: Encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurism, this is important to propel change, expand fresh employer ideas, and facilitate transformation in an intricately related virtual surroundings.

  6. Gain Broad Business Knowledge: You can gain broad knowledge and become acquainted with quite a few business verticals. It will be useful to expand your business expertise and abilities.

  7. Increase Your Technological Proficiency: You can also learn many topics, systems, and answers to grow the scope of your expertise and application of the era.

Eligibility & Duration

If you have passed graduation with a minimum of 50% from a recognised university then you are eligible for an MBA in Agri-Business. However, the marks criteria can vary according to different colleges. The course duration is 2 years.

List of Agriculture Business Management Colleges

Check out the list of agriculture business management colleges.

Name of Institution Fee Structure
Parul University INR 81,550 /- Annually
Galgotias University INR 1,28,000 (Tuition Fee)
Nirwan University Jaipur INR 22,500 per semester
Pimpri Chinchwad University INR 2,50,000 per annum
Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology INR 7,97,000
ASBM University INR 6,86,000

Syllabus of MBA in Agri-Business Management

There are 4 semesters (2 years) in the course structure of MBA in Agri-Business Management.

Semester 1 Semester 2
Principles of Management and Organisational Behaviour Human Resource Management for Agricultural Organisations
Managerial Accounting and Control Productions and Operations Management
Applied Agribusiness Economics Agricultural and Food Marketing Management
Food Technology and Processing Management Agri supply and chain management
Rural Marketing Financial management in Agri-business
Strategic Management for Agribusiness Enterprises Technical Writing and Communication Skills
Intellectual Property and its Management in Agriculture


Semester 3 Semester 4
Agricultural and Food Marketing Management – II Corporate Governance & Business Ethics
International Trade for agricultural products International Business Management
Operations Research Agri-Import & Export Management
Agricultural Research, Research Ethics and Rural Development Programmes Post Harvest Management
Poultry and hatchery management Research (Summer Internship and Research Project)
Farm power and machinery management

Career Opportunities in MBA in Agri-Business Management

  • Agribusiness Marketing Officer: You create and implement marketing plans to advertise the goods and services offered by your company as an agribusiness marketing officer. To develop campaigns that work, you need to be both creative and informed about the agriculture market.

  • Farm Auditor: Your role will be to inspect farms and ensuresafety and quality. You will be given to audit financial records and keep intact all the farm is operating within budget.

  • Agricultural Analyst: You use statistics analysis as an agriculture Analyst to help selection-making in the agriculture quarter. You need to attain information and provide business enterprise to achieve its full ability.

  • Agribusiness Operations Manager: As an agriculture operations supervisor, you’re in charge of handling an enterprise’s every day operations and making sure the whole thing runs well. You will test for placing goals, employing personnel, and keeping an eye on the agency’s improvement.

  • Farm Manager: You will control the daily tasks of a farm, consisting of planting, harvesting, managing livestock, and crop rotation. In addition, you can manage the farm’s price range and make sure excellent products are produced.
  • Quality Controller: You ensure that every item and offering fulfils the highest standards of quality to your position as a quality controller. Testing and inspecting of products to make sure that it is secure and of high pleasantness.

  • Farm Equipment Marketing Manager: You implement promotional strategies as a Farm Equipment Marketing Manager to advertise the goods and offerings provided through your agency. To expand powerful campaigns, you ought to have an intensive understanding of the marketplace and the demands of your customers.
  • Agri-Insurance Advisor: As an advisor for agri-insurance, you help clients find suitable insurance plans. You must possess expertise in numerous coverage insurance and offer steering on nice products.

Salary Range of MBA in Agri-Business Management

Check out the salary range given below for an MBA in Agri-Business Management. The salaries may also increase according to the level of expertise and experience.

Job Role Salary Range (INR)
Agribusiness Marketing Officer 7 LPA – 10 LPA
Farm Auditor 8  LPA – 12 LPA
Agriculture Analyst 8 LPA – 13 LPA
Farm Manager 9 LPA – 13 LPA
Quality Controller 10 LPA – 14 LPA
Farm Equipment Marketing Manager 11 LPA -0 15 LPA
Agri-Insurance Advisor 8 LPA – 12 LPA


A career in MBA Agribusiness Management is certainly full of opportunities for those who want to change the agriculture industry. To have a successful job, one might select from a variety of fascinating roles. Furthermore, obtaining an MBA in Agribusiness Management enables the acquisition of specialised knowledge and skills that may improve job chances and pay. There are various government jobs after MBA agribusiness in the rural development sector. Many candidates after pursuing MBA agribusiness also become IAS and IPS officers because of their understanding of Indian rural history. So, the opportunities are vast. Take the first step now towards success.


Q1. What is an MBA in Agri-Business?

An MBA in Agri-Business is a specialised management programme that deals with agriculture economics and agribusiness. It prepares you to handle numerous elements of agribusiness, which include finance, production, retailing, agricultural farm, agricultural finance, and distribution.

Q2. What is the salary of an MBA in agribusiness?

The income of an MBA in Agri-Business can vary widely depending on your role, expertise, and place. Mostly, you can anticipate earning between INR 7 LPA – 12 LPA.

Q3. Which MBA is best for agriculture management?

An MBA in Agri-Business Management is the quality desired in case you need to be aware of the agriculture area. It especially addresses the specific demanding situations and opportunities within this field.

Q4. What is the future scope of an MBA in Agri-Business Management?

The future scope of an MBA in Agri-Business Management is promising. You can pursue careers in agribusiness firms, food production agencies, agricultural advertising corporations, and more. There is likewise a capability for entrepreneurial ventures in agriculture and associated industries.

Q5. Does this programme require a background in agriculture or science?

No, this programme does not require a background in agriculture or technology. However, having a little knowledge or experience in these regions can be beneficial.

Q6. What types of companies or organisations do graduates of this programme typically work for?

Graduates of this specialisation normally work for agribusiness firms, food manufacturing companies, agricultural advertising companies, financial institutions, government agencies, and nonprofits focused on agriculture and rural improvement.

Q7. How long does it typically take to complete this MBA in Agri-Business?

It generally takes two years to complete an MBA in Agri-Business.

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