Marketing Manager: Definition, Courses, Job Roles, Skills, Salary



14 June, 2023

Marketing Manager: Definition, Courses, Job Roles, Skills, Salary

A Marketing Manager develops, implements and evaluates successful marketing strategies that determine the demand of various products and services offered by a business organisation. They play a key role in driving profits and building a strong brand reputation.

The roles and responsibilities of a Marketing Manager include managing a team and creating a marketing strategy that is in alignment with the goals of an organisation. A Marketing Manager also undertakes market and consumer research to identify market trends and consumer behaviours and make better marketing decisions.

How to Become a Marketing Manager

In order to become a Marketing Manager a person requires a Bachelor’s degree along with a Master’s in Marketing. A Master’s in Communications or Business Management is also adequate for getting a job as a Marketing Manager. Having an MBA degree is always a bonus for assuming any managerial position.

Other than education qualifications, it is also important to have relevant work experience in the field of marketing for at least years. A person is eligible to become a Marketing Manager if they have previously worked as Marketing Specialist, Marketing Analysts or Marketing & Sales Associates.

Day-to-Day Activities of a Marketing Manager

Marketing is a varied role. The roles and responsibilities of a Marketing Manager will, thus, vary depending upon the organisation and the business goals of a company.

The two major roles of a Marketing Manager can, however, be defined as- attracting more customers to the business and raising greater brand awareness. In order to achieve the same, a Marketing Manager undertakes various activities.

For starters, a Marketing Manager first conducts thorough research of the market, customers and competitors. Based upon this research, the Marketing Manager drives valuable data insights and determines the demand for a product/ service.

Based upon the above results, the Marketing Manager then creates a marketing strategy to meet the goals of the company as well as the desires of the customers. After this, he/ she ensures that the strategy is implemented as planned and optimised to get the best results.

After the strategy is executed, the Marketing Manager evaluates the performance and determines whether or not it achieved the desired results. He/ she then identifies the various strengths and weaknesses of their strategy and based upon it, makes the necessary changes in the strategy.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Marketing Manager

A Marketing Manager looks after the following functions in an organisation:

  • Corporate Communications
  • Advertising
  • Market Research
  • Product Pricing
  • Professional Sales
  • Online Retailing
  • Website Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Copywriting and Content Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Public Relations Management

In addition to the above-mentioned roles, a Marketing Manager also works in close association with certain other departments such as Product Development Team, Promotion Managers, Legal Team, etc. to make sure that all the marketing strategies are being implemented effectively.

Scope of Marketing Manager Job Roles

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is expected to be a 10% rise in the Marketing Management positions in this decade. There will be about 31,000 new job openings in the sector every year.

There are various Marketing sub-sectors in which a Marketing Manager can find employment. These are:

  • Affiliate Marketing Manager

Affiliate Marketing Managers build, maintain and manage the relationships between a company and its various affiliate partners. They are also responsible for addressing and resolving the doubts and concerns of affiliate partners. In addition to this, an Affiliate Manager looks after the recruitment, tracking of sales and expanding the network of retailers.

Average Salary: ₹ 4.0 LPA
Highest Salary: ₹ 10.0 LPA

  • Digital Marketing Manager

The major duties of a Digital Marketing Manager include planning, executing & managing marketing campaigns; analysing data metrics; and identifying emerging trends. Furthermore, they look after content marketing and social media marketing.

Average Salary: ₹ 6.5 LPA
Highest Salary: ₹ 18.2 LPA

  • Content Marketing Manager

A Content Marketing Manager comes up with effective content strategies to accomplish short-term marketing goals. They are responsible for developing high-quality content, managing the content calendar, delegating tasks to content writers & graphic designers and optimising content according to SEO principles.

Average Salary: ₹ 10.8 LPA
Highest Salary: ₹ 22.0 LPA

  • Social Media Marketing Manager

Social Media Marketing Managers are creative individuals who perform rigorous research on current trends and consumer behaviours, come up with an effective social media strategy, and set certain social media benchmarks to be achieved. They make sure that all the social media posts are aligned with the brand values and marketing objectives of a business.

Average Salary: ₹ 4.5 LPA
Highest Salary: ₹ 12.2 LPA

  • Brand Marketing Manager

Brand Marketing Managers manage the public perception of a brand/ product/ service. They study consumer behaviours, identify the current trends and audience preferences and based upon them, create a branding strategy. They look after the advertising, customer relationship management, and media planning facets of a business organisation.

Average Salary: ₹ 11.0 LPA
Highest Salary: ₹ 29.7 LPA

  • Product Marketing Manager

A Product Marketing Manager is responsible for the production and distribution of a product. They manage the various promotional campaigns of a product/ service. They are responsible for customer acquisition and retention.

Average Salary: ₹ 16.0 LPA
Highest Salary: ₹ 33.0 LPA

Other than the above-mentioned profiles, there are many other jobs available in the marketing management segment. These include Social Media Director, Creative Director, Production Manager, Digital Media Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, Vice President of Marketing, etc. The average salary for these positions in India is INR 15 LPA.

Source of salary: AmbitionBox

Skills Required by a Marketing Manager

Marketing is a field that requires both skills and tactics. Therefore, in order to be successful a Marketing Manager must possess strong analytical abilities, an immensely creative mind, and emotional intelligence.

Furthermore, since most of the duties of a Marketing Manager revolve around team coordination and relationship building, they must have excellent communication skills, leadership skills and project management skills.

Mentioned below are some of the skills that an individual must possess in order to assume the responsibilities of a Marketing Manager:

  • Communication Skills
  • Logical Reasoning Skills
  • Decision-Making Abilities
  • Research Abilities
  • Creative Thinking Abilities
  • Data Analytics
  • Analytical Abilities
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Team Management Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Project Management Skills
  • Technical Skills


Marketing Manager is a versatile profile that requires an individual to be immensely creative and analytical. The role of a marketing manager is to increase the overall profitability of a business by raising brand awareness and widening the consumer base of a product/ service. Marketing Managers look after brand perception, customer acquisition & retention, customer relationship management and product promotion. In order to become a Marketing Manager, a person must possess a Master’s degree in Marketing, Communications, or Business Management and hold relevant work experience.

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