Logistics Manager: A Look Through Job Role, Salary, Qualification & More 



30 December, 2023

Logistics Manager: A Look Through Job Role, Salary, Qualification & More 

“Behind every great leader there was an even greater logistician.”  – James M. Cox

“Your order has reached the location.” How many phones have beeped since morning with a similar message? Now rewind the time to when you actually clicked on a product and a gush of happiness flowed in your veins when the message  “your order has been placed” popped. Have you ever thought about how it reaches your doorstep with that one single click?  Yes, from the inception of placing that order till it reaches your doorstep are the efforts of the logistics team and the unsung hero behind managing this team is the Logistics Manager.

Who is a Logistics Manager?

A Logistics Manager plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the supply chain of the company and logistics operations run smoothly and efficiently.  The responsibilities of a Logistics Manager can vary depending on the company size, area, industry, etc. But, the major role of every Logistics Manager is managing supply chain, inventory & transportation; resourcing; and supervising.

A Logistics Manager is equipped with the ability to think in the right direction, negotiate, streamline work, operate and coordinate essential operations in a business.

How to Become a Logistics Manager?

To become a Logistics Manager, it is essential to have the core interest and skills to be a manager. However, there are colleges in India offering diplomas and specialisations in Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management. The range of Logistics courses can vary from UG & PG to Diplomas and certificate programmes.

Requisite Qualifications

  • Any person after completing 10, +2 or graduation and interested in the field of logistics and shipping can pursue a course in Logistics Management.
  • Any person who has previously worked in the administration sector or any sectors relating to warehousing, shipping, transportation, retail, inventory, etc. can pursue the Logistics Management Course and expand the horizon to earn huge salaries.
  • Any person who is unsure of a career can pursue a diploma course offered by many colleges in India and can start working in the industry.

What are the Main Steps to Become a Logistics Manager?

To become a desirable Logistics Manager one requires dedication, education and experience. It is essential to continuously hustle, develop skills and take advantage of the opportunities for career enhancement. Here are the main steps to become a Logistics Manager:

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Degree in a  relevant field such as logistics, supply chain management, business administration, transportation management, or any other relevant area. Even a diploma can be opted for to understand the concept and key skills of logistics management. Master’ in Business Administration (MBA) can also be pursued with a specialisation in Logistics or Supply Chain Management.
  • Practical Experience: The youth today understands the importance of practical knowledge and experience in the present times, and gaining one at entry level can help you enhance your horizon and later on, the ladder can be climbed with better job roles in the same field to understand the nitty-gritty of a Logistics Manager.
  • Developed Skills: Having strong analytical skills can help in a smooth supply chain process, effective communication skills, leadership & management skills, problem-solving skills and familiarise yourself with technological advancements.
  • Professional Networking: Connecting with colleagues and mentors in the logistics and supply chains, attending industry events or joining a professional corporation. An ability to connect and build relationships can help one become a successful Logistics Manager.

It is important to understand that the skills required in a Logistics Manager vary according to the industry size, area, and complexity of the logistics operations. Therefore, an individual interested in becoming a Logistics Manager should search and apply for a job role as per their qualifications and skills to do justice to their role.

What Skills Does a Logistics Manager Need?

A Logistics Manager is the real hero behind the smooth transition of goods from their place of origin to their destination. The person managing such a huge process should be highly skilled and efficient. Some of the paramount skills required are:

  • Communication Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Technology Proficiency
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Negotiation Skills

What is the Logistic Manager’s Salary?

The salary of a Logistics Manager can vary depending on the location, size of the industry, company’s turnover, and various other factors. The Average Logistics Manager’s Salary in India is INR 6,60,994.

Source: Payscale

Why is Logistics Management Important?

Today, even a person sitting in a small village is able to access products through various online portals and receive it at the doorstep. All this is possible because of the efforts and efficiency of the logistics team. Therefore, it is important for organisations seeking improvement in their skills. Logistics Management can help reduce costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and remain competitive in an extremely complex and global marketplace. It is essential to introduce and improve the logistics management in a company so as to improve the workflow.


The Logistics Manager is the prime person with the help of whom industry can work at its pace and with the help of whom the manpower can be made efficient and effective. Moreover, the manager of the logistics will help in the smooth transit of the physical goods and help the customer feel the same gush in the veins which was there when he clicked that “place the order” button.

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