Job Interview Etiquettes: 10 Tips to Impress Employers



19 December, 2022

Job Interview Etiquettes: 10 Tips to Impress Employers

Getting a new job is a special moment for you. You always want to give your best whenever you are applying for a job or appearing for an interview. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, there is always an astounding nervousness to face the recruiter. You wish to stand out among all the other candidates but are not sure how to prepare yourself. But don’t worry. In this blog, we are going to tell you how to prepare yourself for job interviews. 

10 Tips to Impress Employers 

Preparing for an interview might seem to be time-consuming as you need to remember a lot of things. There are a few important tips that you need to be well aware of in order to crack the interview and impress the employer. Let’s try to understand the important job etiquettes for an interview that you should keep in mind. These job interview tips will surely help you clear the interview & land your dream job.

1. Research Well About the Company: 

It is crucial to research about the company that you want to get in and see whether it suits your aspirations,  lifestyle and career goals. You can easily get to know about the company by browsing its website, and social media profiles or by contacting any other professionals who are already working there. The primary things to remember while researching about the company are: 

  • How is the work culture of the company
  • What are the company’s mission, vision and future goals
  • What are the reviews given by the working professionals of the company
  • Leave & increment policies

2. Pay Attention to Your Body Language: 

The right body language marks a great first impression on the recruiter and shows your confidence. Thus, you should pay attention to your body language by: 

  • Maintaining eye contact with the recruiter to show that you are attentive in the interview and are not shying away
  • Keeping a smile on your face while answering the questions in the interview
  • Listening first and then answering by taking a short pause
  • Practise your body language in front of the mirror before the interview
  • Showing your enthusiasm by making good expressions & gestures
  • Being punctual for the interview, and responding to emails proactively

 3. Greet the Interviewer Decently:  

“First impression is the last impression.” 

Your gesture before the interviewer makes a great impact in posing a good impression. While greeting the interviewer, you should shake hands confidently, use formal language, and maintain eye contact. The way you greet the recruiter can make a lasting impression.

4. Don’t Reflect that You are Here for the Salary:  

It is obvious that everyone aspires to get a good salary while switching jobs. But you should remember to not emphasise your salary expectations repeatedly during the interview, as it tends to make a not-so-good impression of you and can make the recruiter feel that you are here only for the salary. 

The recruiter should feel that you are more excited about the job role and company than the salary. You should also remember to not give a number and instead present your demanded salary range.

5. Pay Extra Attention to Communication Skills: 

From introducing yourself to ending the interview, all that matters is how well you communicate throughout. Keep your tone polite and speak with good command of the language with jargon of the job profile. Many people have a good command of English but tend to not speak out properly when facing an interview. But do not worry. You can easily fix your speaking skills with these simple tips:

  • Be well prepared and rehearse near the mirror to reduce your anxiety 
  • Listen carefully first and then answer with a polite tone 
  • Be concise and clear on what to say
  • Use confident body language

6. Exhibit a Balance of IQ and EQ: 

Answering the basic questions about your skills and experience is easy; but many times the recruiter may ask you emotional or tricky questions like- ‘Tell me about a time when you handled a tough situation?’ or ‘What success means to you?’ This is where you are likely to go blank and may not know what to answer spontaneously. 

These EQ and IQ-based questions are deliberately asked by the recruiter to judge your abilities and to know what kind of person you are, and if you can be the right fit for the job demands. They purposely want to check your mental and emotional ability to handle situations & people. Therefore you need to keep a balance of both in order to prove yourself as the right fit for the job.

7. Be Prepared to Talk About Your Future Goals: 

It is very likely that the recruiter will ask you this question- ‘Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?’ This is among the most frequently asked questions in interviews. The main motive for asking this question is that the recruiter wants to know about your future career goals and how ambitious you are to achieve those goals. 

The appropriate way to answer this question is to keep your ambitions in line with the company’s vision & growth. Just try to be specific about your career goals and show that you also want to stick with the hiring company for a long term. This will pose a good impression of you. Instead, if you answer that you want to start your own venture in the near future, you might be rejected.

8. Dress Appropriately: 

Dressing well in the interview is an important step in building a good impression. It is good if you try not to dress casually and wear formal and professional clothes which will indicate that you are serious about the interview. Here are a few tips to dress up nicely in the interview:

  • Wear formal pants, dress or shirts in black, navy blue or grey colours
  • Keep your hair tied neatly and your nails trimmed. Present yourself so that you look clean
  • Wear limited or no jewellery or fancy things.
  • Wearing a watch shows that you’re an organised person.

 9. Accept a Glass of Water, Tea or Coffee: 

It is likely that the recruiter may offer you some water, tea or a cup of coffee. You should never shy away from accepting what they offer. By doing so you get a short moment to calm yourself down, and the interviewer also feels like a good host, making the interview comfortable.

10. Prepare Some Intelligent Questions to Ask the Interviewer: 

At the end of the interview it is good if you try to ask some intelligent questions that you might be curious to know. After all, it’s not just about finding if you are the right fit for the company, it’s also important to know whether the company is right for you. 

A few questions that can be asked to the recruiter are:

  • What are the next steps in the interview process?
  • What are the challenges in this job role?
  • Who will be there in your team, & what is the hierarchy?

The Dos and Don’ts in an Interview 

Dos  Don’ts
Dress Professionally  Don’t Act too Casual 
Don’t be Late Don’t Falsify Your Application/ Resume 
Be an Active Listener  Don’t Exhibit Frustration or Desperation 
Have Some Questions Prepared Beforehand Keep Away from Your Phone and Other Devices 
Research About the Company Beforehand Don’t Exhibit Bad Body Posture
Pay Extra Attention to Your Body Language Don’t Make the Interviewer Guess Your Interests 


Presenting yourself as a confident & right candidate for the job is highly imperative. As such, the 10 job interview etiquettes discussed above will undeniably help you sound very confident and a right fit for the job. 

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