Top 25 Highest Paying Jobs in the World in 2024



25 April, 2024

Top 25 Highest Paying Jobs in the World in 2024

As the world experiences a storm of technological advancement, industries transform, and economies evolve at an equally rapid pace. The fertile landscape of lucrative career options feeds on growing economies, and hence, in this blog, we’ll explore the top 25 highest-paying jobs worldwide in 2024.

An active look at the job market suggests that certain professions are higher in the league than others because they pay well and because of their increasing importance in the ever-altering world. We’ll shed light on the factors like –

  • Roles that high-end jobs entail.

  • Nature of work

  • Industries that produce such jobs

1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

It’s a position of prestige and valour. Being the CEO of a company involves strategic and passionate decision-making skills along with a plethora of other impactful qualities that are inculcated by having graduated through business programmes.

As the CEO is the highest-ranking executive in a company, it’s under their domain to oversee operations and steer the company toward its goals, no matter how numerous they might be. CEOs are, therefore, responsible for driving business success and shareholder value, and hence, they are also compensated handsomely for their massive contributions to make the business a success.

Some of the highest-paid CEOs in the world are:

  • Elon Musk drawing a compensation of US $ 10.1 billion.

  • Robert Scaringe drew a salary of US $ 2.3 billion.

  • Tim Cook draws a salary of US $ 853 million.

  • Peter Rawlinson, who draws a salary of US $ 575 million.

  • Tom Siebel drawing a compensation of US $ 343 million.

Let’s take a look at the pictorial representation of proportional time spent by a CEO on various tasks


2. Senior Software Engineer

If there’s a thing that’s a commonality in human lives around the planet, it’s technology. The extent of technological use or dependence might vary due to geographical, social, cultural and class differences but it remains a constant in everyday life. Therefore, as all aspects of our lives are pervaded through tech, careers related to innovation in technology gain significance.

Senior Software Engineers are people who are trained to innovate and mould technology to manage complex systems. The demand for this role is on the go. These professionals are also liable for high salaries at every cross-section, especially in leading tech companies.

Let’s have a look at the countries with the highest salaries for software engineers:

  • Sweden offers an average annual salary of $ 50,713.

  • Germany offers an annual salary of $ 52,275.

  • UK offers an average annual salary of $ 55,275.

  • Australia offers an average of $ 55, 640.

  • China offers an average compensation of $ 72,000.

3. Data Scientist

The job of a data scientist, as the name itself suggests, is to analyse data. When data is broken down into digestible pieces of information, companies can use that to make informed decisions.

This ability to turn complex digital data into actionable insights is highly favoured in the digital economy and that is why the role of a data scientist is a prestigious one.

Let’s check out the top 5 countries offering the highest salaries of data scientists in the world:

  • Belgium – $125,866

  • USA – $127,125

  • Luxembourg – $150,342

  • Denmark – $178,362

  • Switzerland – $193,358

4. Surgeon

An extensive amount of education and training are required to attain the position of a surgeon. Specialisations in fields like neurosurgery and cardiac surgery are complex and critical. This hectic job is compensated through hefty pay.

Take a glance at some of the countries paying the highest salaries to their doctors:

  • Luxembourg – an average of $357,300 annually

  • The Netherlands – $253,000 annually

  • Switzerland – $130,000 per year

  • USA – $329,000 per year

  • Belgium – $188,000 annually

5. Anesthesiologist

Critical expertise is required for the role of anesthesiologists. These individuals administer the amount of anaesthesia to be given to a patient and monitor patient vitals. It’s a crucial role in ensuring patient safety during surgery, and the pressure is justifiably balanced via a higher salary.  The United States of America itself pays a salary range of $389,310 to $440,750 to its anesthesiologists.

6. Orthodontist

They specialise in treating injuries related to the oral cavity, specifically irregularities in teeth and jaws. With an increasing demand for cosmetic surgeries related to the facial bone structure, an increase in demand for orthodontists has surfaced, making it a lucrative and high-paying career option. An orthodontist can earn an average salary of $186,320 in the world.

7. Psychiatrist

Mental health concerns are in the forte. The widespread use of social media has spread ample amounts of information and sensitivity around mental health. Psychiatrists are now positioned as key health providers. The urgency and importance of the role makes it a high paying and respectable one.  Some of the countries that pay the highest salaries to psychiatrists are as follow:

  • Germany – $360,000

  • Canada – $262,000

  • USA – $260,000

  • Switzerland – $227,000

  • Ireland – $194,000

8. Pilot

The job of a pilot requires rigorous training as it comes loaded with responsibility. Commercial pilots, who fly international routes are very well compensated. Overseeing the safety of passengers and the aircraft to avoid massive accidents carries with it a high-paying salary. Let’s us have a look at the countries that pay the highest to the pilots:

  • Belgium – $122,930

  • Denmark – $127,515

  • USA – $132,569

  • Luxembourg – $146,809

  • Switzerland – $172,610

9. Corporate Lawyer

It’s a crucial role that ensures that the corporate world operates within the realm of law.

Corporal lawyers offer expertise in matters related to business operations, tax issues, mergers and acquisitions.

It’s a highly compensated role for being a significant one.

Countries that pay the highest to their corporate lawyers are:

  • Ireland – 92,173 USD

  • The United States Of America – 96,257 USD

  • Germany – 101,484 USD

  • United Kingdom – 118,300 USD

  • Japan -118,540 USD

10. Petroleum Engineer

Although there is a push for the use of renewable energy sources, the job of a petroleum engineer stays intact and is in fact continuing in demand.

These engineers specialise in developing techniques for extracting oil and gas from below the earth’s surface. This role requires expertise and is highly compensated.

Petroleum Engineers earn an average salary of $137,330. The lowest 10 per cent earned less than $78,620, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $208,000.

11. IT Systems Manager

They oversee an organisation’s technological infrastructure.

This is a crucial role that ensures that IT systems contain and support the company’s strategic goals securely and efficiently. Australia pays the most lavish salaries to its IT Systems Managers with the highest salary ranging from $140,000 to $160,000

12. Marketing Director

All the marketing efforts, such as market research, branding, and marketing, are the forte of marketing directors.

This role directly impacts sales and, hence, the profitability of any given company. The growth and success of the business depends on them. Therefore, the salary is also high.

Salary markets country-wise goes as follows:

  • USA – USD 142,000

  • UK – GBP 75,000

  • Canada – CAD 95,000

  • Australia – AUD 89,000

13. Investment Banker

Clients are able to raise capital by issuing stocks and bonds as per the advice of Investment Bankers.

They also help clients to achieve acquisitions and mergers through their invaluable expertise.

This is a crucial role in financial markets and hence they earn some serious money. On average, their salary ranges from $75,000 and $96,000.

14. Dermatologist

There’s an increasing awareness and concern over skin health making dermatologists one of the most high paying professionals in the world.

These medical professionals earn high-end salaries through both medical services and cosmetic treatments.

The top-paying countries are given as follows:

  • Luxembourg $352,300

  • USA $329,000

  • Netherlands $253,000

  • Australia $247,000

  • Germany $222,700

15. Financial Manager

Companies need people to access the financial health of their business projects.

These individuals monitor financial details and develop strategies to ensure legal compliance.

This makes their role an essential one for business growth and stability. Therefore, they are highly compensated. The average salary is $139,790 with $203,720 being the highest and $104,150 being the lowest salary range.

16. Pharmacist

This is a key role in the healthcare industry for managing and dispensation of medications.

Pharmacists have also seen an expansion in their role to include more direct patient care.

This had a profound impact on their importance and income potential, both of which increased over time.

The countries paying top salaries are:

  • United States $133,014

  • Iceland $106,000

  • Australia $88,843

  • Switzerland $127,000

  •  Canada $80,700

17. Sales Director

Companies are in dire need of revenues and it’s the job of sales directors to strategise to drive in company revenues.

This is a critical role as it lies in direct correlation with business generation, and thus it’s a well-compensated one as well. Salary ranges fall between $169,841 and $275,817.

18. Air Traffic Controller

This job entails managing the safe flow of aircraft traffic in and out of airports.

It’s a high-stress, critical role and one that requires extensive training. Air Traffic Controllers generally earn high salaries. They make around $60,000 and $200,000 per year with the USA and Germany being the highest contenders.

19. Nuclear Engineer

They play a crucial role in designing, implementing, and maintaining nuclear systems.

This is an extremely critical role that requires high responsibility because lives could be at stake. So high expertise, importance and responsibility demand a higher salary.

A Nuclear Engineer earns a pay level between $74,800 to $185,550.

20. Quantitative Analyst

As these professionals specialise in developing complex models to predict market trends and investment risks, they earn in big numbers.

Fun fact- they are generally known as “quants” in the financial industry.

A quant could earn $500,000+ per year.

21. Neurologist

Specialists in treating disorders of the nervous system, these individuals deal with the complexity of their field and the critical nature of their work results in high compensation.

  • The United States of America $542,000

  •  Switzerland CHF 615,000.

  • NorwayNOK 4.2 million

  • Japan 45 million

  • Australia  AU$502,000.

  • Canada $450,000

  • Denmark 1.2 million DKK

22. Ophthalmologist

These specialists treat eye diseases and critical eye conditions. As they can perform surgeries and prescribe treatments pertaining to a sensitive organ, the job becomes critical and they’re placed among the top earners in medicine.

  • Germany $820,000

  • Canada $550,000

  • Switzerland $485,000

  • Australia $400,000

  • United States $366,000

23. Radiologist

It’s an utterly crucial role in the healthcare industry where these professionals use imaging technologies to diagnose diseases.

As the role requires technical expertise, it earns them a top spot in the salary rankings. Their average salary amounts to $376,784 with Japan and the USA being the top contenders.

24. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The financial actions of a company are handled by the CFO, which makes it a precious role.

Tracking cash flow, financial planning, and analysing the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses are all that the job entails.

The highest-paid CFOs in the world are:

  • Joe Berchtold, Live Nation Entertainment: $52.4 million

  • Michael J. Cavanagh, Comcast Corp.: $40.4 million

  • John David Rainey, Walmart Inc.: $39.7 million

  • Luca Maestri, Apple: $27.1 million

  • Amy Hood, Microsoft: $26.3 million

25. Artificial Intelligence Specialist

This is the most sought-after role in 2024, as AI is bringing about a technological revolution specialists in this field are highly sought after for their skills in machine learning, robotics, and AI application development.

The salary ranges in various countries are:

  • USA – $80,000 to $200,000 per year

  • India – 7 to 10 lakhs per year

  • Canada – 80,000 to CAD 120,000 per year

  • Australia – 100,000 to AUD 150,000 per year

  • UK – 100,000 to AUD 150,000 per year

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