India’s Top-Rated AI and Machine Learning Courses: Your Ultimate Guide



29 May, 2024

India’s Top-Rated AI and Machine Learning Courses: Your Ultimate Guide

Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals

The human mind is an incredibly innovative creation that has unlocked the potential to enhance, curate, and consolidate. This commendable capability has introduced the world to Artificial Intelligence which rocketed to fame for its dynamic nature. The simple breakdown of this complicated concept- Artificial Intelligence is defined as a field of computer science. This field has the remarkable ability to create systems that can perform tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence. If you wonder how the cosmos came to existence, it is with the assistance of a technological wonder like Artificial Intelligence, that the world got its answers. Facebook, Google, and Amazon, to name a few, are the current leading tech giants.

Typically, these are the most utilized AI tools :


  • Voice Assistants:

    Amazon created Alexa, Samsung created Bixby, and Apple created Siri- the most convenient way to interact with complex technology in return for fruitful information.

    If you wonder how these little devices are familiar with your preferences, it is because of their ability to collect, store, and retrieve the information you let them access.

  • Recommendation Systems:

    Popular entertainment platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, or Disney plus Hotstar often recommend content aligning with your preferences.

    Every suggestion is a result of careful planning and programming that has made these systems capable of precisely monitoring your cyber activity.

  • Self-Driving Cars:

    While still battling its fair share of legalities in India, such cars can be significantly efficient in convenience-based driving.

India is now at the juncture where it is witnessing exceptional growth of the AI industry. The forthcoming generations are now bracing themselves while preparing for the AI storm and here are some of the online courses and certifications you can look into:


Online Courses 
Course Name  Outcomes  Fee
IBM AI Developer Professional Certificate – (Coursera) 1. Job-ready AI skills and certification in 6 months.
2. Build AI-powered apps and chatbots.
INR 12,239
(6 Months)
INR 8,159
(3 Months)
Artificial Intelligence A-Z 2024: Build 7 AI + LLM & ChatGPT – (Udemy) 1. Deep Q-Learning
2. Deep Convolutional
3. Q-Learning
A3C (Asynchronous Advantage Actor-Critic)
INR 699
Learn with Google AI – (Google) 1. TensorFlow
2. AI Platform
3. Notebooks
4. Cloud Dataflow, Cloud DataFusion
Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree Programs – (Udacity) 1. Learn AI foundations.
2. Set up Python for AI problem-solving.
3. Build a Sudoku solver and solve constraint satisfaction problems.
INR 69,700 to INR 77,676

Machine Learning Fundamentals

Machines are a result of constant innovation that humans have introduced to the world and it is accurately said- they learn what we teach but the future they make is for us to decide. Machines have been built with the ability to work tirelessly to ensure the human brain works to its optimal potential. The world today demands change, not every century, not every decade, but every day that poses a new challenge.

Machines have navigated their way into our lives, personally and professionally. While we are the hands who prepared it, we are also the ones who depend on it for the simplest to the most complex tasks.

In simpler terms, let us take an example- consider the machine to be a student learning the different types of fruits, you can teach by explaining each fruit with its unique features such as an apple that comes in red and green colors and is typically round in shape. These examples are called training data.

The computer will look into these examples and draw a pattern or similarity between them. The process doesn’t keep repeating. The machine or typically a computer can now make predictions based on what it has learned. Even if you show it a picture of a fruit it hasn’t seen before, it will be able to make a guess based on what it has been taught.

In technical terms, Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science that is focused on using data and algorithms to help AI learn the same way as humans while also polishing its accuracy.

Let us look into the key differences between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as they might be commonly interchanged.

Machine Learning  Parameters  Artificial Intelligence
Machine learning enables a machine to independently learn from previous data. Fundamentals AI enables machines to mimic human intelligence in problem-solving.
To create machines that would learn from the data making efficient outputs. Aim To build an intelligent and accountable system that would perform complicated jobs.
Machines are built by providing data to put it in use in specific tasks and giving results. Work Build a technology that would imitate the working pattern of humans.
The limited scope of applications. Scope Wide scope of applications.
It can only work with data that is well-organized or partly organized for it to be understood easily. Data Artificial Intelligence uses and works with all kinds of data.

Here are some courses that are offered in Machine Learning that can help to understand it better:

Course Name Outcomes  Fee
Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp – (Udemy) 1. Logistic Regression- Analyzing binary outcomes.
2. Linear Regression- Predicting numerical values.
3. Random Forest and Decision Trees- Making complex decisions.
4. Natural Language Processing and Spam Filters- Understanding text and filtering unwanted messages.
INR 499/-
Machine Learning Course Online – (IIT Madras) 1. Understanding data patterns
2. making accurate predictions based on data
3. solving real-world problems using machine learning techniques.
INR 85,044
Post Graduate Programme in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – (BITS Pilani) 1. Master advanced AI and machine learning concepts.
2. Develop practical skills through hands-on projects.
3. Apply AI and ML techniques to real-world problems.
INR 2,45,000
B.E. CSE (Hons.) in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in association with IBM – (Chandigarh University) 1. Proficiency in computer science fundamentals.
2. Advanced knowledge in artificial intelligence and machine learning.
3. Practical skills in applying AI and ML techniques.
INR- 1,21,000
Master of Science in Machine Learning & AI – (IIT Bangalore,
1. Advanced understanding of machine learning and AI concepts.
2. Proficiency in developing and deploying AI-powered solutions.
3. Ability to apply machine learning techniques to solve complex real-world problems.
INR 4,99,000
Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – (IIM Kozhikode) 1. Mastering AI and ML fundamentals.
2. Building practical skills in AI and ML.
3. Applying AI and ML techniques to real-world problems.
INR- INR 3,12,000
Post Graduate Certificate Programme in AI and Machine Learning – (IIM Kashipur) 1. Understanding AI and ML concepts
2. building practical skills
3. applying them to real-world scenarios.
INR 1,60,000
Advanced Certification Program in AI/ML – (IIT Hyderabad) 1.  Master advanced concepts in artificial intelligence and machine learning.
2. Develop expertise in implementing AI and ML algorithms.
3. Gain practical experience through hands-on projects and real-world applications.
INR 2,00,000


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are both courses that prepare the world for a tomorrow that would revolutionise the way we think, learn, and perceive. However, machines and technology can assist humans, not replace them.

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