Shaping Futures: Educare India – Mission Hill Complex 



23 December, 2023

Shaping Futures: Educare India – Mission Hill Complex 

In Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, Educare India, an impactful NGO, has been at the forefront of positive change. Focusing on the principles of self-reliance, innovation, and social entrepreneurship, Educare India has pioneered transformative projects. From turning trash into treasure in Naddi Village to empowering youth through disaster preparedness during the COVID-19 pandemic, the organisation exemplifies adaptability and resilience.

With a focus on education, empowerment, and environmental conservation, Educare India’s past successes, such as the Resource Recovery Center, have economically, socially, and mentally empowered communities. Current projects like  SEHAT SEVA and AAPDA VEER continue to address healthcare, disaster management, and biodiversity. By envisioning a future where everyone has access to education, health, and environmental protection, Educare India invites young individuals to join the movement, emphasising on the fact that positive change doesn’t necessarily require a fortune but willpower to make a difference.

Transformative Impact: Educare India’s Vision in Action

Educare India’s genuine and community-driven approach has translated these visionary principles into visible improvements, creating a positive, lasting impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

Turning Garbage into Gold: Educare India’s Impactful Grassroots Innovation

In this section you will find the transformative story of how small steps can lead to impactful waste management to protect the environment and become self-dependent.

Turning Trash into Treasure in Naddi Village

Turning Trash into Treasure in Naddi Village

Naddi Village, a place where people used to throw away the trash and forget. But then, something amazing happened. Educare India, with a solution-oriented approach, came to the village with a revolutionary idea: Turning Trash into Treasure.

Rachit Paliwal, a young man who left his corporate job for a mission-driven internship, led the change. Rachit believed in two ideal principles: the economy, which sees waste as a valuable resource, and the power of community.

educare india volunteers

With a team of passionate members, including French partners Graham and Gaston, Rachit built a Resource Recovery Center (RRC). This was not just any ordinary centre; it was a hub for transforming all the waste materials into valuable materials. But how were they doing it?

Let’s find out:

The team tackled the issue of waste management with innovative thinking. Before jumping to the solution, they simply divided the problem into smaller parts, laying the foundation for inventive solutions. Their commitment extended beyond infrastructure – it aimed at instigating behavioural change within the community. By closely working with villagers, the team educates them on the importance of proper waste disposal. It wasn’t just about building a centre, it was focused more on cultivating a culture of responsible waste management, making every action count towards a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

naddi village

Soon, RRC (Resource Recovery Center) became the hotspot of the Waste Management System. Here, villagers could bring their waste, Then they used to sort it into 30 different categories. These materials were then either reused, recycled, or composted. This closed-loop system was where nothing went to waste.

But the impact was more than just cleaning the village. The villagers became empowered:

  • Economically: By understanding the value of waste, they were able to generate extra income by selling recyclables.
  • Socially: They developed a sense of responsibility for their environment, working together to keep their village clean and healthy.
  • Mentally: They saw that even small changes could have a big impact. That idea inspired the villagers to believe in the power of their community.

Rachit’s story and the success of the SWACHH RRC prove that innovation and community team spirit can turn any challenges or difficulties into great opportunities. Educare India’s project in Naddi village is a brilliant example of how we all contribute to a cleaner environment to save our planet.

The Transformative Impact of Educare India’s Waste Management Initiatives

Educare India has taken many steps towards changing the thinking of people as they have helped people with positive and sustainable steps that make changes in real-life situations. The willpower of the community to create a positive and huge impact in the field of education and development is appreciable. This has stabilised a long-term vision for a self-dependent approach by every person. Through educational programmes, people could get access to quality education and skill development. This has left a huge impact on society with a positive motive on the lives of human society.

People’s First: Educare India’s Active Project

Educare India is currently engaged in three impactful projects that embody their commitment to positive change. From promoting health among the elderly with SEHAT SEVA to building disaster resilience through AAPDA VEER and fostering biodiversity via HERBAL/BOTANICAL GARDENS, each initiative reflects Educare India’s holistic approach to community development, making a meaningful impact.

sehat sewa


SEHAT SEVA, a mission by Educare India, has started to make a meaningful impact by training and deploying volunteers in villages for essential home care. With the goal of training 3330 volunteers by 2025 and establishing 300 care centres in Kangra district, the initiative not only reduces hospital visits but also promotes a culture of community willingness to help others. By providing basic medical assistance, companionship, and emotional support, SEHAT SEVA goes beyond immediate needs, creating a compassionate network that enhances the well-being of individuals and strengthens community care.


AAPDA VEER, an initiative started by Educare India, is dedicated to preparing the resilient communities so that they can be prepared for any event of natural disasters. With a mission to build preparedness and resilience, the program engages in impactful activities. These include educating people about disaster risks, formulating emergency plans, and training volunteers in search and rescue operations. Through strategic collaborations with the Red Cross, government agencies, and local organisations, AAPDA VEER ensures a comprehensive approach. The envisioned impact is substantial — by educating communities to respond swiftly to natural disasters, the initiative minimises damage and reduces the loss of life. AAPDA VEER stands as a beacon of preparedness, striving to empower communities and safeguard lives in times of adversity.


HERBAL/BOTANICAL GARDENS, an initiative by Educare India, is dedicated to promoting biodiversity and nature conservation. They construct gardens and cultivate native flora in collaboration with the locals. The goal of this project is to preserve the ecosystem and educate the local communities about the value of nature. Seeing how Educare India is improving communities all around the world is encouraging. The effects are extensive, ranging from providing local populations with educational opportunities to safeguarding endangered animals and advancing the value of agriculture. HERBAL/BOTANICAL GARDENS is evidence of Educare India’s dedication to community education and environmental conservation, promoting a peaceful and sustainable cohabitation with the natural world.

Educare India’s Future Initiatives

Educare India’s future initiatives are focused around bringing positive change in the society. With a focus on education, health, disaster management, and environmental protection. Just focusing on the future where everyone has a chance to get an education, lives healthy lives, is resilient to disasters, and practises sustainable living, Educare India continues to contribute towards transformative progress.

Their dedicated team is committed to shaping a better future through various initiatives:

  • Education: Ensuring universal access to education, providing individuals with the tools they need for fulfilling careers and optimal living.
  • Health: Innovatively promoting health, particularly for the elderly, to enable active and enjoyable lives.
  • Disaster Management: Preparing communities for any challenges nature may pose, prioritising safety and well-being.
  • Environment Protection: Planting trees, creating parks, and guiding communities towards sustainable living practices.

But this goal of transformation requires teamwork. You and other young people are essential for realising this dream. Learn about Educare India’s initiatives and lend a hand by offering your time and skills. Tell your friends and family about it, inspiring a larger community to work together to build a future in which everyone prospers. Your involvement is essential to transforming these lofty objectives into significant, practical change.

Success Story and Testimonials: Preparing Youth for Disaster Risk Reduction

When it was the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Educare India showed a real example of adaptability and resilience by shifting its focus to fulfil the needs of the community. Task-force youth was one of the remarkable steps among these. They prepared the Youth volunteers for the Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Response team.

Success Story: How They Prepared 5000 Youth Volunteers

They took this step in early 2020. Educare India was successful in training approximately 5000 youth volunteers with various skills around the Environment, Health, and safety in Kangra. These young people got the knowledge of Basic Fundamentals of Disaster Management, Volunteering, Emergency First Aid, Search and Rescue, and Basic Fire Fighting.

Advanced Training and Specialised Courses

To further enhance their capabilities, selected candidates went under advanced training programmes:

  1. Advanced Search and Rescue Course.
  2. National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) Training.

Quote from a Trained Volunteer

“I feel a sense of responsibility and empowerment after completing the training. The knowledge and skills gained have not only boosted my confidence but also instilled in me a commitment to serve my community during emergencies. EduCARE India’s focus on youth empowerment is making a real difference in building a resilient and prepared society.”  

This success story exemplifies EduCARE India’s commitment towards its goals.


Educare India is more than just an NGO. They are the people who make sure everyone has a chance to learn, live healthy lives, and protect the planet. This article educates us on how even small things can make a huge difference in our lives and inspire us to make the world a better place. So remember, even you can become a superhero for good, just like Educare India.

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