List of Diploma Courses After 10th That Can Land You Jobs



11 June, 2024

List of Diploma Courses After 10th That Can Land You Jobs

What should you do once you’ve finished your tenth-grade education? Pursuing a certificate course can be a wise choice if you’re ready to get started on your career adventure as soon as possible. Diploma programmes, as opposed to typical degree programmes, are meant to give you specialised information and abilities so that you may get a job faster.

Selecting the appropriate job path can be difficult, particularly if you’re just starting and have a lot of options and time to consider them. The alternatives appear unlimited with an abundance of free courses available and programmes offered online by prominent universities. However, how can you choose the best path that pays well and assures you of a good future? The rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) necessitates choosing a professional path that either resists automation or takes advantage of AI advancements. Read the blog further to know the list of diploma courses after 10th that can land you jobs.

What To Do After 10th?

After completing your 10th grade education, a diploma programme is a fantastic way for you to pursue your interests and start shaping your future profession. Diploma courses’ duration after 10th are about 6 months to 1 year. These courses, which usually run for one to two years, offer targeted instruction and useful skills that might put you on the fast track to finding work.

A diploma can be obtained informally or formally in India. Government-approved colleges and universities offer formal degrees, guaranteeing a structured and respected qualification. As an alternative, non-formal degrees are offered by non-governmental organisations (NGOs), which may not have the same level of official recognition but offer useful training and skills. Whatever path you decide on, a diploma programme can serve as an entry point for an exciting career.

What are Diploma Courses?

An academic programme or training that gives students targeted, specialised information and abilities in a particular field of study is known as a diploma course. Diploma programmes are intended to educate students for entry-level employment in a particular industry or job; they are usually shorter in length than degree programmes.

List Of Best Diploma Courses After 10th in 2024

By pursuing the following courses, you can choose career paths that are both well-liked and offer long-term opportunities. The list of diploma courses after the 10th that you can consider are listed below.

1. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnic)

A diploma in engineering is a great option if you enjoy technical courses and want to work in the engineering profession. This course offers a solid foundation in engineering principles and is available in a number of specialisations, including Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, and Computer Science. After graduating, you can look for work as a junior technician or engineer, or you can continue your education for more advanced career options.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Strong demand for engineers and technicians with experience.

  • Practical experience and hands-on instruction.

  • Possibilities for job progression and additional education.

Where You Can Do This Course?

  • Shri Balaji Institute Pune, Fees: INR 30,000 – 50,000 Per Year

  • Anand Polytechnic College, Agra

2. Diploma in Computer Applications

Being proficient with computer applications is a valuable talent in today’s digital world. Programming languages, IT concepts, and critical software are all covered in a Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA). After completing this course, you will be ready for jobs like web developer, IT support specialist, and data entry operator.

Why Choose This Course?

  • A fast-expanding IT sector offering a wide range of career options.

  • Short course length with an emphasis on valuable skills.

  • The basis for additional degrees and certifications in IT.

Where You Can Do This Course?

  • Indian Institute of Skill Development Training, Fees: INR 3,000

3. Diploma in Nursing

A diploma in nursing may be your first step toward a fulfilling profession if you are passionate about healthcare and helping people. You will learn critical nursing skills, patient care, and medical ethics in this course. Following graduation, you can pursue further education to become a registered nurse and work as a caregiver or nursing assistant.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Everlasting demand for nurses.

  • The chance to positively impact people’s lives.

  • Route to further nursing specialisations and degrees.

Where You Can Do This Course?

  • Institute of Ayurvedic Science, Lucknow: Diploma in Ayurvedic Nursing

4. Diploma in Hotel Management

There are many different job options in the hospitality sector, and a diploma in hotel management will help you get started. Aspects of hotel operations such as housekeeping, food and beverage services, and front office administration are covered in this course. Graduates can work as chefs, event coordinators, and hotel managers, among other positions.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Several alternatives for careers in the hotel industry.

  • Chances to work in thrilling settings such as resorts, hotels, and cruise ships.

  • Abilities relevant to international employment marketplaces.

Where You Can Do This Course?

  • Indian Institute of Skill Development Training, Fees: INR 4,000

  • UIHMT College

  • Indian Culinary Academy, International Diploma In Hotel And Hospitality Management

5. Diploma in Fashion Designing

A diploma in fashion design can give someone with an artistic bent and a love of clothing access to the glamorous fashion industry. You will learn about garment manufacturing, fashion illustration, and textile choice in this course. Possibilities for employment include boutique owners, stylists, and fashion designers.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Thriving, creatively independent fashion business.

  • Possibility of opening a clothing line or store.

  • The chance to collaborate with leading fashion designers and businesses.

Where You Can Do This Course?

  • Lovely Professional University, Fees: INR  50,000 per semester

  • Amity University, Fees: 0.250 lahks (1st Year Non-Sponsored Semester)

6. Diploma in Multimedia and Animation

With the growth of the media and entertainment sector, a diploma in multimedia and animation may be your key to fulfilling employment opportunities. Video editing, graphic design, and 2D/3D animation are all covered in this course. You can pursue a career in multimedia art, graphic design, or animation.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Strong need for multimedia specialists and experienced animators.

  • A lively and creative workplace.

  • Possibilities in the advertising, gaming, television, and film industries.

Where You Can Do This Course?

  • Madras Institute of Fashion Technology

  • Indian Institute of Skill Development Training, Fees: INR 4,000

  • St. Xaviers College, Kolkata, Fees: INR 38,500

7. Diploma in Culinary Arts

A diploma in culinary arts is an ideal option if you love cooking and hope to work as a chef. Comprehensive instruction in food presentation, kitchen management, and culinary methods is provided in this course. Graduates can work as restaurant managers, pastry chefs, or chefs.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Expanding the food and beverage sector offers a wide range of job options.

  • The chance to work in upscale hotels, restaurants, and cruise ships.

  • Possibility of launching your own cooking enterprise.

Where You Can Do This Course?

  • Indian Culinary Academy, International Master Diploma In Culinary Arts And Patisserie

  • GENVOC Academy, Diploma in Professional Cookery & Food Production

Best Arts Diploma Courses After 10th

If you have an interest in arts fields then there are various diploma courses that you can join after the 10th to get a job in the marketplace. The duration of each diploma course is between 6 months to 1 year. The diploma courses list after 10th is discussed below.

Name of Courses Course Details Job Roles
Diploma in Hotel Management Many aspects of hotel operations are covered in this course, including housekeeping, food and beverage services, customer relations, and front office management. It offers hands-on training in hospitality establishment management and comprehending the nuances of the service sector. – Hotel Manager
– Front Office Executive
– Housekeeping Supervisor
– Chef
– Event Coordinator
Diploma in Journalism Training in news reporting, writing, editing, media ethics, and digital journalism are all included in the programme. You can get knowledge about how to interview, gather material, and write interesting news pieces for different media sources. – Junior Reporter
– Content Writer
– News Assistant
– Social Media Coordinator
– Media Researcher
Diploma in Education This course covers curriculum creation, classroom management, educational psychology, and teaching techniques. Focusing on learning processes and child development equips students for responsibilities in educational environments. – Teaching Assistant
– Preschool Teacher
– Tutor
– Educational Support Staff
– School Administrator
Diploma in Fine Arts Training in various artistic mediums, including painting, sculpting, sketching, and digital arts, is provided in this course. Students study colour theory, art history, and techniques to enhance their artistic abilities and creative thinking. – Art Instructor
– Graphic Designer
– Illustrator
– Freelance Artist
– Gallery Assistant
Diploma in Fashion Designing Fashion merchandising, textile selection, garment fabrication, and fashion illustration are all included in the course. Through projects and internships, students acquire real-world experience while learning how to design and sell fashion things. – Fashion Designer
– Stylist
– Fashion Illustrator
– Boutique Manager
– Textile Designer

Best Commerce Diploma Courses After 10th

In case you choose the commerce stream after 10th, you can join these commerce related diploma courses after 10th that can fetch you decent jobs.

Name of Course Course Details Job Roles
Diploma in Banking This course covers banking principles, financial services, customer service, and basic accounting. To prepare you for entry-level roles in the banking industry, you study financial markets, banking operations, and regulatory procedures. – Bank Teller
Customer Service Representative
– Loan Assistant
– Junior Clerk
Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting This course emphasises the use of accounting software, advanced accounting methods, financial reporting, taxes, and audits. You can acquire a comprehensive understanding of financial management, equipping you for a range of accounting positions. – Junior Accountant
– Accounts Assistant
– Tax Assistant
– Audit Assistant
Diploma in Business Administration Basic business concepts, management ideas, marketing, human resources, and business communication are all covered in this course. – Administrative Assistant
– Office Manager
– Sales Executive
– HR Assistant
Diploma in e-Accounting Taxation This course focuses on financial accounting, tax regulations, GST, TDS, and e-accounting software. You can gain knowledge of tax compliance and electronic record management, which improves your employability in accounting and taxation positions. – E-Accountant
– Tax Consultant Assistant
– Accounts Executive
– Payroll Assistant

Best Science Diploma Courses After 10th

If you had science after 10th then you can choose from these science related diploma courses that can land you jobs.

Name of Course Course Details Job Roles
Diploma in Computer Application Essential computer programmes are covered in this course, such as Microsoft Office, internet browsing, rudimentary programming, database administration, and software tools. It gives you the useful IT skills they need for a variety of computer-related jobs. – Data Entry Operator
– Office Assistant
– IT Support Technician
– Computer Operator
Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering Focuses on programming languages such as C, C++, and Java, networking, software development, and computer hardware. IT infrastructure, database administration, and system design are taught to students. – Junior Software Developer
– Network Technician
– IT Support Engineer
– Hardware Technician
Diploma in Digital Marketing It covers analytics, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, SEO, and SEM. You can study market trends analysis, digital campaign optimisation, and online product and service promotion methods. – Digital Marketing Assistant
– Social Media Coordinator
– SEO Specialist
– Content Creator
Diploma in Pathology Lab Technician It offers instruction in specimen collection, diagnostic testing, laboratory equipment handling, and laboratory methods. Under the guidance of pathologists, you can acquire the skills necessary to conduct tests and analyse biological samples. – Lab Technician
– Phlebotomist
– Laboratory Assistant
– Medical Lab Technician

Summing Up

After completing your tenth-grade diploma programme, you can lay the groundwork for a prosperous and satisfying career. These programmes open access to a variety of career prospects across industries in addition to imparting specific knowledge and valuable skills. Choosing a diploma programme will enable you to start working sooner, acquire relevant experience, and create a strong career path. Thus, investigate your possibilities, follow your hobbies, and start down the path to a bright future!


Q1. Which are the best diploma courses after 10th?

Some of the best Diploma courses after 10th that can land you jobs are a diploma in digital marketing, a diploma in accounting, diploma in healthcare and nursing.

Q2. Which course after 10 has the highest salary?

Various courses pay the highest salaries. Some of the courses are a diploma in financial and accounting, a diploma in business administration, and a diploma in computer programming.

Q3. Is a diploma good for the future?

Having a diploma enables you to enter the workforce by providing professional or vocational training. A diploma enables you to begin working sooner and advance in the workforce, even though a degree may allow you to start higher up.

Q4. Which field is easy after 10th?

For students who have passed class 10, a variety of polytechnic courses, including mechanical, civil, chemical, computer, and automotive, are easy.

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