Want to become a content writer? Here is your complete guide!



18 June, 2024

Want to become a content writer? Here is your complete guide!


Words drive thoughts, provoke emotions, and guide decisions. In a world of meticulous interpretation, words hold the power to connect profoundly with the reader. In every industry today, the choice of words matters. It can unite or divide. Words collaborate with ideas to form Content,and content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing! In fact, it is the core of every news, the detail of every story, and the selling point for every product. Content is a game of diligence and precision. Once framed, it can completely turn over what it supports. Advertisements, one of the pillars of a product’s marketing mix, gain popularity for their content. The makers focus on what lies beyond the product. They highlight the emotions, the purpose, and the convenience that comes with the product. This is possible through the content channel.

Artificial Intelligence may have taken the world by storm. There might be an increasing reliance on this technological advancement. Perhaps it does make our job easy. What it is not qualified to do, however, is replace the creativity and innovation that a content writer can bring to the table! With the amalgamation of knowledge and experience with a tinge of cleverness, a content writer can shape what technology cannot. Brands like Cadbury, Amul, and Kellogg’s, as well as books like Lord of the Rings, To Kill a Mockingbird, and the Harry Potter Series, are some of the popular book collections that have won worldwide popularity. What has driven these in their respective industries is their content. Not only has it enhanced the sales of the products, but it has also been an excellent recall value for their consumers. In a nutshell, content is the magic spell that can make wonders possible.

For businesses across all industries today, content holds immense significance. Websites, blogs, articles, newspapers, and everything else require solid content. What you read maybe just a group of words, but what goes behind it is imagination, inspiration from the world around you, and the emotions of the one who writes. The sole purpose of investing in content is its ability to connect people and bring them together. It is a medium. A medium to convey information, thoughts, emotions, and instructions. It guides, clarifies, and, most importantly, shapes the thoughts of the one reading or consuming it. To excel as a content writer, you must possess strong writing abilities and the capacity to research topics, comprehend target audiences, and communicate clearly and concisely. Additionally, you should be adept at working independently and meeting deadlines.

Now, let’s delve into the world of a content writer, understanding who they are and what their roles and responsibilities entail.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Content Writer

Here are the roles and responsibilities a content writer has to fulfill:

  • Research and Planning:
    Every content begins from scratch-its research. There is no credibility without research. Content is more reliable and accurate when it comes from a space of detailed research and analysis. The internet is a vast space of uncountable links and sources that provide information for the content writer.

  • Writing:
    The core responsibility of the content writer is to write blogs, articles, social media posts, website content, and research papers. Additionally, depending on the job role, the responsibility may vary.

  • Content Management: Managing the content is crucial. A content writer must get insights on whether the content is doing its job, and whether it should be modified or changed. Additionally, it is also important to make a note of what is trending. Anything that is trending and joins hands with the content can do wonders in enhancing the reach of the product or the service. Henceforth, a content writer must always recongise and work with the trends.

  • Editing and Proofreading:
    It’s essential to ensure that content is error-free and follows the organisation’s style guide.

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimisation:
    Understanding fundamental SEO principles and integrating relevant keywords into content to enhance its visibility in search engine results. Search Engine Optimisation is essential for all businesses today that wish to enhance their digital presence.

Becoming a content writer: explained in ABC

If you aspire to pursue a career in content writing, there are several steps you can take to begin. Firstly, enhance your writing skills by enrolling in writing classes or workshops. Secondly, create a portfolio by contributing to online publications or establishing your own blog. Lastly, connect with fellow content writers and industry professionals to expand your network.

  • Portfolio:
    If you wish to become a content writer, the first step would be to build a portfolio. You must understand what kind of industry you would like to work in. This depends on your specialty and qualifications. Education, textile, fashion, or any other industry that interests you can be a good opportunity to tap into. A portfolio would contain all your information concerning the work you have done, your qualifications, your educational background, your skills, and your ideation. This will be a judging point for the recruiters.

  • Work experience:
    You do not need a degree specifically to become a content writer. Your work will speak volumes! Henceforth, you must invest in blogging, writing content as a freelancer, content for websites, or even interning as a content writer to gain experience. As a part of this process, you can learn and explore various opportunities that can enhance your writing skills. You can use those skills with a combination of research and what you already know. It is, in fact, preferable to earn a degree in a different subject so you can not only work as a content writer but can also use the knowledge of the other subject to be incorporated into your content writing to make it better.

  • Website Building:
    Fiverr and Upwork are online freelance service platforms that have significantly influenced the writing economy. While some may argue that these markets are saturated, we believe ample opportunities are still available. Offering free services in exchange for reviews is a straightforward strategy for succeeding on Fiverr and Upwork. Additionally, you can use these completed projects to enhance your portfolio, creating a win-win situation. Your chances of securing assignments on these platforms will increase as you accumulate more reviews.

Content writer Vs. Copywriter: key differences

Here are the key differences between a copywriter and a content writer-

Content Writer  Copywriter 
A content writer educates, informs, and guides the audience. This responsibility can vary depending on the job profile  Sell your brand product or service to your target consumers 
The purpose is to inform and educate  The purpose is to persuade and convince 
The style of writing can be short or long depending on the subject and the purpose  The style of writing is usually short and is written to the point. 
Creates content for blogs, articles, and newsletters Creates content for advertisements, slogans, and taglines.

Job Profiles of a content writer: an insight

Here are the job profiles of a content writer, their description, and the salary offered. The salary figures can vary depending on the job profile, recruiter, qualifications, educational background, experience, and skills.

Job Profile  Job Description Salary
Blog Writer  Creates engaging and informative content for blogs to attract target audiences. ₹43,200 per month 
Brand Journalist  Creates content that tells a brand’s story and improves its engagement and image through media. ₹ 3.4 Lakhs to ₹ 10.0 Lakhs
Copywriter  Creates persuasive content to promote products or services and drive their sales. ₹4,96,500 per year 
Ghostwriter  Creates content on behalf of someone else. Could be without receiving credit for their work. ₹78,188 per month
Scriptwriter  Creates scripts for mediums such as film, television, and online videos. ₹33,286 per month
Social Media Writer  Creates innovative content for social media platforms to drive audiences and promote brands. ₹34,375 per month

List of online courses for a content writer

Here is a list of courses if you aspire to become a content writer. The platforms offer online courses at an affordable price that can be convenient for you to pursue from the comfort of your home!

Course  Platform  Fee
The Content Writing Course Udemy  INR 3,099
Profitable Blogging & Content Writing Creatively Or With AI Udemy  INR 3,099
Modern Copywriting: Writing copy that sells in 2024 Udemy  INR 449
Creative Writing Specialisation Coursera  Free
The Strategy of Content Marketing Coursera  Free

Jobs in digital marketing: Exploring the Recruiters:

Recruiter  Paying Scale – Approx.
Flipkart ₹ ₹3.5 Lakhs to ₹ ₹10 Lakhs
India Today Group  ₹22,583 per month
Swiggy  ₹5,98,500 per year
Penguin Random House India ₹997 per hour
Google  ₹25,333 per month 
Amazon  ₹22T–₹36T per month

Key Takeaways: Concluding

Content writing is a strategic process of planning, writing, and editing digital content, primarily for the field of digital marketing. This includes creating articles, blogs, social media posts, video scripts, infographics, brochures, and content for various platforms like Twitter. High-quality content aids in audience targeting, ultimately fostering a sense of community. The demand for content writers is substantial, as they produce content that enhances and promotes businesses. While numerous online content writing training institutes exist, this article will spotlight the top six online content writing courses for aspiring writers.

As a career, content writing can be advantageous and gratifying for those passionate about writing and creating. You can work for various brands and other projects. Some may recruit to work on marketing, while others can ask you to promote their services through blogs or articles. Media houses also recruit for their content. This involves the skill to write and the knowledge of the industry you work in. It is a good idea always to explore the industry you wish to work in by being an intern with different companies that can guide you better. You will automatically start liking the work and enjoy the process of creation. Content creation is also the work of originality. Ideas, however, can never be completely original. They are constantly inspired by something, but what makes them unique is the perspective that a writer adds.

If you wish or aspire to become a content writer, this is the first sign that you should begin—the fact that you read to the end is a sign that you should try your hand at content writing.


Q1. Is content writing a good career?

Content writing is a challenging but rewarding career. If you’re passionate about writing and have the skills to succeed, a career in content writing could be a great fit for you.

Q2. How effective is content writing?

Crafting effective content is crucial for converting website visitors into happy customers. It’s not just about publishing content; quality matters. Search engines recognise well-written articles and rank websites higher in search results as a result.

Q3. Is content writing a good skill?

Being a content writer offers several benefits. Depending on your role, you can enjoy the flexibility of working from home or your favorite coffee shop, choose the topics you’re passionate about, and experience the satisfaction of seeing your work published and creating tangible value. It is definitely a good skill if you combine it with your knowledge and experience. This can work very well for any profession that involves writing.

Q4. What is the aim of content writing?

The aim of content writing can differ based on the industry or job. Majorly, it involves educating the consumer or the reader. It also shapes the thoughts that guide the decision-making of an individual. For some, job profiles, content writing can be a medium to enhance their sales while for others content writing can be a medium to educate and guide.

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